Пакети в „experimental“, Под-раздел oldlibs

baloo (4:5.19.0-1)
transitional package for baloo
gtk2-engines-sugar (0.107.1-1)
Sugar Learning Platform - GTK+ 2.x theme engine
kcron (4:15.12.0-1)
program scheduler frontend - transitional package
kde-touchpad (4:5.5.4-1)
transitional dummy package
kdebase-apps (4:15.12.1-1)
Transitional package for kde-baseapps
kdebase-bin (4:15.12.1-1)
Transitional package for new kde-baseapps
kdebase-runtime (4:15.12.1-1)
Transitional package for the KDE runtime components
kdemultimedia-dev (4:14.12.2-1)
transitional package for KDE multimedia development packages
kdemultimedia-kio-plugins (4:14.12.2-1)
transitional package for kio-audiocd
kttsd (4:15.12.1-1)
transitional package for jovie
виртуален пакет, предлаган от jovie
libakonadi-kf5 (4:15.12.1-2)
transitional dummy package
libgsystem0 (2015.2+deb-2 [amd64, arm64, armel, armhf, hppa, i386, mips, mips64el, mipsel, powerpc, ppc64, ppc64el, s390x, sparc64], 2015.2+deb-1 [alpha, x32])
GIO-based library targeted at operating system components
libkf5sysguard5 (4:5.5.4-1)
transitional dummy package
libkf5sysguard5-data (4:5.5.4-1)
transitional dummy package
liblua5.1-rrd-dev (1.6.0-1~exp1)
Transitional package to lua-rrd-dev
виртуален пакет, предлаган от lua-rrd-dev
liblua5.1-rrd0 (1.6.0-1~exp1)
Transitional package to lua-rrd
виртуален пакет, предлаган от lua-rrd
qtdeclarative5-kf5declarative (5.19.0-1)
transitional package for new QML module packages
qtdeclarative5-kf5solid (5.19.0-2)
transitional package to renamed qml-module-org-kde-solid