Software Packages in "experimental", Subsection oldlibs

baloo (4:5.36.0-1)
transitional package for baloo
gnome-packagekit-session (3.25.4-1)
Transitional package (gnome-packagekit-session -> gnome-software)
host (1:9.10.4-P5-1)
Transitional package
virtual package provided by bind9-host
python-gobject (3.24.1-2)
Python 2.x bindings for GObject - transitional package
python-gobject-dbg (3.24.1-2)
Python 2.x debugging modules for GObject - transitional package
python-gobject-dev (3.24.1-2)
Python 2.x development headers for GObject - transitional package
qalculate (0.9.9-1)
Powerful and easy to use desktop calculator - transitional
qtdeclarative5-kf5declarative (5.37.0-1)
transitional package for new QML module packages
qtdeclarative5-kf5solid (5.36.0-1)
transitional package to renamed qml-module-org-kde-solid