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Paket: libostree-1-1 (2018.6-3)

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content-addressed filesystem for operating system binaries (library)

libostree is a library for managing bootable, immutable, versioned filesystem trees. It is like git in that it checksums individual files and has a content-addressed object store; unlike git, it "checks out" the files using hardlinks into an immutable directory tree. This can be used to provide atomic upgrades with rollback, history and parallel-installation, particularly useful on "fixed purpose" systems such as embedded devices. It is also used by the Flatpak application runtime system.

This package contains the shared library.

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alpha (resmi olmayan port) 256,4 kB867,0 kB [dosya listesi]
amd64 264,1 kB731,0 kB [dosya listesi]
arm64 216,3 kB643,0 kB [dosya listesi]
armel 225,6 kB638,0 kB [dosya listesi]
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mipsel 234,2 kB793,0 kB [dosya listesi]
powerpcspe (resmi olmayan port) 247,8 kB826,0 kB [dosya listesi]
ppc64 (resmi olmayan port) 243,0 kB955,0 kB [dosya listesi]
ppc64el 246,7 kB891,0 kB [dosya listesi]
s390x 238,3 kB775,0 kB [dosya listesi]
sh4 (resmi olmayan port) 297,2 kB642,0 kB [dosya listesi]
sparc64 (resmi olmayan port) 210,3 kB683,0 kB [dosya listesi]