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You have searched for packages that names contain ascii in all suites, all sections, and all architectures. Found 23 matching packages.

Exact hits

Package ascii

Other hits

Package ascii2binary

Package asciidoc

Package asciidoctor

Package asciidoctor-doc

Package asciijump

Package asciinema

Package asciio

Package bindechexascii

Package fortunes-eo-ascii

Package hasciicam

Package libconvert-ascii-armour-perl

Package libconvert-ascii85-perl

Package libghc-openpgp-asciiarmor-dev

Package libghc-openpgp-asciiarmor-doc

Package libghc-openpgp-asciiarmor-prof

Package libjs-asciimathml

Package liblingua-de-ascii-perl

Package libtext-asciitable-perl

Package morse2ascii

Package puppet-module-asciiduck-sssd

Package ruby-ascii85

Package uni2ascii