Пакети в „experimental“, Под-раздел oldlibs

cantor-backend-python (4:17.08.0-1)
Python backend for Cantor -- transitional package
d-push (2.3.8-1)
open source implementation of the ActiveSync protocol
виртуален пакет, предлаган от z-push
host (1:9.10.4-P5-1)
Transitional package
виртуален пакет, предлаган от bind9-host
libkdeedu-data (4:17.08.1-1)
transitional package for kdeedu-data
libkpimkdav-data (17.08.0-1)
DAV protocol implementation with KJobs - transitional
libnfft3-2 (3.4.0~rc1-1)
library for computing non-uniform Fourier transforms
postgresql-9.6-postgis-scripts (2.4.0~rc1+dfsg-1~exp1)
transitional dummy package
puppet-common (5.1.0-1)
transitional dummy package
puppetmaster (5.1.0-1)
configuration management system, master service - transitional package
puppetmaster-passenger (5.1.0-1)
configuration management system, scalable master service - transitional package
qalculate (0.9.9-1)
Powerful and easy to use desktop calculator - transitional
tesseract-ocr-dev (4.00~git2174-3b62badd-2)
transitional dummy package