Software Packages in "wheezy-backports", Subsection devel

android-tools-adb (4.2.2+git20130529-3~bpo70+1)
Android Debug Bridge CLI tool
android-tools-fastboot (4.2.2+git20130529-3~bpo70+1)
Android Fastboot protocol CLI tool
android-tools-fsutils (4.2.2+git20130529-3~bpo70+1)
Android ext4 utilities with sparse support
asterisk-dev (1:11.13.1~dfsg-2~bpo70+1)
Development files for Asterisk
autopoint (0.19.3-2~bpo70+1)
The autopoint program from GNU gettext
cmake (
cross-platform, open-source make system
cmake-curses-gui (
curses based user interface for CMake (ccmake)
cmake-data (
CMake data files (modules, templates and documentation)
cmake-qt-gui (
Qt4 based user interface for CMake (cmake-gui)
coffeescript (1.4.0-1~bpo7+1)
interpreter and compiler for the CoffeeScript language
config-package-dev (5.1.2~bpo70+1)
Debhelper (and CDBS) modules for building configuration packages
debomatic (0.13-1~bpo70+1)
automatic build machine for Debian source packages
desktop-file-utils (0.21-1~bpo70+1)
Utilities for .desktop files
devscripts (2.14.11~bpo70+1)
scripts to make the life of a Debian Package maintainer easier
dh-golang (1.6~bpo70+1)
debhelper add-on for packaging software written in Go (golang)
dh-rebar (0.0.4~bpo70+1)
helper tools for maintaining Erlang package which is using rebar
doctest (0.9.1-1~bpo70+1)
test interactive Haskell examples; executable
dput-ng (1.7~bpo70+1)
next generation Debian package upload tool
erlang-jiffy (0.8.5+dfsg-1~bpo7+1)
JSON NIFs (Native Implemented Functions) for Erlang
erlang-meck (0.8.2+dfsg-1~bpo7+1)
mocking library for Erlang
erlang-proper (1.1+dfsg-1~bpo7+1)
QuickCheck-inspired property-based testing tool for Erlang
erlang-proper-dev (1.1+dfsg-1~bpo7+1)
QuickCheck-inspired property-based testing tool for Erlang - development files
fp-compiler (2.6.4+dfsg-4~bpo70+1)
Free Pascal - compiler dependency package
virtual package provided by fp-compiler-2.6.4
fp-compiler-2.6.4 (2.6.4+dfsg-4~bpo70+1)
Free Pascal - compiler
fp-ide (2.6.4+dfsg-4~bpo70+1)
Free Pascal - IDE dependency package
virtual package provided by fp-ide-2.6.4
fp-ide-2.6.4 (2.6.4+dfsg-4~bpo70+1)
Free Pascal - IDE
fp-units-base (2.6.4+dfsg-4~bpo70+1)
Free Pascal - base units dependency package
virtual package provided by fp-units-base-2.6.4
fp-units-base-2.6.4 (2.6.4+dfsg-4~bpo70+1)
Free Pascal - base units
fp-units-db (2.6.4+dfsg-4~bpo70+1)
Free Pascal - database-library units dependency package
virtual package provided by fp-units-db-2.6.4
fp-units-db-2.6.4 (2.6.4+dfsg-4~bpo70+1)
Free Pascal - database-library units
fp-units-fcl (2.6.4+dfsg-4~bpo70+1)
Free Pascal - Free Component Library dependency package
virtual package provided by fp-units-fcl-2.6.4
fp-units-fcl-2.6.4 (2.6.4+dfsg-4~bpo70+1)
Free Pascal - Free Component Library
fp-units-fv (2.6.4+dfsg-4~bpo70+1)
Free Pascal - Free Vision units dependency package
virtual package provided by fp-units-fv-2.6.4
fp-units-fv-2.6.4 (2.6.4+dfsg-4~bpo70+1)
Free Pascal - Free Vision units
fp-units-gfx (2.6.4+dfsg-4~bpo70+1)
Free Pascal - graphics-library units dependency package
virtual package provided by fp-units-gfx-2.6.4
fp-units-gfx-2.6.4 (2.6.4+dfsg-4~bpo70+1)
Free Pascal - graphics-library units
fp-units-gnome1 (2.6.4+dfsg-4~bpo70+1)
Free Pascal - GNOME 1 units dependency package
virtual package provided by fp-units-gnome1-2.6.4
fp-units-gnome1-2.6.4 (2.6.4+dfsg-4~bpo70+1)
Free Pascal - GNOME 1 units
fp-units-gtk (2.6.4+dfsg-4~bpo70+1)
Free Pascal - GTK+ 1.2 units dependency package
virtual package provided by fp-units-gtk-2.6.4
fp-units-gtk-2.6.4 (2.6.4+dfsg-4~bpo70+1)
Free Pascal - GTK+ 1.2 units
fp-units-gtk2 (2.6.4+dfsg-4~bpo70+1)
Free Pascal - GTK+ 2.x units dependency package
virtual package provided by fp-units-gtk2-2.6.4
fp-units-gtk2-2.6.4 (2.6.4+dfsg-4~bpo70+1)
Free Pascal - GTK+ 2.x units
fp-units-i386 (2.6.4+dfsg-4~bpo70+1)
Free Pascal - Kylix compatibility units dependency package
virtual package provided by fp-units-i386-2.6.4
fp-units-i386-2.6.4 (2.6.4+dfsg-4~bpo70+1)
Free Pascal - Kylix compatibility units
fp-units-math (2.6.4+dfsg-4~bpo70+1)
Free Pascal - math units dependency package
virtual package provided by fp-units-math-2.6.4
fp-units-math-2.6.4 (2.6.4+dfsg-4~bpo70+1)
Free Pascal - math units
fp-units-misc (2.6.4+dfsg-4~bpo70+1)
Free Pascal - miscellaneous units dependency package
virtual package provided by fp-units-misc-2.6.4
fp-units-misc-2.6.4 (2.6.4+dfsg-4~bpo70+1)
Free Pascal - miscellaneous units
fp-units-multimedia (2.6.4+dfsg-4~bpo70+1)
Free Pascal - multimedia units dependency package
virtual package provided by fp-units-multimedia-2.6.4
fp-units-multimedia-2.6.4 (2.6.4+dfsg-4~bpo70+1)
Free Pascal - multimedia units
fp-units-net (2.6.4+dfsg-4~bpo70+1)
Free Pascal - networking units dependency package
virtual package provided by fp-units-net-2.6.4
fp-units-net-2.6.4 (2.6.4+dfsg-4~bpo70+1)
Free Pascal - networking units
fp-units-rtl (2.6.4+dfsg-4~bpo70+1)
Free Pascal - runtime libraries dependency package
virtual package provided by fp-units-rtl-2.6.4
fp-units-rtl-2.6.4 (2.6.4+dfsg-4~bpo70+1)
Free Pascal - runtime libraries
fp-utils (2.6.4+dfsg-4~bpo70+1)
Free Pascal - utilities dependency package
virtual package provided by fp-utils-2.6.4
fp-utils-2.6.4 (2.6.4+dfsg-4~bpo70+1)
Free Pascal - utilities
fpc (2.6.4+dfsg-4~bpo70+1)
Free Pascal - SDK suite dependency package
virtual package provided by fpc-2.6.4
fpc-2.6.4 (2.6.4+dfsg-4~bpo70+1)
Free Pascal - SDK-2.6.4 suite
fpc-source (2.6.4+dfsg-4~bpo70+1)
Free Pascal - SDK source code dependency package
virtual package provided by fpc-source-2.6.4
fpc-source-2.6.4 (2.6.4+dfsg-4~bpo70+1)
Free Pascal - SDK source code
fusionforge-full (5.3.2+20141104-3~bpo70+1)
FusionForge collaborative development tool - full metapackage
fusionforge-minimal (5.3.2+20141104-3~bpo70+1)
FusionForge collaborative development tool - minimal metapackage
fusionforge-plugin-admssw (5.3.2+20141104-3~bpo70+1)
collaborative development tool - ADMS.SW plugin
fusionforge-plugin-authcas (5.3.2+20141104-3~bpo70+1)
collaborative development tool - CAS authentication plugin
fusionforge-plugin-authhttpd (5.3.2+20141104-3~bpo70+1)
collaborative development tool - HTTPD authentication plugin
fusionforge-plugin-authldap (5.3.2+20141104-3~bpo70+1)
collaborative development tool - LDAP authentication plugin
fusionforge-plugin-blocks (5.3.2+20141104-3~bpo70+1)
collaborative development tool - Blocks plugin
fusionforge-plugin-compactpreview (5.3.2+20141104-3~bpo70+1)
collaborative development tool - Compact Preview plugin
fusionforge-plugin-contribtracker (5.3.2+20141104-3~bpo70+1)
Contribution tracker plugin for FusionForge
fusionforge-plugin-doaprdf (5.3.2+20141104-3~bpo70+1)
collaborative development tool - DOAP RDF plugin
fusionforge-plugin-extsubproj (5.3.2+20141104-3~bpo70+1)
collaborative development tool - extsubproj plugin
fusionforge-plugin-foafprofiles (5.3.2+20141104-3~bpo70+1)
collaborative development tool - FOAF Profiles plugin
fusionforge-plugin-globalsearch (5.3.2+20141104-3~bpo70+1)
Globalsearch plugin for FusionForge
fusionforge-plugin-gravatar (5.3.2+20141104-3~bpo70+1)
collaborative development tool - Gravatar plugin
fusionforge-plugin-headermenu (5.3.2+20141104-3~bpo70+1)
Headermenu plugin for FusionForge
fusionforge-plugin-hudson (5.3.2+20141104-3~bpo70+1)
collaborative development tool - Hudson plugin
fusionforge-plugin-mediawiki (5.3.2+20141104-3~bpo70+1)
Mediawiki plugin for FusionForge
fusionforge-plugin-message (5.3.2+20141104-3~bpo70+1)
Message plugin for FusionForge
fusionforge-plugin-moinmoin (5.3.2+20141104-3~bpo70+1)
MoinMoinWiki plugin for FusionForge
fusionforge-plugin-projectlabels (5.3.2+20141104-3~bpo70+1)
Projectlabels plugin for FusionForge
fusionforge-plugin-scmarch (5.3.2+20141104-3~bpo70+1)
collaborative development tool - GNU Arch plugin
fusionforge-plugin-scmcvs (5.3.2+20141104-3~bpo70+1)
collaborative development tool - CVS plugin
fusionforge-plugin-scmdarcs (5.3.2+20141104-3~bpo70+1)
collaborative development tool - Darcs plugin
fusionforge-plugin-scmgit (5.3.2+20141104-3~bpo70+1)
collaborative development tool - Git plugin
fusionforge-plugin-scmhg (5.3.2+20141104-3~bpo70+1)
collaborative development tool - Mercurial (Hg) plugin
fusionforge-plugin-scmhook (5.3.2+20141104-3~bpo70+1)
collaborative development tool - SCM Hook plugin
fusionforge-plugin-scmsvn (5.3.2+20141104-3~bpo70+1)
collaborative development tool - Subversion plugin
fusionforge-plugin-sysauthldap (5.3.2+20141104-3~bpo70+1)
collaborative development tool - system authentication via LDAP
fusionforge-standard (5.3.2+20141104-3~bpo70+1)
FusionForge collaborative development tool - standard metapackage
geany (1.24.1+dfsg-1~bpo70+1)
fast and lightweight IDE
geany-common (1.24.1+dfsg-1~bpo70+1)
fast and lightweight IDE -- common files
geany-plugin-addons (1.24+dfsg-2~bpo70+1)
miscellanous plugins for Geany
geany-plugin-autoclose (1.24+dfsg-2~bpo70+1)
auto-closing plugin for Geany
geany-plugin-codenav (1.24+dfsg-2~bpo70+1)
code navigation plugin for Geany
geany-plugin-commander (1.24+dfsg-2~bpo70+1)
command panel plugin for Geany
geany-plugin-debugger (1.24+dfsg-2~bpo70+1)
debugger plugin for Geany
geany-plugin-defineformat (1.24+dfsg-2~bpo70+1)
on-the-fly #define prettyprinter plugin for Geany
geany-plugin-devhelp (1.24+dfsg-2~bpo70+1)
DevHelp plugin for Geany
geany-plugin-doc (1.24+dfsg-2~bpo70+1)
documentation plugin for Geany
geany-plugin-extrasel (1.24+dfsg-2~bpo70+1)
extra selection plugin for Geany
geany-plugin-gendoc (1.24+dfsg-2~bpo70+1)
documentation generation plugin for Geany
geany-plugin-geniuspaste (1.24+dfsg-2~bpo70+1)
GeniusPaste plugin for Geany
geany-plugin-gproject (1.24+dfsg-2~bpo70+1)
gproject plugin for Geany
geany-plugin-insertnum (1.24+dfsg-2~bpo70+1)
number inserting plugin for Geany
geany-plugin-latex (1.24+dfsg-2~bpo70+1)
improved LaTeX support plugin for Geany
geany-plugin-lipsum (1.24+dfsg-2~bpo70+1)
Lorem Ipsum generator plugin for Geany
geany-plugin-lua (1.24+dfsg-2~bpo70+1)
Lua scripting plugin for Geany
geany-plugin-macro (1.24+dfsg-2~bpo70+1)
macro plugin for Geany
geany-plugin-markdown (1.24+dfsg-2~bpo70+1)
markdown plugin for Geany
geany-plugin-miniscript (1.24+dfsg-2~bpo70+1)
Geany Mini-Script filter plugin
geany-plugin-multiterm (1.24+dfsg-2~bpo70+1)
multiterm plugin for Geany
geany-plugin-numberedbookmarks (1.24+dfsg-2~bpo70+1)
numbered bookmarks plugin for Geany
geany-plugin-pairtaghighlighter (1.24+dfsg-2~bpo70+1)
tag pair highlighter plugin for Geany
geany-plugin-pg (1.24+dfsg-2~bpo70+1)
pg plugin for Geany
geany-plugin-pohelper (1.24+dfsg-2~bpo70+1)
Geany plugin for improved support for GetText translation files
geany-plugin-prettyprinter (1.24+dfsg-2~bpo70+1)
XML pretty printer for Geany
geany-plugin-prj (1.24+dfsg-2~bpo70+1)
alternative project manager for Geany
geany-plugin-py (1.24+dfsg-2~bpo70+1)
Python bindings for the Geany plugin API
geany-plugin-scope (1.24+dfsg-2~bpo70+1)
graphical GDB front-end for Geany
geany-plugin-sendmail (1.24+dfsg-2~bpo70+1)
mailer plugin for Geany
geany-plugin-shiftcolumn (1.24+dfsg-2~bpo70+1)
text column shifting plugin for Geany
geany-plugin-spellcheck (1.24+dfsg-2~bpo70+1)
spellcheck plugin for Geany
geany-plugin-tableconvert (1.24+dfsg-2~bpo70+1)
table convert plugin for Geany
geany-plugin-treebrowser (1.24+dfsg-2~bpo70+1)
tree browser plugin for Geany
geany-plugin-updatechecker (1.24+dfsg-2~bpo70+1)
update checker plugin for Geany
geany-plugin-vc (1.24+dfsg-2~bpo70+1)
VCS plugin for Geany
geany-plugin-webhelper (1.24+dfsg-2~bpo70+1)
web helper plugin for Geany
geany-plugin-xmlsnippets (1.24+dfsg-2~bpo70+1)
XMLSnippets plugin for Geany
geany-plugins (1.24+dfsg-2~bpo70+1)
set of plugins for Geany
geany-plugins-common (1.24+dfsg-2~bpo70+1)
set of plugins for Geany (translations)
genbackupdata (1.7-1~bpo70+1)
generate test data sets for backup software
gettext (0.19.3-2~bpo70+1)
GNU Internationalization utilities
gforge-common (5.3.2+20141104-3~bpo70+1)
collaborative development tool - shared files
gforge-db-postgresql (5.3.2+20141104-3~bpo70+1)
collaborative development tool - database (using PostgreSQL)
gforge-db-remote (5.3.2+20141104-3~bpo70+1)
collaborative development tool - database (remote)
gforge-dns-bind9 (5.3.2+20141104-3~bpo70+1)
collaborative development tool - DNS management (using Bind9)
gforge-ftp-proftpd (5.3.2+20141104-3~bpo70+1)
collaborative development tool - FTP management (using ProFTPd)
gforge-lists-mailman (5.3.2+20141104-3~bpo70+1)
collaborative development tool - mailing-lists (using Mailman)
gforge-mta-exim4 (5.3.2+20141104-3~bpo70+1)
collaborative development tool - mail tools (using Exim 4)
gforge-mta-postfix (5.3.2+20141104-3~bpo70+1)
collaborative development tool - mail tools (using Postfix)
gforge-shell-postgresql (5.3.2+20141104-3~bpo70+1)
collaborative development tool - shell accounts (using PostgreSQL)
gforge-web-apache2 (5.3.2+20141104-3~bpo70+1)
collaborative development tool - web part (using Apache)
gforge-web-apache2-vhosts (5.3.2+20141104-3~bpo70+1)
collaborative development tool - web vhosts (using Apache)
golang (2:1.3.3-1~bpo70+1)
Go programming language compiler - metapackage
golang-go (2:1.3.3-1~bpo70+1)
Go programming language compiler
golang-go-darwin-386 (2:1.3.3-1~bpo70+1)
Go standard library compiled for darwin_386
golang-go-darwin-amd64 (2:1.3.3-1~bpo70+1)
Go standard library compiled for darwin_amd64
golang-go-freebsd-386 (2:1.3.3-1~bpo70+1)
Go standard library compiled for freebsd_386
golang-go-freebsd-amd64 (2:1.3.3-1~bpo70+1)
Go standard library compiled for freebsd_amd64
golang-go-freebsd-arm (2:1.3.3-1~bpo70+1)
Go standard library compiled for freebsd_arm
golang-go-linux-386 (2:1.3.3-1~bpo70+1)
Go standard library compiled for linux_386
golang-go-linux-amd64 (2:1.3.3-1~bpo70+1)
Go standard library compiled for linux_amd64
golang-go-linux-arm (2:1.3.3-1~bpo70+1)
Go standard library compiled for linux_arm
golang-go-netbsd-386 (2:1.3.3-1~bpo70+1)
Go standard library compiled for netbsd_386
golang-go-netbsd-amd64 (2:1.3.3-1~bpo70+1)
Go standard library compiled for netbsd_amd64
golang-go-windows-386 (2:1.3.3-1~bpo70+1)
Go standard library compiled for windows_386
golang-go-windows-amd64 (2:1.3.3-1~bpo70+1)
Go standard library compiled for windows_amd64
golang-mode (2:1.3.3-1~bpo70+1)
Go programming language - mode for GNU Emacs
golang-src (2:1.3.3-1~bpo70+1)
Go programming language compiler - source files
gsoap (2.8.16-2~bpo70+1)
Stub generators for gSOAP
how-can-i-help (10+deb8u1~bpo70+1)
show opportunities for contributing to Debian
i18nspector (0.17-1~bpo70+1)
checking tool for gettext POT, PO and MO files
icecc (1.0.1-1~bpo70+1)
distributed compiler (client and server)
kate-syntax-go (2:1.3.3-1~bpo70+1)
Go programming language - Kate highlighting syntax files
kbuild (1:0.1.9998svn2695+dfsg-2~bpo70+1)
framework for writing simple makefiles for complex tasks
kgb-bot (1.31-1~bpo70+1)
IRC collaboration bot
kgb-client (1.31-1~bpo70+1)
client for KGB (IRC collaboration bot)
lazarus (1.2.4+dfsg-2~bpo70+1)
IDE for Free Pascal - SDK dependency package
virtual package provided by lazarus-1.2.4
lazarus-1.2.4 (1.2.4+dfsg-2~bpo70+1)
IDE for Free Pascal - suite
lazarus-ide (1.2.4+dfsg-2~bpo70+1)
IDE for Free Pascal - common IDE files dependency package
virtual package provided by lazarus-ide-gtk2-1.2.4, lazarus-ide-1.2.4, lazarus-ide-qt4-1.2.4
lazarus-ide-1.2.4 (1.2.4+dfsg-2~bpo70+1)
IDE for Free Pascal - common IDE files
lazarus-ide-gtk2 (1.2.4+dfsg-2~bpo70+1)
IDE for Free Pascal - Last GTK+ version dependency package
virtual package provided by lazarus-ide-gtk2-1.2.4
lazarus-ide-gtk2-1.2.4 (1.2.4+dfsg-2~bpo70+1)
IDE for Free Pascal - GTK+ version
lazarus-ide-qt4 (1.2.4+dfsg-2~bpo70+1)
IDE for Free Pascal - Last Qt version dependency package
virtual package provided by lazarus-ide-qt4-1.2.4
lazarus-ide-qt4-1.2.4 (1.2.4+dfsg-2~bpo70+1)
IDE for Free Pascal - Qt version
lazarus-src (1.2.4+dfsg-2~bpo70+1)
IDE for Free Pascal - LCL source code dependency package
virtual package provided by lazarus-src-1.2.4
lazarus-src-1.2.4 (1.2.4+dfsg-2~bpo70+1)
IDE for Free Pascal - LCL source code
lcl (1.2.4+dfsg-2~bpo70+1)
Lazarus Components Library - LCL dependency package
virtual package provided by lcl-1.2.4
lcl-1.2.4 (1.2.4+dfsg-2~bpo70+1)
Lazarus Components Library - LCL suite
lcl-gtk2 (1.2.4+dfsg-2~bpo70+1)
Lazarus Components Library - GTK+ backend dependency package
virtual package provided by lcl-gtk2-1.2.4
lcl-gtk2-1.2.4 (1.2.4+dfsg-2~bpo70+1)
Lazarus Components Library - GTK+ backend
lcl-nogui (1.2.4+dfsg-2~bpo70+1)
Lazarus Components Library - no GUI backend dependency package
virtual package provided by lcl-nogui-1.2.4
lcl-nogui-1.2.4 (1.2.4+dfsg-2~bpo70+1)
Lazarus Components Library - no GUI backend
lcl-qt4 (1.2.4+dfsg-2~bpo70+1)
Lazarus Components Library - Qt backend dependency package
virtual package provided by lcl-qt4-1.2.4
lcl-qt4-1.2.4 (1.2.4+dfsg-2~bpo70+1)
Lazarus Components Library - Qt backend
lcl-units (1.2.4+dfsg-2~bpo70+1)
Lazarus Components Library - backend independent components dependency package
virtual package provided by lcl-units-1.2.4
lcl-units-1.2.4 (1.2.4+dfsg-2~bpo70+1)
Lazarus Components Library - backend independent components
lcl-utils (1.2.4+dfsg-2~bpo70+1)
Lazarus Components Library - command line build tools dependency package
virtual package provided by lcl-utils-1.2.4
lcl-utils-1.2.4 (1.2.4+dfsg-2~bpo70+1)
Lazarus Components Library - command line build tools
libclaws-mail-dev (3.10.1-2~bpo70+1)
Development files for Claws Mail plugins
libqt4-dev-bin (4:4.8.6+git64-g5dc8b2b+dfsg-3~bpo70+1)
Qt 4 development programs
libreoffice-dev (1:4.3.3-2+deb8u7~bpo70+1 [amd64, armel, armhf, i386], 1:4.3.3-2+deb8u3~bpo70+1 [ia64, powerpc, s390, s390x], 1:4.3.2-1~bpo70+1 [mipsel], 1:4.2.6-1~bpo70+1 [sparc], 1:4.2.5-1~bpo70+1 [mips], 1:4.0.3-2~bpo70+1 [kfreebsd-amd64, kfreebsd-i386])
office productivity suite -- SDK
libtasn1-bin (4.2-2~bpo70+1)
Manage ASN.1 structures (binaries)
lintian (2.5.30+deb8u2~bpo70+1)
Debian package checker
linux-libc-dev (3.16.39-1+deb8u1~bpo70+1 [amd64, armel, armhf, i386], 3.16.7-ckt25-2~bpo70+1 [mips, mipsel, powerpc, s390, s390x, sparc], 3.14.15-2~bpo70+1 [ia64])
Linux support headers for userspace development
linux-support-3.12-0.bpo.1 (3.12.9-1~bpo70+1)
Support files for Linux 3.12
linux-support-3.13-0.bpo.1 (3.13.10-1~bpo70+1)
Support files for Linux 3.13
linux-support-3.14-0.bpo.1 (3.14.12-1~bpo70+1)
Support files for Linux 3.14
linux-support-3.14-0.bpo.2 (3.14.15-2~bpo70+1)
Support files for Linux 3.14
linux-support-3.16.0-0.bpo.4 (3.16.39-1+deb8u1~bpo70+1)
Support files for Linux 3.16
linux-tools-3.16 (3.16.7-ckt20-1~bpo70+2)
Performance analysis tools for Linux 3.16
mate-common (1.8.0-2~bpo70+1)
common scripts and macros to develop with MATE
mock (1.1.33-1~bpo7+1)
Build rpm packages inside a chroot
nodejs-dev (0.10.29~dfsg-1~bpo70+1)
evented I/O for V8 javascript (development files)
nvidia-cuda-gdb (5.5.22-6~bpo70+2) [non-free]
nvidia-cuda-toolkit (5.5.22-6~bpo70+2) [non-free]
NVIDIA CUDA development toolkit
nvidia-nsight (5.5.22-6~bpo70+2) [non-free]
NVIDIA Nsight Eclipse Edition
nvidia-profiler (5.5.22-6~bpo70+2) [non-free]
NVIDIA Profiler for CUDA and OpenCL
nvidia-visual-profiler (5.5.22-6~bpo70+2) [non-free]
NVIDIA Visual Profiler for CUDA and OpenCL
openstack-pkg-tools (8~bpo70+1)
Tools and scripts for building Openstack packages in Debian
piuparts (0.62~bpo70+1)
.deb package installation, upgrading, and removal testing tool
piuparts-common (0.62~bpo70+1)
common piuparts components
piuparts-master (0.62~bpo70+1)
piuparts master components
piuparts-slave (0.62~bpo70+1)
piuparts slave components
pkg-kde-tools (0.15.15~bpo70+1)
various packaging tools and scripts for KDE Applications
pluma-dev (1.8.1+dfsg1-2~bpo70+1)
official text editor of the MATE desktop environment (development files)
postfix-dev (2.11.2-1~bpo70+1)
Loadable modules development environment for Postfix
qconf (1.5-1~bpo70+1)
nice configure script for qmake-based projects
qml (5.3.2-4~bpo70+4)
Qt 5 QML viewer
qmlscene (5.3.2-4~bpo70+4)
Qt 5 QML scene viewer
qt4-designer (4:4.8.6+git64-g5dc8b2b+dfsg-3~bpo70+1)
graphical designer for Qt 4 applications
qt4-dev-tools (4:4.8.6+git64-g5dc8b2b+dfsg-3~bpo70+1)
Qt 4 development tools
qt4-linguist-tools (4:4.8.6+git64-g5dc8b2b+dfsg-3~bpo70+1)
Qt 4 Linguist tools
qt4-qmake (4:4.8.6+git64-g5dc8b2b+dfsg-3~bpo70+1)
Qt 4 qmake Makefile generator tool
qt4-qmlviewer (4:4.8.6+git64-g5dc8b2b+dfsg-3~bpo70+1)
Qt 4 QML viewer
qt5-qmake (5.3.2+dfsg-4+deb8u1~bpo70+1)
Qt 5 qmake Makefile generator tool
qtbase5-dev-tools (5.3.2+dfsg-4+deb8u1~bpo70+1)
Qt 5 base development programs
qtcreator (3.2.1+dfsg-3~bpo70+1)
lightweight integrated development environment (IDE) for Qt
qtcreator-data (3.2.1+dfsg-3~bpo70+1)
application data for Qt Creator IDE
qtdeclarative5-dev-tools (5.3.2-4~bpo70+4)
Qt 5 declarative development programs
qttools5-dev-tools (5.3.2-3~bpo70+5)
Qt 5 development tools
qtxmlpatterns5-dev-tools (5.3.2-2~bpo70+1)
Qt 5 XML patterns development programs
rebar (2.0.0-5~bpo70+1)
Sophisticated build-tool for Erlang projects that follows OTP principles
samba-dev (2:4.1.17+dfsg-1~bpo70+1 [amd64, armel, armhf, i386, ia64, kfreebsd-i386, mips, mipsel, powerpc, s390, s390x, sparc], 2:4.1.11+dfsg-1~bpo70+1 [kfreebsd-amd64])
tools for extending Samba
scons (2.3.1-1~bpo70+1)
replacement for make
shc (3.8.7-2~bpo70+1)
Generic shell script compiler
spyder (2.2.5+dfsg-1~bpo70+1)
python IDE for scientists
ubuntu-dev-tools (0.153~bpo70+1)
useful tools for Ubuntu developers
valgrind (1:3.10.0-4~bpo7+1)
instrumentation framework for building dynamic analysis tools
valgrind-mpi (1:3.10.0-4~bpo7+1)
instrumentation framework for building dynamic analysis tools (MPI module)
vim-syntax-go (2:1.3.3-1~bpo70+1)
Go programming language - Vim highlighting syntax files
weechat-dev (1.0.1-1+deb8u1~bpo70+1)
Fast, light and extensible chat client - development headers
wireshark-dev (1.12.1+g01b65bf-4~bpo70+1)
network traffic analyzer - development tools
wx3.0-examples (3.0.2-1~bpo70+1)
wxWidgets Cross-platform C++ GUI toolkit (examples)
wx3.0-headers (3.0.2-1~bpo70+1)
wxWidgets Cross-platform C++ GUI toolkit (header files)
yasm (1.2.0-1~bpo70+1)
modular assembler with multiple syntaxes support