Software Packages in "experimental", Subsection oldlibs

doctrine (2.5.0~beta1+dfsg-1)
transitional dummy package for php-doctrine-orm
ffgtk (1.8.9-4 [alpha, amd64, arm64, armel, armhf, hppa, i386, mips, mipsel, powerpc, ppc64, ppc64el, s390x, sparc], 1.8.9-3 [x32])
transitional dummy package - ffgtk to roger
kcron (4:14.12.2-1)
program scheduler frontend - transitional package
kde-icons-nuvola (4:14.12.2-1)
transitional package for Nuvola icon theme
kdebase-apps (4:14.12.2-1)
Transitional package for kde-baseapps
kdebase-bin (4:14.12.2-1)
Transitional package for new kde-baseapps
kdebase-dbg (4:14.12.2-1)
Transitional package for kde-baseapps-dbg
kdebase-runtime (4:14.12.2-1)
Transitional package for the KDE runtime components
kdebase-runtime-dbg (4:14.12.2-1)
transitional package for kde-runtime-dbg
kdelirc (4:14.12.2-1)
transitional package for kremotecontrol
kdemultimedia-dev (4:14.12.2-1)
transitional package for KDE multimedia development packages
kdemultimedia-kio-plugins (4:14.12.2-1)
transitional package for kio-audiocd
kttsd (4:14.12.2-1)
transitional package for jovie
virtual package provided by jovie
libfusioninventory-agent-task-netinventory-perl (1:2.3.15-1)
transitional dummy package
libgphoto2-2-dev (2.5.7-1)
gphoto2 digital camera library (transitional package)
libmotif3 (2.3.4-7)
Motif - shared libraries (transitional package)
libmotif4 (2.3.4-7)
Motif - shared libraries (transitional package)
libnss3-1d (2:3.17.4-1)
Network Security Service libraries - transitional package
libqglviewer2 (2.6.1+dfsg1-1)
OpenGL 3D viewer library based on Qt - runtime library
motif-clients (2.3.4-7)
Motif Window Manager (transitional package)
virtual package provided by mwm
nvidia-glx (343.36-1) [non-free]
transition to nvidia-driver
pdksh (50e-2)
transitional dummy package to migrate from pdksh to mksh
plt-scheme (6.1.1-1)
Racket Programming Environment (transitional package)
virtual package provided by racket
plt-scheme-doc (6.1.1-1)
PLT Scheme Documentation (transitional package)
virtual package provided by racket-doc
qemu-kvm (1:2.2+dfsg-5exp)
QEMU Full virtualization on x86 hardware
qtdeclarative5-kf5solid (5.8.0-1)
transitional package to renamed qml-module-org-kde-solid
sabnzbdplus-theme-iphone (0.7.20-1) [contrib]
transitional package for migration to sabnzbdplus-theme-mobile