Software Packages in "trixie", Subsection net

2ping (4.5-1.2)
Ping-утиліта, що визначає сторону, винну у втратах пакетів
3270-common (4.1ga10-1.1+b1)
Загальні файли для емулятора IBM 3270 та pr3287
389-ds (2.4.4+dfsg1-3)
389 Directory Server suite - metapackage
389-ds-base (2.4.4+dfsg1-3)
389 Directory Server suite - server
4g8 (1.0-5)
Перехоплення пакетів в комутованих мережах
6tunnel (1:0.13-2)
TCP proxy for non-IPv6 applications
aardvark-dns (1.4.0-5)
Container-focused DNS server
abisip-find (1.9.0-3+b2)
Command line utility to find ip.access compatible BTS
adns-tools (1.6.0-2)
Asynchronous-capable DNS client utilities
adv-17v35x-dkms (
dkms driver sources for Advantech PCI/PCIe ACOM Series adapters
aggregate (1.6-7+b1)
ipv4 cidr prefix aggregator
ahcpd (0.53-3)
Ad-Hoc Configuration Protocol
akonadi-server (4:22.12.3-1+b1)
Система контролю персональної інформації Akonadi
alevtd (3.107-2)
HTTP daemon for teletext pages
alfred (2024.0-1)
Almighty Lightweight Fact Remote Exchange Daemon
altdns (1.0.2+git20210909.8c1de0f-2)
Subdomain discovery through alterations and permutations
amazon-ec2-net-utils (2.4.1-1)
utilities for managing network interfaces in Amazon EC2
amfora (1.9.2-2+b10)
Fancy terminal browser for the Gemini protocol
amispammer (3.3-2.1)
Powerful Mail Server checker on blacklists
amqp-specs (1-0r0-3.1)
specs for the Advanced Message Queuing Protocol (AMQP)
amqp-tools (0.11.0-1+b1)
Command-line utilities for interacting with AMQP servers
amtterm (1.4-3)
Serial-over-lan (sol) client for Intel AMT, console version
amule (1:2.3.3-3+b1)
Клієнт мереж eD2k та Kad, подібний до eMule
amule-common (1:2.3.3-3)
Загальні файли для інших пакунків aMule
amule-daemon (1:2.3.3-3+b1)
Консольна версія aMule, клієнта для eD2k та мереж Kad
amule-gnome-support (1:2.3.3-3)
Підтримка обробки посилань ed2k для веб-оглядачів GNOME
amule-utils (1:2.3.3-3+b1)
Утиліти для aMule (консольна версія)
amule-utils-gui (1:2.3.3-3+b1)
graphic utilities for aMule
anope (2.0.12-1+b1)
IRC Services designed for flexibility and ease of use
anytun (0.3.8-1+b2)
secure anycast tunneling protocol
ap51-flash (2022.1-1)
firmware flasher for ethernet connected routers and access points
apt-cacher (1.7.30)
Caching proxy server for Debian/Ubuntu/Devuan software repositories
apt-cacher-ng (3.7.4-1+b2)
caching proxy server for software repositories
apt-mirror (0.5.4-2)
APT sources mirroring tool
arc-gui-clients (0.4.6-7+b2 [amd64, arm64, i386, mips64el, ppc64el, s390x], 0.4.6-7+b1 [armel, armhf])
ARC Graphical Clients
aria2 (1.37.0+debian-1+b1)
High speed download utility
arno-iptables-firewall (2.1.1a-3)
single- and multi-homed firewall script with DSL/ADSL support
arpalert (2.0.12-6+b1)
monitor ARP changes in ethernet networks
arping (2.24-1)
Посилає запити (пінги) по IP та/чи ARP (до MAC-адрес)
arpon (3.0-ng+dfsg1-5)
Versatile ARP defense daemon
arptables (0.0.5-4)
ARP table administration
asn (0.76.1-1)
network OSINT CLI ASN, RPKI, BGP, Geo, Recon, Trace
atftp (0.8.0-3+b1)
advanced TFTP client
atftpd (0.8.0-3+b1)
advanced TFTP server
atm-tools (1:2.5.1-5)
Base programs for ATM in Linux, the net-tools for ATM
auto-apt-proxy (14.1)
automatic detector of common APT proxy settings
autossh (1.4g-1+b1 [amd64], 1.4g-1 [arm64, armel, armhf, i386, mips64el, ppc64el, s390x])
Automatically restart SSH sessions and tunnels
avahi-autoipd (0.8-13+b1)
Службова програма встановлення мережевої адреси Avahi IPv4LL
avahi-daemon (0.8-13+b1)
Фонова служба mDNS/DNS-SD Avahi
avahi-discover (0.8-13)
Інтерфейс користувача для виявлення сервісів за допомогою avahi
avahi-dnsconfd (0.8-13+b1)
Інструмент Avahi для налаштування DNS
avahi-utils (0.8-13+b1)
Інструменти для пошуку, оголошення та виявлення сервісів Avahi
b3270 (4.1ga10-1.1+b1)
Backend tool for telnet sessions to IBM mainframes
babeld (1.12.1-1)
loop-free distance-vector routing protocol
backuppc-rsync (
patched rsync for BackupPC version 4
balboa (2.0.0+ds-6+b1)
Passive DNS database with GraphQL interface, frontend
balboa-backend-common (2.0.0+ds-6+b1)
Common files for balboa backends
balboa-backend-rocksdb (2.0.0+ds-6+b1)
RocksDB backend for balboa
bandwidthd (2.0.1+cvs20090917-16)
Tracks usage of TCP/IP and builds html files with graphs
bandwidthd-pgsql (2.0.1+cvs20090917-16)
Tracks usage of TCP/IP and builds html files with graphs
barbican-api (1:18.0.0-1)
OpenStack Key Management Service - API Server
barbican-common (1:18.0.0-1)
OpenStack Key Management Service - common files
barbican-keystone-listener (1:18.0.0-1)
OpenStack Key Management Service - Keystone Listener
barbican-tempest-plugin (4.0.0-2)
OpenStack Integration Test Suite - Barbican plugin
barbican-worker (1:18.0.0-1)
OpenStack Key Management Service - Worker Node
barnowl (1.10-2+b5)
A curses-based tty Jabber, IRC, AIM and Zephyr client
batctl (2024.1-1)
B.A.T.M.A.N. advanced control and management tool
batmand (0.3.2+74+g2f62b17-1+b1)
better approach to mobile adhoc networking
bcrelay (1.4.0-12+b3)
Broadcast relay daemon
bdii (6.0.0-1)
Berkeley Database Information Index (BDII)
beanstalkd (1.12-2+b2)
simple, in-memory, workqueue service
bepasty (1.2.1-1)
binary pastebin / file upload service
bettercap (2.32.0-2+b3)
Complete, modular, portable and easily extensible MITM framework
bgpq3 (
automatic BGP filter generator using RADB data
bgpq4 (1.12-1)
automatic BGP filter generator using IRR routing data
biboumi (9.0-5+b2)
XMPP gateway to connect to IRC servers
bidentd (1.1.4-1.2)
Bisqwit's identd for NAT proxying
bind9 (1:9.19.21-1)
Internet Domain Name Server
bind9-dnsutils (1:9.19.21-1)
Clients provided with BIND 9
bind9-host (1:9.19.21-1)
DNS Lookup Utility
bind9-utils (1:9.19.21-1)
Utilities for BIND 9
bind9utils (1:9.19.21-1)
Transitional package for bind9-utils
virtual package provided by bind9-utils
bip (0.9.3-1+b2)
multiuser irc proxy with conversation replay and more
bird (1.6.8-2.1+b2)
Internet Routing Daemon
bird-bgp (1.6.8-2.1)
Internet Routing Daemon [transitional package]
virtual package provided by bird
bird2 (2.14-1+b1)
Internet Routing Daemon
bitlbee (3.6-1.3)
IRC to other chat networks gateway (default version)
bitlbee-common (3.6-1.3)
IRC to other chat networks gateway (common files/docs)
bitlbee-dev (3.6-1.3)
IRC to other chat networks gateway (dev files)
bitlbee-libpurple (3.6-1.3)
IRC to other chat networks gateway (using libpurple)
bitlbee-plugin-mastodon (1.4.5-1)
Mastodon plugin for bitlbee IRC gateway
bitlbee-plugin-otr (3.6-1.3)
IRC to other chat networks gateway (OTR plugin)
bittwist (3.8-1)
libpcap based Ethernet packet generator
bluedevil (4:5.27.10-1)
Стек Bluetooth для KDE
bluemon (1.4-9)
Активація/деактивація програм на основі якості зв’язку з пристроєм Bluetooth
bmon (1:4.0-10)
portable bandwidth monitor and rate estimator
boinc (7.24.1+dfsg-2)
Збірний пакунок для клієнта та менеджера BOINC
boinc-client (7.24.1+dfsg-2)
core client for the BOINC distributed computing infrastructure
boinc-client-nvidia-cuda (7.24.1+dfsg-2) [contrib]
metapackage for CUDA-savvy BOINC client and manager
boinc-client-opencl (7.24.1+dfsg-2) [contrib]
metapackage for AMD/ATI OpenCL-savvy BOINC client and manager
boinctui (2.7.1-1)
Fullscreen text mode manager for Boinc client
bombadillo (2.4.0-1+b4)
Не-веб клієнт для терміналу
bootp (2.4.3-19.1)
server for the bootp protocol with DHCP support
bootparamd (0.17-12+b2)
Boot parameter server
bootpc (0.64-9.1)
Client to connect to a boot protocol (bootp) server
bosixnet-daemon (2.0-2.1)
Build Own IPv6 Network (client utilities)
bosixnet-webui (2.0-2.1)
Build Own IPv6 Network (server utilities)
br2684ctl (1:2.5.1-5)
Utility for configuring RFC 2684 ATM/Ethernet bridging
braa (0.82-7)
Mass SNMP scanner
bridge-utils (1.7.1-2)
Інструменти для налаштування Ethernet мостів
bro-aux (0.42-1)
small auxiliary tools for Bro
brutespray (1.8.1-2)
Python bruteforce tool
bti (034-6+b1)
command line Twitter client
btscanner (2.1-9)
Заснований на ncurses сканер Bluetooth-пристроїв
buildtorrent (0.8-8)
command line torrent creation program
bwbar (1.2.3-7)
generates text and graphical readout of current bandwidth use
bwm-ng (0.6.3-2+b1)
small and simple console-based bandwidth monitor
c-icap (1:0.5.10-6+b1)
ICAP server implementation
c3270 (4.1ga10-1.1+b1)
Curses program for telnet sessions to IBM mainframes
caja-owncloud (5.0.0-2)
ownCloud integration for Caja
cam2ip (1.6-2)
turn any webcam into an IP camera
can-utils (2023.03-1)
SocketCAN userspace utilities and tools
capstats (0.31-1)
command-line tool for collecting network interface statistics
carbon-c-relay (3.7.3-2+b3)
Carbon-compatible graphite line mode relay
carburetor (4.5.1-1)
Anonymous browsing made easy
catgirl (2.2-1)
TLS-only terminal IRC client
cdpr (2.4-3)
Генератор звітів про пакети Cisco Discovery Protocol
ceilometer-instance-poller (0.1.10-1)
OpenStack ceilometer instance poller
ceni (2.33-4)
Curses interface to /etc/network/interfaces
ceph-tools (0.0.28)
utilities to manage a Ceph cluster
cfingerd (1.4.3-8)
configurable finger daemon
cgit (1.2.3+git20221219.50.91f2590+git2.39.1-1)
hyperfast web frontend for git repositories written in C
chaosreader (0.96-13)
trace network sessions and export it to html format
charon-cmd (5.9.13-2)
standalone IPsec client
charon-systemd (5.9.13-2)
strongSwan IPsec client, systemd support
chatty (0.8.1-1)
Messaging application for mobile and desktop
chezdav (3.0-8+b1)
simple tool to share a directory with WebDAV
chrony (4.5-1)
Versatile implementation of the Network Time Protocol
cinder-tempest-plugin (1.12.0-2)
OpenStack Integration Test Suite - Cinder plugin
classified-ads (0.15-1)
Program for displaying classified advertisement items
clevis (19-6)
automated encryption framework
clevis-dracut (19-6)
Clevis integration for dracut
clevis-initramfs (19-6)
Clevis initramfs integration
clevis-luks (19-6)
LUKS integration for clevis
clevis-systemd (19-6)
systemd integration for clevis
clevis-tpm2 (19-6)
automated encryption framework, TPM2 support
clevis-udisks2 (19-6)
UDisks2/Storaged integration for clevis
cloud-enum (0.7-3)
Multi-cloud open source intelligence tool
cloudkitty-api (20.0.0-1)
OpenStack Rating as a Service - API server
cloudkitty-common (20.0.0-1)
OpenStack Rating as a Service - common files
cloudkitty-processor (20.0.0-1)
OpenStack Rating as a Service - processor
cloudkitty-tempest-plugin (2.9.0-2)
OpenStack Integration Test Suite - CloudKitty plugin
clustershell (1.9.2-1)
Distributed shell that provides an efficient Python interface
cmst (2023.03.14-1)
QT GUI for Connman with system tray icon
cntlm (0.92.3-1.3)
Fast NTLM authentication proxy with tunneling
coccinella (0.96.20-9)
Інструмент зв’язку (XMPP/Jabber) із вбудованою дошкою
cockpit-389-ds (2.4.4+dfsg1-3)
Cockpit user interface for 389 Directory Server
comgt (0.32-4)
Option GlobeTrotter and Vodafone datacard control tool
comitup (1.40-1)
bootstrap Wi-Fi using Wi-Fi
condure (1.10.0-4)
HTTP/WebSocket connection manager
conmux (0.12.0-4)
console multiplexor
connect-proxy (1.105-2)
Establish TCP connection using SOCKS4/5 or HTTP tunnel
connman (1.42-5)
Intel Connection Manager daemon
connman-gtk (1.1.1+git20180626.b72c6ab-3)
fully-featured GUI for ConnMan with systray support
connman-tests (1.42-5)
Intel Connection Manager daemon -- test scripts
connman-ui (0~20150623-1+b2 [amd64], 0~20150623-1+b1 [arm64, armel, armhf, i386, mips64el, ppc64el, s390x])
full-featured GTK-based tray icon UI for ConnMan
connman-vpn (1.42-5)
Intel Connection Manager daemon - VPN daemon
conntrack (1:1.4.8-2)
Program to modify the conntrack tables
conntrackd (1:1.4.8-2)
Connection tracking daemon
corkscrew (2.0-14)
tunnel TCP connections through HTTP proxies
coturn (4.6.1-1+b1)
TURN and STUN server for VoIP
cowpatty (4.8-3+b1)
Brute-force WPA dictionary attack
cricket (1.0.5-22)
Program for collection and display of time-series data
ctdb (2:4.19.5+dfsg-1)
clustered database to store temporary data
ctorrent (1.3.4.dnh3.3.2-5+b1)
BitTorrent Client written in C++
cubemap (1.5.1-2)
scalable video reflector, designed to be used with VLC
cups (2.4.7-1+b1)
Загальна система друку в UNIX™ — підтримка PPD/драйверів, веб-інтерфейс
cups-browsed (1.28.17-3+b1)
Фільтри OpenPrinting CUPS — cups-browsed
cups-bsd (2.4.7-1+b1)
Загальна система друку в UNIX (команди BSD)
cups-client (2.4.7-1+b1)
Загальна система друку в UNIX (клієнтські програми в стилі SysV)
cups-common (2.4.7-1)
Загальна система друку в UNIX™ — спільні файли
cups-core-drivers (2.4.7-1+b1)
Common UNIX Printing System(tm) - driverless printing
cups-daemon (2.4.7-1+b1)
Загальна система друку в UNIX (Common UNIX Printing System чи CUPS™ — фонова служба
cups-filters (1.28.17-3+b1)
Фільтри OpenPrinting CUPS — основний пакунок
cups-filters-core-drivers (1.28.17-3+b1)
Фільтри OpenPrinting CUPS — друк без драйверів
cups-ipp-utils (2.4.7-1+b1)
Common UNIX Printing System(tm) - IPP developer/admin utilities
cups-server-common (2.4.7-1)
Common UNIX Printing System(tm) - server common files
curvedns (0.87-6+b2)
DNS/DNSCurve forwarding name server - binaries
d-itg (2.8.1-r1023-6)
Distributed Internet Traffic Generator
daemonlogger (1.2.1-8+b1)
simple network packet logger and soft tap daemon
dailystrips (1.0.28-11.3)
view web comic strips more conveniently
dante-client (1.4.2+dfsg-7)
SOCKS wrapper for users behind a firewall
dante-server (1.4.2+dfsg-7+b10)
SOCKS (v4 and v5) proxy daemon (danted)
darkstat (3.0.719-1.1)
Аналізатор мережного трафіку
davix (0.8.5-1+b2)
Toolkit for http based file management
davix-tests (0.8.5-1+b2)
Test suite for davix
davmail (
POP/IMAP/SMTP/CalDav/LDAP to Microsoft Exchange gateway - GUI
davmail-server (
POP/IMAP/SMTP/CalDav/LDAP to Microsoft Exchange gateway - headless
dbab (1.5.8-1) [contrib]
dnsmasq-based ad-blocking using pixelserv
dbeacon (0.4.0-2+b3 [amd64], 0.4.0-2+b2 [arm64, armel, armhf, i386, mips64el, ppc64el, s390x])
Multicast beacon
dcap (2.47.14-1+b1)
Клієнтські інструменти до dCache
dcap-tunnel-gsi (2.47.14-1+b1)
GSI tunnel for dCache
dcap-tunnel-krb (2.47.14-1+b1)
Kerberos tunnel for dCache
dcap-tunnel-ssl (2.47.14-1+b1)
SSL tunnel for dCache
dcap-tunnel-telnet (2.47.14-1+b1)
Telnet tunnel for dCache
ddclient (3.10.0-2)
Утиліта оновлення адрес для динамічних служб DNS
ddupdate (0.6.6-1.2)
Tool updating DNS data for dynamic IP addresses
debmirror (1:2.40)
Debian partial mirror script, with ftp and package pool support
debug-me (1.20221231-2)
secure remote debugging
debug-me-server (1.20221231-2)
run a debug-me server for secure remote debugging
deluge (2.1.2~dev0+20240219-1)
multi-interface BitTorrent client (metapackage)
deluge-common (2.1.2~dev0+20240219-1)
multi-interface BitTorrent client (common)
deluge-console (2.1.2~dev0+20240219-1)
multi-interface BitTorrent client (text UI)
deluge-gtk (2.1.2~dev0+20240219-1)
multi-interface BitTorrent client (graphical UI)
deluge-web (2.1.2~dev0+20240219-1)
multi-interface BitTorrent client (web frontend)
deluged (2.1.2~dev0+20240219-1)
multi-interface BitTorrent client (server)
designate (1:18.0.0-1)
OpenStack DNS as a Service - metapackage
designate-agent (1:18.0.0-1)
OpenStack DNS as a Service - agent
designate-api (1:18.0.0-1)
OpenStack DNS as a Service - API server
designate-central (1:18.0.0-1)
OpenStack DNS as a Service - central daemon
designate-common (1:18.0.0-1)
OpenStack DNS as a Service - common files
designate-mdns (1:18.0.0-1)
OpenStack DNS as a Service - mdns
designate-pool-manager (1:18.0.0-1)
OpenStack DNS as a Service - pool manager
designate-producer (1:18.0.0-1)
OpenStack DNS as a Service - producer
designate-sink (1:18.0.0-1)
OpenStack DNS as a Service - sink
designate-tempest-plugin (0.22.0-2)
OpenStack Integration Test Suite - Designate plugin
designate-tlds (0.1.0-2)
Designate TLDs population
designate-worker (1:18.0.0-1)
OpenStack DNS as a Service - worker
designate-zone-manager (1:18.0.0-1)
OpenStack DNS as a Service - zone manager
desproxy (0.1.0~pre3-10.1)
tunnel TCP traffic through a HTTP proxy
dhcp-helper (1.2-3.2+b1 [amd64], 1.2-3.2 [arm64, armel, armhf, i386, mips64el, ppc64el, s390x])
Ретранслятор запитів DHCP
dhcp-probe (1.3.0-10.1+b1)
network DHCP or BootP server discover
dhcpcanon (0.8.5-2.2)
DHCP client disclosing less identifying information
dhcpcd (1:10.0.6-1)
DHCPv4 and DHCPv6 dual-stack client (init.d script & systemd unit)
virtual package provided by dhcpcd
dhcpcd-base (1:10.0.6-1)
DHCPv4 and DHCPv6 dual-stack client (binaries and exit hooks)
dhcpcd-gtk (0.7.9-5)
GTK+ frontend for dhcpcd and wpa_supplicant
dhcpd-pools (2.29-1.1)
ISC dhcpd lease analysis and reporting tool
dhcpig (1.5-4)
DHCP exhaustion script using scapy network library
dhcpoptinj (0.5.3-1)
DHCP option injector
dhcpstarv (0.2.2-2+b1 [amd64], 0.2.2-2 [arm64, armel, armhf, i386, mips64el, ppc64el, s390x])
DHCP starvation utility
dhtnode (3.0.1-1)
OpenDHT node binary
dianara (1.4.4-1)
client for the federated social network
diaspora-common (
distributed social networking service - common files
diaspora-installer ( [contrib]
distributed social networking service - installer
dirb (2.22+dfsg-5)
URL bruteforcing tool
dircproxy (1.0.5-6.2)
IRC proxy for people who use IRC from different workstations
dlint (1.4.0-8)
Перевірка інформації зон DNS використовуючи nameserver lookup
dmitry (1.3a-3)
Інструмент збору інформації Deepmagic
dns-browse (1.9-8.2)
Front-ends to DNS search
dns-flood-detector (1.20-7+b1)
detect abusive usage levels on high traffic nameservers
dns2tcp (0.5.2-3)
TCP-over-DNS tunnel server and client
dnscrypt-proxy (2.0.45+ds1-1.2)
Flexible DNS proxy, with support for encrypted DNS protocols
dnsdbq (2.6.4-2)
dnsdiag (2.0.2-2)
DNS request auditing toolset
dnsdist (1.8.3-2)
DNS loadbalancer
dnsenum (1.3.1-1.1)
tool to enumerate domain DNS information
dnsmap (0.36-3)
DNS domain name brute forcing tool
dnsmasq (2.90-2)
Small caching DNS proxy and DHCP/TFTP server - system daemon
dnsmasq-base (2.90-2)
Small caching DNS proxy and DHCP/TFTP server - executable
virtual package provided by dnsmasq-base-lua, dnsmasq-base
dnsmasq-base-lua (2.90-2)
Small caching DNS proxy and DHCP/TFTP server - executable, Lua-enabled
dnsmasq-utils (2.90-2)
Utilities for manipulating DHCP leases
dnsproxy (1.17+git20211129.22329c4-6+b1)
Проксі для DNS-запитів
dnsrecon (1.1.5-1)
Powerful DNS enumeration script
dnss (0.0~git20230806.0.38ca607c-1+b2)
Proxy for using DNS over HTTPS
dnssec-trigger (0.17+repack-5.1)
reconfiguration tool to make DNSSEC work
dnstap-ldns (0.2.1-1)
Utility that can decode dnstap encoded files
dnstracer (1.9-8)
trace DNS queries to the source
dnstwist (0~20240116-1)
Domain name permutation engine
dnsutils (1:9.19.21-1)
Transitional package for bind9-dnsutils
virtual package provided by bind9-dnsutils
dnsviz (0.9.4-1)
Tools for analyzing and visualizing DNS and DNSSEC behavior
dnswalk (2.0.2.dfsg.1-3)
Перевіряє інформацію про зони DNS використовуючи пошук (lookup) по серверу імен
domain2idna (1.10.1-2)
tool to convert domains to IDNA format
donkey (1.2.0-6)
One Time Password calculator
doona (1.0+git20190108-2)
Network fuzzer forked from bed
dosage (3.0+dfsg-2)
comic strip downloader and archiver
dothost (0.2.1-1)
simple DNS lookup network utility, produces output in Graphviz format
dotmcp (
mcp for s3d
dq (20240101-1)
DNS/DNSCurve query tool
dqcache (20240101-1)
DNS/DNSCurve recursive server
droopy (0.20160830-5)
mini web server to let others upload files to your computer
dropbear (2024.84-1)
lightweight SSH2 server and client - startup scripts
dropbear-bin (2024.84-1)
lightweight SSH2 server and client - command line tools
dropbear-initramfs (2024.84-1)
lightweight SSH2 server and client - initramfs integration
dropwatch (1.5.4-3)
tool for detecting and diagnosing dropped network packets
dsh (0.25.10-1.6)
dancer's shell, or distributed shell
dump1090-mutability (1.15~20180310.4a16df3+dfsg-8.1+b1)
ADS-B Ground Station System for RTL-SDR
dynamips (0.2.14-1) [non-free]
Cisco 7200/3600/3725/3745/2600/1700 Router Emulator
eapoltest (2:2.10-21)
EAPoL testing utility
easyssh (1.7.9-4)
Complete, efficient and easy-to-use SSH manager
ebtables (2.0.11-6)
Ethernet bridge frame table administration
edbrowse (3.7.7-5)
Веб-оглядач на кшталт /bin/ed, написаний на Сі
eg25-manager (0.4.6-3)
Manager daemon for the Quectel EG25 modem
eggdrop (1.8.4+repack1-0.1)
Advanced IRC Robot
eggdrop-data (1.8.4+repack1-0.1)
Architecture independent files for eggdrop
eldav (0.8.1-11)
interface to the WebDAV servers for Emacs.
elpa-circe (2.13-1)
client for IRC in Emacs
elpa-crdt (0.3.5-2)
collaborative editing environment for Emacs
elpa-elfeed-web (3.4.1-1) [contrib]
Emacs Atom/RSS feed reader - web interface
elpa-jabber (0.8.9999.git1569-1)
Jabber client for Emacsen
elpa-srv (0.2-2)
RFC2782 (SRV record) client for emacs
empathy-skype (20240122+gitab786a3+dfsg-2)
Skype plugin for libpurple messengers (Empathy-specific files)
epic4 (1:2.10.10-1+b4)
epic irc client, version 4
epic4-help (1:2.0+20050315-3.1)
help files for epic4 IRC client
epic4-script-lice (1:4.2.5i-2.2)
Very functional script for epic
epic5 (2.1.6-1+b7)
epic irc client, version 5
epic5-script-lice (1:5.3.0-1.1)
Very functional script for epic
erbium (1.0.5-2+b1)
Networking services for small/home networks
erfs (1.4-1)
Client to use a free encrypted cloud based network file system
errbot (6.2.0+ds-2)
Chatbot designed to be simple to extend with plugins written in Python
etcd-client (3.4.30-1)
highly-available key value store -- client
etcd-server (3.4.30-1)
highly-available key value store -- daemon
etherpuppet (0.3-5)
create a virtual interface from a remote Ethernet interface
etherwake (1.09-4+b1)
tool to send magic Wake-on-LAN packets
ethflux (1.0-4+b9)
InfluxDB data gatherer for ethtool-style network interface information
ethstats (1.2.1-4)
script that quickly measures network device throughput
ethstatus (0.4.9+b1 [amd64], 0.4.9 [arm64, armel, armhf, i386, mips64el, ppc64el, s390x])
console-based ethernet statistics monitor
ethtool (1:6.7-1)
Показує чи змінює налаштування пристроїв Ethernet
ettercap-common (1:
Multipurpose sniffer/interceptor/logger for switched LAN
ettercap-graphical (1:
Ettercap GUI-enabled executable
ettercap-text-only (1:
Ettercap console-mode executable
eurephia (1.1.1-2)
flexible OpenVPN authentication module
exabgp (4.2.21-2)
BGP swiss army knife of networking
fabric (2.6.0-1)
Simple Pythonic remote deployment tool
faifa (0.2~svn82-3+b1)
Керування пристроями HomePlug 1.0/AV через ethernet-кадри
fail2ban (1.0.2-3)
ban hosts that cause multiple authentication errors
fair (0.5.3-2+b1)
high availability load balancer for TCP connections
farpd (0.2-11.3)
Fake ARP user space daemon
fastd (22-4+b1)
Fast and Secure Tunneling Daemon
fastnetmon (1.2.6-1+b2)
fast DDoS analyzer with sflow/netflow/mirror support (community edition)
feed2imap (1.3.3-1)
feed aggregator (RSS/Atom) which puts items on a IMAP mail server
ferm (2.5.1-1.1)
maintain and setup complicated firewall rules
fetch-crl (3.0.22-2)
Downloads Certificate Revocation Lists
fever (1.3.5-1+b5)
fast, extensible, versatile event router for Suricata's EVE-JSON format
ffproxy (1.6-12+b4)
Light and customizable http(s) proxy server with ipv6 support
fiche (0.9.1-1+b1 [amd64], 0.9.1-1 [arm64, armel, armhf, i386, mips64el, ppc64el, s390x])
Receiver for command line output pastebin
fierce (1.5.0-1)
Domain DNS scanner
filetea (0.1.18-2)
Веб-система загального доступу до файлів
filezilla (3.66.5-2)
Full-featured graphical FTP/FTPS/SFTP client
filezilla-common (3.66.5-2)
Architecture independent files for filezilla
filtergen (0.12.8-3)
packet filter generator for various firewall systems
finch (2.14.12-1+b1)
text-based multi-protocol instant messaging client
finger (0.17-17)
Програма перегляду інформації про користувача
fingerd (0.17-17)
Сервер віддаленої ідентифікації користувачів
firehol (3.1.7+ds-4)
easy to use but powerful iptables stateful firewall (program)
firehol-common (3.1.7+ds-4)
easy to use but powerful traffic suite (common library)
firehol-tools (3.1.7+ds-4)
easy to use but powerful traffic suite (extra tools)
fireqos (3.1.7+ds-4)
easy to use but powerful traffic shaping tool (program)
firewalk (5.0-5)
active reconnaissance network security tool
firewall-applet (2.1.2-1)
panel applet providing status information of firewalld
firewall-config (2.1.2-1)
graphical configuration tool to change the firewall settings
firewalld (2.1.2-1)
dynamically managed firewall with support for network zones
flent (2.1.1-2)
FLExible Network Tester for bufferbloat testing and more
fling (1.1-3)
Transfer data from stdin over network to destination quickly
flowgrind (0.8.2-2+b2)
Distributed network performance measurement tool
foomuuri (0.23-1)
multizone bidirectional nftables firewall
foomuuri-firewalld (0.23-1)
multizone bidirectional nftables firewall - firewalld emulation
force-ip-protocol (0.2.0-3)
force other software to use only IPv4 or IPv6 for network connections
fort-validator (1.6.1-1)
RPKI validator and RTR server
fpdns (20190131-1.1)
remotely determine DNS server version
fping (5.1-1)
Надсилає на мережеві пристрої ICMP-пакети ECHO_REQUEST
fprobe (1.1-8)
export captured traffic to remote NetFlow Collector
freeipa-client (4.10.2-2+b2)
FreeIPA centralized identity framework -- client
freeipa-client-epn (4.10.2-2+b2)
FreeIPA centralized identity framework -- tools for configuring Expiring Password Notification
freeipa-client-samba (4.10.2-2+b2)
FreeIPA centralized identity framework -- Samba client
freeipa-common (4.10.2-2)
FreeIPA centralized identity framework -- common files
freeipa-healthcheck (0.16-2)
Health check tool for FreeIPA
freeradius (3.2.3+dfsg-2+b2)
high-performance and highly configurable RADIUS server
freeradius-common (3.2.3+dfsg-2)
FreeRADIUS common files
freeradius-config (3.2.3+dfsg-2+b2)
FreeRADIUS default config files
freeradius-dhcp (3.2.3+dfsg-2+b2)
DHCP module for FreeRADIUS server
freeradius-iodbc (3.2.3+dfsg-2+b2)
iODBC module for FreeRADIUS server
freeradius-krb5 (3.2.3+dfsg-2+b2)
kerberos module for FreeRADIUS server
freeradius-ldap (3.2.3+dfsg-2+b2)
LDAP module for FreeRADIUS server
freeradius-memcached (3.2.3+dfsg-2+b2)
Memcached module for FreeRADIUS server
freeradius-mysql (3.2.3+dfsg-2+b2)
MySQL module for FreeRADIUS server
freeradius-postgresql (3.2.3+dfsg-2+b2)
PostgreSQL module for FreeRADIUS server
freeradius-python3 (3.2.3+dfsg-2+b2)
Python 3 module for FreeRADIUS server
freeradius-redis (3.2.3+dfsg-2+b2)
Redis module for FreeRADIUS server
freeradius-rest (3.2.3+dfsg-2+b2)
REST module for FreeRADIUS server
freeradius-utils (3.2.3+dfsg-2+b2)
FreeRADIUS client utilities
freeradius-yubikey (3.2.3+dfsg-2+b2)
Yubikey module for FreeRADIUS server
freezer-api (15.0.0-1)
OpenStack backup restore and disaster recovery service - common files
ftp-ssl (0.17.34+really0.17-1+b1)
FTP client with SSL or TLS encryption support
ftp-upload (1.6-4)
put files with FTP from a script
ftpd-ssl (0.17.36+really0.17-2)
FTP server with SSL encryption support
ftpgrab (0.1.5-7)
file mirroring utility
ftpmirror (1.96+dfsg-16+b6)
Mirroring directory hierarchy using FTP protocol
ftpwatch (1.24)
Notifies you of changes on remote ftp servers
fusioninventory-agent (1:2.6-3)
hardware and software inventory tool (client)
fusioninventory-agent-task-collect (1:2.6-3)
collect task support for FusionInventory
fusioninventory-agent-task-deploy (1:2.6-3)
software deployment support for FusionInventory
fusioninventory-agent-task-esx (1:2.6-3)
ESX and ESXi inventory for FusionInventory Agent
fusioninventory-agent-task-network (1:2.6-3)
network device discovery for FusionInventory Agent
fwanalog (0.6.9-10)
firewall log-file report generator (using analog)
fwlogwatch (1.4-4+b1)
Firewall log analyzer
gajim (1.8.4-3)
GTK+-based Jabber client
gajim-antispam (1.6.8-1)
Gajim plugin to block some incoming messages
gajim-lengthnotifier (1.4.9-1)
displays character count and notifies when maximum length is reached
gajim-openpgp (1.5.1-1)
Gajim plugin for OpenPGP encryption
gajim-pgp (1.5.2-1)
Gajim plugin for PGP encryption
gajim-triggers (1.4.9-1)
configure Gajim's behaviour for each contact
ganglia-webfrontend (3.7.6+debian-1)
cluster monitoring toolkit - web front-end
gdnsd (3.8.2-1)
authoritative domain name server
geoip-bin (1.6.12-11+b1)
IP lookup command line tools that use the GeoIP library
geoip-database (20240403-1)
Утиліти для визначення країни за IP-адресою
geoipupdate (7.0.1-1) [contrib]
MaxMind GeoIP/GeoIP2 database updates
gerbera (2.0.0+dfsg-1)
UPnP MediaServer
getdns-utils (1.6.0-3+b2)
modern asynchronous DNS API (utils)
getstream (20100616-2)
Застосунок для трансляції DVB потоків
gfal2 (2.22.1-1)
Grid file access library 2.0
gfal2-plugin-dcap (2.22.1-1)
Provides dcap support for gfal2
gfal2-plugin-file (2.22.1-1)
Provides file support for gfal2
gfal2-plugin-gridftp (2.22.1-1)
Provides the gridftp support for gfal2
gfal2-plugin-http (2.22.1-1)
Provides HTTP and DAV support for gfal2
gfal2-plugin-mock (2.22.1-1)
Provides a mock dummy protocol for gfal2
gfal2-plugin-sftp (2.22.1-1)
Provides sftp support for gfal2
gfal2-plugin-srm (2.22.1-1)
Provides srm support for gfal2
gfal2-plugin-xrootd (2.22.1-1)
Provides xrootd support for gfal2
gfal2-util-scripts (1.8.1-1)
GFAL2 command line scripts
gfarm2fs (1.2.16-1)
FUSE program to mount the Gfarm file system
gfmd (2.7.20+dfsg-1+b3)
Gfarm file system metadata server
gfsd (2.7.20+dfsg-1+b3)
Gfarm file system daemon
gftp (2.9.1~beta-2)
Клієнт FTP для X/GTK+ та консолі (збірний пакунок)
gftp-common (2.9.1~beta-2)
shared files for other gFTP packages
gftp-gtk (2.9.1~beta-2)
X/GTK+ FTP client
gftp-text (2.9.1~beta-2)
colored FTP client using GLib
glance-tempest-plugin (0.8.0-2)
OpenStack Integration Test Suite - Glance plugin
globus-common-progs (18.14-1)
Grid Community Toolkit - Common Library Programs
globus-gass-cache-program (7.0-4)
Grid Community Toolkit - Tools to manipulate local and remote GASS caches
globus-gass-copy-progs (10.13-1)
Grid Community Toolkit - Globus Gass Copy Programs
globus-gass-server-ez-progs (6.2-2+b1)
Grid Community Toolkit - Globus Gass Server_ez Programs
globus-gatekeeper (11.4-2+b3)
Grid Community Toolkit - Globus Gatekeeper
globus-gfork-progs (5.0-4+b1)
Grid Community Toolkit - GFork Programs
globus-gram-audit (5.1-3)
Grid Community Toolkit - GRAM Jobmanager Auditing
globus-gram-client-tools (12.2-2)
Grid Community Toolkit - Job Management Tools (globusrun)
globus-gram-job-manager (15.8-2+b1)
Grid Community Toolkit - GRAM Jobmanager
globus-gram-job-manager-condor (3.0-4)
Grid Community Toolkit - Condor Job Manager Support
globus-gram-job-manager-fork (3.3-2+b1)
Grid Community Toolkit - Fork Job Manager Support
globus-gram-job-manager-fork-setup-poll (3.3-2)
Grid Community Toolkit - Fork Job Manager Support using polling
globus-gram-job-manager-fork-setup-seg (3.3-2+b1)
Grid Community Toolkit - Fork Job Manager Support using SEG
globus-gram-job-manager-lsf (3.0-4)
Grid Community Toolkit - LSF Job Manager Support
globus-gram-job-manager-lsf-setup-poll (3.0-4)
Grid Community Toolkit - LSF Job Manager Support using polling
globus-gram-job-manager-lsf-setup-seg (3.0-4+b1)
Grid Community Toolkit - LSF Job Manager Support using SEG
globus-gram-job-manager-pbs (3.1-3)
Grid Community Toolkit - PBS Job Manager Support
globus-gram-job-manager-pbs-setup-poll (3.1-3)
Grid Community Toolkit - PBS Job Manager Support using polling
globus-gram-job-manager-pbs-setup-seg (3.1-3+b1)
Grid Community Toolkit - PBS Job Manager Support using SEG
globus-gram-job-manager-scripts (7.3-2)
Grid Community Toolkit - GRAM Job ManagerScripts
globus-gram-job-manager-sge (3.3-2)
Grid Community Toolkit - Grid Engine Job Manager Support
globus-gram-job-manager-sge-setup-poll (3.3-2)
Grid Community Toolkit - Grid Engine Job Manager Support using polling
globus-gram-job-manager-sge-setup-seg (3.3-2+b1)
Grid Community Toolkit - Grid Engine Job Manager Support using SEG
globus-gram-job-manager-slurm (3.0-4)
Grid Community Toolkit - SLURM Job Manager Support
globus-gridftp-server-progs (13.25-1)
Grid Community Toolkit - Globus GridFTP Server Programs
globus-gsi-cert-utils-progs (10.11-1)
Grid Community Toolkit - Globus GSI Cert Utils Library Programs
globus-gss-assist-progs (12.7-2)
Grid Community Toolkit - GSSAPI Assist library Programs
globus-proxy-utils (7.3-2)
Grid Community Toolkit - Globus GSI Proxy Utility Programs
globus-scheduler-event-generator-progs (6.5-2+b1)
Grid Community Toolkit - Scheduler Event Generator Programs
globus-simple-ca (5.4-2)
Grid Community Toolkit - Simple CA Utility
globus-xioperf (5.1-3)
Grid Community Toolkit - XIO Performance Tool
glue-schema (2.1.0-1)
LDAP schema files for the GLUE 1.3 and GLUE 2.0 Schema
gnocchi-statsd (4.5.0-5)
Metric as a Service - statsd daemon
gntp-send (0.3.4-7)
Command line application to send growl message with GNTP
gnunet (0.20.0-4)
GNU's framework for secure peer-to-peer networking
gnunet-fuse (0.20.0-3)
secure, trust-based peer-to-peer framework (fuse filesystem client)
gnutls-bin (3.8.3-1)
GNU TLS library - commandline utilities
go-sendxmpp (0.10.0-1)
Command line utility to send messages or files using XMPP
gobby (0.6.0-2)
infinote-based collaborative text editor
golang-github-prometheus-alertmanager-dev (0.27.0+ds-2)
handle and deliver alerts created by Prometheus -- source
goldeneye (1.2.0+git20191230-2)
HTTP DoS test tool
gopher (
Distributed Hypertext Client, Gopher protocol
gophernicus (3.1.1-3+b1)
modern, full-featured gopher daemon
gp-saml-gui (0.0~git20230507-3)
login to a GlobalProtect VPN that uses SAML authentication
grepcidr (2.0-2)
Filter IP addresses matching IPv4/IPv6 CIDR/network specification
groonga-munin-plugins (13.1.1+dfsg-1)
munin-node plugins for Groonga
gssdp-tools (1.6.3-1+b1)
GObject-based library for SSDP (tools)
gssproxy (0.9.2-2)
Privilege separation daemon for GSSAPI
gstreamer1.0-nice (0.1.21-2)
ICE library (GStreamer plugin)
guessnet (0.58)
Guess which LAN a network device is connected to
gupnp-dlna-tools (0.12.0-4)
Основана на GObject бібліотека для GUPnP DLNA (інструментарій)
gupnp-tools (0.12.1-1)
tools for testing UPnP devices and control points
gvpe (3.1-2+b2 [amd64], 3.1-2+b1 [arm64, armel, armhf, i386, mips64el, ppc64el, s390x])
creates a virtual ethernet between multiple endpoints
gwakeonlan (0.8.5-3)
wakes up your machines using Wake on LAN
gwhois (20120626.0-1)
generic Whois Client / Server
haproxy (2.9.5-1)
fast and reliable load balancing reverse proxy
haproxy-cmd (0.0.4)
command line utility to control backends of haproxy
hashcat (6.2.6+ds1-1+b1)
World's fastest and most advanced password recovery utility
hashcat-data (6.2.6+ds1-1)
Data files for hashcat advanced password recovery utility
hcxdumptool (6.3.1-1)
Small tool to capture packets from wlan devices
hcxkeys (6.2.1-2)
Tools to generate plainmasterkeys (rainbowtables)
hcxtools (6.2.7-2)
Tools for converting captures to use with hashcat or John the Ripper
hddemux (0.5-1+b1)
HTTP/1.x and DNS demultiplexer
heartbleeder (0.1.1-9+b10)
test servers for OpenSSL CVE-2014-0160 aka Heartbleed
heat-tempest-plugin (2.1.0-2)
OpenStack Integration Test Suite - Heat plugin
heimdal-clients (7.8.git20221117.28daf24+dfsg-4)
Heimdal Kerberos - clients
heimdal-kcm (7.8.git20221117.28daf24+dfsg-4)
Heimdal Kerberos - KCM daemon
heimdal-kdc (7.8.git20221117.28daf24+dfsg-4)
Heimdal Kerberos - key distribution center (KDC)
heimdal-servers (7.8.git20221117.28daf24+dfsg-4)
Heimdal Kerberos - server programs
hexchat (2.16.1-1+b4)
IRC client for X based on X-Chat 2
hexchat-common (2.16.1-1)
Спільні файли для HexChat
hexchat-dev (2.16.1-1+b4)
Development files for HexChat
hexchat-lua (2.16.1-1+b4)
Lua plugin for HexChat
hexchat-perl (2.16.1-1+b4)
Perl plugin for HexChat
hexchat-plugins (2.16.1-1+b4)
Common plugins for HexChat
hexchat-python3 (2.16.1-1+b4)
Python 3 plugin for HexChat
hipercontracer (1.6.10-1)
Command-line programs for HiPerConTracer
hipercontracer-trigger (1.6.10-1)
Triggered HiPerConTracer service
hippotat-client (1.1.11)
IP Over HTTP (Asinine) - client
hippotat-common (1.1.11)
IP Over HTTP (Asinine) - common files, including docs
hippotat-server (1.1.11)
IP Over HTTP (Asinine) - server
hobbit-plugins (20230301)
plugins for the Xymon network monitor
homer-api (5.0.6+dfsg2-3.2+b1)
homer-api-mysql (5.0.6+dfsg2-3.2+b1)
homer-api-postgresql (5.0.6+dfsg2-3.2+b1)
hopm (1.1.10-1+b1)
open-proxy monitoring bot designed for IRC servers
horst (5.1-3)
Highly Optimized Radio Scanning Tool
hostapd (2:2.10-21)
access point and authentication server for Wi-Fi and Ethernet
hping3 (3.a2.ds2-10)
Active Network Smashing Tool
hpsockd (0.17+nmu1)
HP SOCKS server
htpdate (1.3.7-2+b1)
HTTP based time synchronization tool
httping (2.5-5.2+b1)
Подібна до ping програма для надсилання http-запитів
httpry (0.1.8-3)
HTTP logging and information retrieval tool
httpry-daemon (0.1.8-3)
HTTP logging and information retrieval tool - daemon
httpry-tools (0.1.8-3)
HTTP logging and information retrieval tool - log parsing scripts
httptunnel (3.3+dfsg-5)
Tunnels a data stream in HTTP requests
hub (2.14.2~ds1-1+b14)
make git easier with GitHub
hunt (1.5-9)
advanced packet sniffer and connection intrusion
hydra (9.5-1)
very fast network logon cracker
hydra-gtk (9.5-1)
very fast network logon cracker - GTK+ based GUI
i2util-tools (1.6-1+b1)
Internet2 utility tools
ibacm (48.0-1.1)
InfiniBand Communication Manager Assistant (ACM)
ibsim-utils (0.10-2)
InfiniBand fabric simulator utilities
ibverbs-providers (48.0-1.1)
User space provider drivers for libibverbs
ibverbs-utils (48.0-1.1)
Examples for the libibverbs library
icecream (1.3-5)
lightweight stream download utility
iceoryx (2.0.5+dfsg-2)
zero-copy inter-process communication
icmpinfo (1.11-12+b1)
interpret ICMP messages
icmptx (0.2-1+b2)
Tunnel IP over ICMP
icmpush (2.2-7)
ICMP packet builder
ident2 (1.07-3)
An advanced ident daemon
ieee-data (20220827.1)
OUI and IAB listings
ifenslave (2.14)
configure network interfaces for parallel routing (bonding)
ifhp (3.5.20-20)
Printer filter for HP LaserJet printers
ifmetric (0.3-5)
Set routing metrics for a network interface
ifplugd (0.28-19.7+b1)
configuration daemon for ethernet devices
ifrename (30~pre9-16+b1)
Rename network interfaces based on various static criteria
ifstat (1.1.1-2+b1)
InterFace STATistics Monitoring
iftop (1.0~pre4-9)
Виводить інформацію про використання смуги пропускання на мережевому інтерфейсі
igmpproxy (0.3-1)
IGMP multicast routing daemon
ii (1.8-3+ds+b1)
minimalist FIFO and filesystem-based IRC client
iiod (0.25-4+b1)
Daemon to share IIO devices on the network
ikvswitch (0.0.7)
virtual switch infrastructure designed for complex network deployment testing
inadyn (2.11.0-1)
simple and small dynamic DNS client with HTTPS support
inetutils-ftp (2:2.5-3)
File Transfer Protocol client
inetutils-ftpd (2:2.5-3)
File Transfer Protocol server
inetutils-inetd (2:2.5-3)
internet super server
inetutils-ping (2:2.5-3)
ICMP echo tool
inetutils-syslogd (2:2.5-3)
system logging daemon
inetutils-talk (2:2.5-3)
talk to another user
inetutils-talkd (2:2.5-3)
remote user communication server
inetutils-telnet (2:2.5-3)
telnet client
inetutils-telnetd (2:2.5-3)
telnet server
inetutils-tools (2:2.5-3)
base networking utilities (experimental package)
inetutils-traceroute (2:2.5-3)
trace the IPv4 route to another host
infiniband-diags (48.0-1.1)
InfiniBand diagnostic programs
infinoted (0.7.2-2)
Виділений сервер для основаного на Infinote спільного редагування
inspircd (3.17.0-1)
Modular IRCd written in C++
inspircd-dev (3.17.0-1)
Modular IRCd written in C++ - development headers
instaloader (4.11+ds-1)
Instagram automatic photo downloader
invidtui (0.4.4-2)
TUI based Invidious client
iodine (0.7.0-10+b2)
tool for tunneling IPv4 data through a DNS server
iog (1.03-6)
network I/O grapher
ipband (0.8.1-5.1+b1)
daemon for subnet bandwidth monitoring with reporting via email
ipcalc (0.51-1)
parameter calculator for IPv4 addresses
ipcalc-ng (1.0.3-1)
parameter calculator for IPv4 and IPv6 addresses
iperf (2.1.9+dfsg-1)
Інструмент вимірювання швидкості передачі по міжмережевому протоколу
iperf3 (3.16-1)
Internet Protocol bandwidth measuring tool
ipfm (0.11.5-4.4)
a bandwidth analysis tool
ipgrab (0.9.10-4)
tcpdump-like utility that prints detailed header information
ipheth-utils (1.0-5.1)
USB tethering driver support utilities for the iPhone
ipip (1.1.11+b1)
IP over IP Encapsulation Daemon
ipqalc (1.5.3+git20200816.523b207-3+b1)
graphical utility for IPv4 subnet calculation
iprange (1.0.4+ds-2)
optimizing ipsets for iptables
iproute2 (6.7.0-2)
Інструменти налаштування мережі й контролю за трафіком
ipset (7.19-1+b1)
administration tool for kernel IP sets
ipsvd (1.0.0-5)
Internet protocol service daemons
iptables (1.8.10-3)
administration tools for packet filtering and NAT
iptraf-ng (1:1.2.1-1)
Next Generation Interactive Colorful IP LAN Monitor
iptux (0.8.4-1)
Intranet communication tool for Linux
iputils-arping (3:20240117-1)
Інструмент для надсилання ICMP echo запитів на ARP-адреси
iputils-clockdiff (3:20240117-1)
Measure the time difference between networked computers
iputils-ping (3:20240117-1)
Інструменти для перевірки досяжності мережевих вузлів
iputils-tracepath (3:20240117-1)
Tools to trace the network path to a remote host
ipv6calc (4.1.0-0.1)
small utility for manipulating IPv6 addresses
ipv6toolkit (2.0+ds.1-2+b1 [amd64], 2.0+ds.1-2 [arm64, armel, armhf, i386, mips64el, ppc64el, s390x])
Security assessment and troubleshooting tool for the IPv6 protocols
ipvsadm (1:1.31-1+b1 [amd64], 1:1.31-1 [arm64, armel, armhf, i386, mips64el, ppc64el, s390x])
Linux Virtual Server support programs
ipwatchd (1.2.1-1+b2)
IP conflict detection tool
ircd-hybrid (1:8.2.43+dfsg.1-1)
high-performance secure IRC server
ircd-irc2 (2.11.2p3~dfsg-7+b3)
The original IRC server daemon
ircd-ircu ( [amd64], [arm64, armel, armhf, i386, mips64el, ppc64el, s390x])
Undernet IRC Server daemon
ircii (20210328-2+b1)
Internet Relay Chat client
iroffer (1.4.b03-7)
IRC file distribution bot
ironic-tempest-plugin (2.9.0-2)
OpenStack Integration Test Suite - Ironic plugin
irpas (0.10-9) [non-free]
Internetwork Routing Protocol Attack Suite
irssi (1.4.5-1+b1)
термінальний клієнт IRC
irssi-dev (1.4.5-1+b1)
terminal based IRC client - development files
irssi-plugin-otr (1.4.5-1+b1)
Off-The-Record messaging plugin for Irssi
irssi-plugin-xmpp (0.54+git20191101+c13fa5-2+b1)
XMPP plugin for irssi
irssi-scripts (20231031)
collection of scripts for irssi
isatapd (0.9.7-5+b2)
creates and maintains an ISATAP client tunnel (RFC 5214)
isc-dhcp-client (4.4.3-P1-5)
DHCP client for automatically obtaining an IP address
isc-dhcp-client-ddns (4.4.3-P1-5)
Dynamic DNS (DDNS) enabled DHCP client
isc-dhcp-common (4.4.3-P1-5)
Загальні сторінки керівництва для усіх пакунків isc-dhcp
isc-dhcp-keama (4.4.3-P1-5)
KEA Migration Assistant
isc-dhcp-relay (4.4.3-P1-5)
ISC DHCP relay daemon
isc-dhcp-server (4.4.3-P1-5)
ISC DHCP server for automatic IP address assignment
isc-dhcp-server-ldap (4.4.3-P1-5)
DHCP server that uses LDAP as its backend
iscsiuio (2.1.9-3)
iSCSI offloading daemon for QLogic devices
iw (6.7-1)
tool for configuring Linux wireless devices
iwd (2.15-1)
wireless daemon for Linux
jabber-muc (0.8-8+b1)
Multi User Conference component for the Jabber IM server
jabber-querybot (0.1.0-1.1)
Modular xmpp/jabber bot
jabberd2 (2.7.0-4.1)
Jabber instant messenger server
jdim (0.10.1-1)
simple browser for "2ch-style" web forum sites
jets3t (0.8.1+dfsg-4)
graphical and command-line tools for Amazon S3 and CloudFront
jftp (1.60+dfsg-4)
Графічний клієнт до FTP, SMB, SFTP та NFS, написаний у Java
jmeter (2.13-5)
Load testing and performance measurement application (main application)
jmeter-ftp (2.13-5)
Load testing and performance measurement application (ftp module)
jmeter-http (2.13-5)
Load testing and performance measurement application (http module)
jmeter-java (2.13-5)
Load testing and performance measurement application (java module)
jmeter-jms (2.13-5)
Load testing and performance measurement application (jms module)
jmeter-junit (2.13-5)
Load testing and performance measurement application (junit module)
jmeter-ldap (2.13-5)
Load testing and performance measurement application (ldap module)
jmeter-mail (2.13-5)
Load testing and performance measurement application (mail module)
jmeter-mongodb (2.13-5)
Load testing and performance measurement application (mongodb module)
jmeter-tcp (2.13-5)
Load testing and performance measurement application (tcp module)
jnettop (0.13.0-1.2)
View hosts/ports taking up the most network traffic
jose (11-3+b1)
C implementation of Javascript Object Signing and Encryption standards
json2file-go (1.15+b11 [amd64], 1.15+b10 [arm64, armel, armhf, i386, mips64el, ppc64el, s390x])
simple web server that stores JSON files sent by WebHooks
kafkacat (1.7.1-3)
producer and consumer for Apache Kafka (transitional package)
kafs-client (0.5-4)
basic tools for kAFS and mounter for the AFS dynamic root
kaidan (0.9.1-3+b1 [amd64, arm64, armel, armhf, i386, ppc64el, s390x], 0.9.1-3 [mips64el])
Simple and user-friendly Jabber/XMPP client
kamailio (5.7.4-1)
very fast, dynamic and configurable SIP server
kamailio-autheph-modules (5.7.4-1)
authentication using ephemeral credentials for the Kamailio SIP server
kamailio-berkeley-bin (5.7.4-1)
Berkeley database module for Kamailio - helper program
kamailio-berkeley-modules (5.7.4-1)
Berkeley database module for the Kamailio SIP server
kamailio-cnxcc-modules (5.7.4-1)
cnxcc modules for the Kamailio SIP server
kamailio-cpl-modules (5.7.4-1)
CPL module (CPL interpreter engine) for the Kamailio SIP server
kamailio-erlang-modules (5.7.4-1)
Erlang modules for the Kamailio SIP server
kamailio-extra-modules (5.7.4-1)
Extra modules for the Kamailio SIP Server
kamailio-geoip-modules (5.7.4-1)
geoip module for the Kamailio SIP Server
kamailio-geoip2-modules (5.7.4-1)
geoip2 module for the Kamailio SIP Server
kamailio-ims-modules (5.7.4-1)
IMS module for the Kamailio SIP server
kamailio-json-modules (5.7.4-1)
Json parser and Json-RPC modules for the Kamailio SIP server
kamailio-kazoo-modules (5.7.4-1)
kazoo modules for the Kamailio SIP server
kamailio-ldap-modules (5.7.4-1)
LDAP modules for the Kamailio SIP server
kamailio-lua-modules (5.7.4-1)
app_lua module for Kamailio Lua support
kamailio-lwsc-modules (5.7.4-1)
Libwebsockets module for the Kamailio SIP server
kamailio-memcached-modules (5.7.4-1)
interface to the memcached server, for the Kamailio SIP server
kamailio-mongodb-modules (5.7.4-1)
mongodb modules for the Kamailio SIP server
kamailio-mono-modules (5.7.4-1)
app_mono module for the Kamailio SIP server
kamailio-mqtt-modules (5.7.4-1)
MQTT modules for the Kamailio SIP Server
kamailio-mysql-modules (5.7.4-1)
MySQL database connectivity module for Kamailio
kamailio-nats-modules (5.7.4-1)
Nats module for the Kamailio SIP server
kamailio-outbound-modules (5.7.4-1)
SIP Outbound module for the Kamailio SIP server
kamailio-perl-modules (5.7.4-1)
Perl extensions and database driver for the Kamailio SIP server
kamailio-phonenum-modules (5.7.4-1)
phonenum modules for the Kamailio SIP server
kamailio-postgres-modules (5.7.4-1)
PostgreSQL database connectivity module for the Kamailio SIP server
kamailio-presence-modules (5.7.4-1)
SIP presence modules for Kamailio
kamailio-python3-modules (5.7.4-1)
app_python3 module for the Kamailio SIP server
kamailio-rabbitmq-modules (5.7.4-1)
RabbitMQ and AMQP integration modules for the Kamailio SIP server
kamailio-radius-modules (5.7.4-1)
RADIUS modules for the Kamailio SIP server
kamailio-redis-modules (5.7.4-1)
Redis database connectivity module for the Kamailio SIP server
kamailio-ruby-modules (5.7.4-1)
app_ruby module for Kamailio Ruby support
kamailio-sctp-modules (5.7.4-1)
SCTP SIP transport module for the Kamailio SIP server
kamailio-secsipid-modules (5.7.4-1)
secsipid module for the Kamailio SIP server
kamailio-snmpstats-modules (5.7.4-1)
SNMP AgentX subagent module for the Kamailio SIP server
kamailio-sqlite-modules (5.7.4-1)
SQLite database connectivity module for the Kamailio SIP server
kamailio-systemd-modules (5.7.4-1)
systemd logging modules for the Kamailio SIP server
kamailio-tls-modules (5.7.4-1)
TLS support for the Kamailio SIP server (authentication, transport)
kamailio-unixodbc-modules (5.7.4-1)
unixODBC database connectivity module for the Kamailio SIP server
kamailio-utils-modules (5.7.4-1)
Utility functions for the Kamailio SIP server
kamailio-websocket-modules (5.7.4-1)
WebSocket module for the Kamailio SIP server
kamailio-xml-modules (5.7.4-1)
XML based extensions for Kamailio's Management Interface
kamailio-xmpp-modules (5.7.4-1)
XMPP gateway module for the Kamailio SIP server
kanif (1.2.2-4)
cluster management and administration swiss army knife
kannel (1.4.5-13+b1)
WAP and SMS gateway
kannel-docs (1.4.5-13)
WAP and SMS gateway documentation
kannel-extras (1.4.5-13+b1)
WAP and SMS gateway extras
kcat (1.7.1-3)
producer and consumer for Apache Kafka
kcptun (20210922+ds-1+b10 [i386], 20210922+ds-1+b9 [amd64, arm64, armel, armhf, mips64el, ppc64el, s390x])
Simple UDP Tunnel Based On KCP
kdenetwork-filesharing (4:23.08.3-1)
network filesharing configuration module
kea (2.4.1-2)
DHCP server [meta]
kea-ctrl-agent (2.4.1-2)
REST API service for Kea DHCP server
kea-dhcp-ddns-server (2.4.1-2)
DHCP Dynamic DNS service
kea-dhcp4-server (2.4.1-2)
IPv4 DHCP server
kea-dhcp6-server (2.4.1-2)
IPv6 DHCP server
keychain (2.8.5-4)
key manager for OpenSSH
keystone-tempest-plugin (0.14.0-2)
OpenStack Integration Test Suite - Keystone plugin
kget (4:23.08.3-1)
Менеджер звантажень
kism3d (
802.11 visualizer for s3d
kleopatra (4:22.12.3-2)
Certificate Manager and Unified Crypto GUI
knockd (0.8-2+b5 [amd64], 0.8-2+b3 [arm64, armel, armhf, i386, mips64el, ppc64el, s390x])
small port-knock daemon
knot (3.3.4-1)
Authoritative domain name server
knot-dnssecutils (3.3.4-1)
DNSSEC tools provided with Knot DNS (kzonecheck, kzonesign, knsec3hash)
knot-dnsutils (3.3.4-1)
Clients provided with Knot DNS (kdig, knsupdate, kxdpgun)
knot-host (3.3.4-1)
Version of 'host' bundled with Knot DNS
knot-module-dnstap (3.3.4-1)
dnstap module for Knot DNS
knot-module-geoip (3.3.4-1)
geoip module for Knot DNS
knot-resolver (5.7.1-1)
caching, DNSSEC-validating DNS resolver
knot-resolver-module-http (5.7.1-1)
HTTP module for Knot Resolver
knxd ( [amd64], [arm64, armel, armhf, i386, mips64el, ppc64el, s390x])
daemon to access the KNX bus
knxd-dev ( [amd64], [arm64, armel, armhf, i386, mips64el, ppc64el, s390x])
development files for knxd
knxd-tools ( [amd64], [arm64, armel, armhf, i386, mips64el, ppc64el, s390x])
tools to use knxd
konversation (22.12.3-1)
Зручний IRC-клієнт (KDE)
konversation-data (22.12.3-1)
data files for Konversation
krb5-admin-server (1.20.1-5+b1)
MIT Kerberos master server (kadmind)
krb5-config (2.7)
Configuration files for Kerberos Version 5
krb5-gss-samples (1.20.1-5+b1)
MIT Kerberos GSS Sample applications
krb5-k5tls (1.20.1-5+b1)
TLS plugin for MIT Kerberos
krb5-kdc (1.20.1-5+b1)
MIT Kerberos key server (KDC)
krb5-kdc-ldap (1.20.1-5+b1)
MIT Kerberos key server (KDC) LDAP plugin
krb5-kpropd (1.20.1-5+b1)
MIT Kerberos key server (Slave KDC Support)
krb5-otp (1.20.1-5+b1)
OTP plugin for MIT Kerberos
krb5-pkinit (1.20.1-5+b1)
PKINIT plugin for MIT Kerberos
krb5-strength (3.3-1)
Password strength checking for Kerberos KDCs
krb5-sync-plugin (3.1-3+b1)
MIT Kerberos Active Directory synchronization plugin
krb5-sync-tools (3.1-3+b1)
Kerberos Active Directory synchronization tools
krb5-user (1.20.1-5+b1)
basic programs to authenticate using MIT Kerberos
krdc (4:23.08.3-1)
Клієнт підключення до віддаленої стільниці
krfb (4:22.12.3-2)
Утиліта спільного використання стільниці
kstart (4.3-1)
Kerberos kinit supporting AFS and ticket refreshing
ktls-utils (0.9-2)
TLS handshake support for NFS and other in-kernel TLS users
ktorrent (22.12.3-2)
BitTorrent client based on the KDE platform
ktorrent-data (22.12.3-2)
Дані та інші незалежні від архітектури файли для KTorrent
kup-client (0.3.6-2.1) upload tool
kup-server (0.3.6-2.1) upload server
kvirc (4:5.0.0+dfsg-6+b6)
KDE-based next generation IRC client with module support
kvirc-data (4:5.0.0+dfsg-6)
Data files for KVIrc
l2tpns (2.4.1-2)
layer 2 tunnelling protocol network server (LNS)
ladvd (1.1.2-3+b1)
LLDP/CDP sender
lbcd (3.5.2-4)
Return system load via UDP for remote load balancers
lcsync (0.3.0-1)
librecast file and data syncing tool
ldap-utils (2.5.13+dfsg-5+b3)
Утиліти OpenLDAP
ldnsutils (1.8.3-1+b1)
ldns library for DNS programming - tools (includes drill tool)
ledger-wallets-udev (0.3)
udev rules for Ledger wallets
lft (3.91-1)
layer-four traceroute
lftp (4.9.2-2+b1 [amd64], 4.9.2-2 [arm64, armel, armhf, i386, mips64el, ppc64el, s390x])
Sophisticated command-line FTP/HTTP/BitTorrent client programs
libais-tools (0.17+git.20190917.master.e464cf8-4)
Cli tools for decoding maritime Automatic Identification System messages
libarcglobusutils3 (6.18.0-2)
ARC Globus plugins common libraries
libc-icap-mod-contentfiltering (1:0.5.5-2+b1)
Content filtering Service for c-icap
libc-icap-mod-urlcheck (1:0.5.5-2+b1)
URL Check Service for c-icap
libc-icap-mod-virus-scan (1:0.5.5-2+b1)
Antivirus Service for c-icap
libcharon-extauth-plugins (5.9.13-2)
strongSwan charon library (extended authentication plugins)
libcharon-extra-plugins (5.9.13-2)
strongSwan charon library (extra plugins)
libcpdb-libs-tools (1.2.0-3+b1)
Common Print Dialog Backends - tools
libervia-backend (0.9.0~hg4237-1)
Libervia XMPP-based communication and sharing tool (core)
libervia-cli (0.9.0~hg4237-1)
Libervia XMPP-based communication and sharing tool (command-line interface)
libervia-doc (0.9.0~hg4237-1)
Libervia XMPP-based communication and sharing tool (documentation)
libervia-templates (0.9.0~hg394+dfsg-1)
collection of templates for Libervia
libervia-tui (0.9.0~hg4237-1)
Libervia XMPP-based communication and sharing tool (console interface)
libfixbuf-tools (2.4.1+ds-2)
Implementation of the IPFIX protocol - tools
libiscsi-bin (1.19.0-3)
iSCSI client shared library - utilities
libloc-database (0~20240319-1)
Database for IP geolocation query library
libmbim-proxy (1.30.0-1)
Проксі для підтримання зв’язку з портами MBIM
libmbim-utils (1.30.0-1)
Utilities to use the MBIM protocol from the command line
libndp-tools (1.8-1)
Library for Neighbor Discovery Protocol (tools)
libnetplan-dev (0.107.1-3)
Development files for netplan's libnetplan runtime library
libnetplan0 (0.107.1-3)
YAML network configuration abstraction runtime library
libnss-tls (1.1-3+b1)
NSS module for encrypted DNS name resolution
libnss-winbind (2:4.19.5+dfsg-1)
Втулки інтеграції служби імен у Samba
libopeniscsiusr (2.1.9-3)
iSCSI userspace library
libopeniscsiusr-dev (2.1.9-3)
iSCSI userspace library headers
libpam-winbind (2:4.19.5+dfsg-1)
Втулок інтеграції автентифікації в домені Windows
libpmix-bin (5.0.1-4+b1)
Process Management Interface (Exascale) library - tools
libpurple-bin (2.14.12-1)
multi-protocol instant messaging library - extra utilities
libqmi-proxy (1.34.0-2)
Проксі для підтримання зв’язку з портами QMI
libqmi-utils (1.34.0-2)
Utilities to use the QMI protocol from the command line
libre-graph-api-cpp-qt-client (1.0.4-2)
C++/Qt client implementation of Libre Graph API
librust-sniffglue-dev (0.16.0-2)
Secure multithreaded packet sniffer - Rust source code
libstrongswan (5.9.13-2)
strongSwan utility and crypto library
libstrongswan-extra-plugins (5.9.13-2)
strongSwan utility and crypto library (extra plugins)
libstrongswan-standard-plugins (5.9.13-2)
strongSwan utility and crypto library (standard plugins)
libteam-utils (1.31-1)
library for controlling team network device -- userspace utilities
libtelnet-utils (0.21-5+b1)
Small library for parsing the TELNET protocol - utilities
libtrace-tools (3.0.22-0.1)
helper utilities for use with the libtrace process library
libusrsctp-examples (
portable SCTP userland stack - example programs
libwpa-client-dev (2:2.10-21)
development files for WPA/WPA2 client support (IEEE 802.11i)
libzeroc-icestorm3.7 (3.7.10-1+b1)
IceStorm publish-subscribe event distribution service
liece (2.0+0.20030527cvs-14)
IRC (Internet Relay Chat) client for Emacs
liece-dcc (2.0+0.20030527cvs-14)
DCC program for liece
limnoria (2023.11.18-1)
robust and user-friendly Python IRC bot
linssid (3.6-8+b1)
graphical wireless scanner
listadmin (2.42-1.3)
command line mailman moderator queue manipulation
lksctp-tools (1.0.19+dfsg-2+b1)
user-space access to Linux kernel SCTP - commandline tools
lldpad (1.1.1-1)
Link Layer Discovery Protocol Implementation (Runtime)
lldpd (1.0.18-1)
implementation of IEEE 802.1ab (LLDP)
llmnrd (0.5-1+b1 [amd64], 0.5-1 [arm64, armel, armhf, i386, mips64el, ppc64el, s390x])
Link-Local Multicast Resolution (LLMNR) Daemon for Linux
lltdscan (0+20180223-1+b1 [arm64], 0+20180223-1 [amd64, armel, armhf, i386, mips64el, ppc64el, s390x])
Scan for LLTD-enabled hosts on your network
localslackirc (1.30-1)
IRC gateway for slack, running on localhost for one user
location (0.9.16-3)
IP geolocation query library (CLI utilities)
lomiri-download-manager (0.1.3-2)
Lomiri Download Manager - daemon
lomiri-upload-manager (0.1.3-2)
Lomiri Upload Manager - daemon
loqui (0.7.0-2)
GTK+ based multipane IRC/Chat Client
lpr (1:2008.05.17.3+nmu2)
BSD lpr/lpd система лінійного виводу на друкарку з буферизуванням
virtual package provided by cups-bsd, lprng
lprng (3.8.B-8+b1)
lpr/lpd printer spooling system
lua-resty-core (0.1.28-2)
New FFI-based Lua API for NGINX Lua module
lua-resty-lrucache (0.13-10)
Simple LRU cache for the ngx_lua module
lua-unbound (1.0.0-2+b1)
Unbound bindings for the Lua language
luksmeta (9-4+b1)
Utility to access metadata in a LUKSv1 header
lyskom-server (2.1.2-16+b4 [amd64], 2.1.2-16+b3 [arm64, armel, armhf, i386, mips64el, ppc64el, s390x])
Server for the LysKOM conference system
macchanger (1.7.0-5.4)
utility for manipulating the MAC address of network interfaces
mactelnet-client (0.4.4-4+b1 [amd64], 0.4.4-4 [arm64, armel, armhf, i386, mips64el, ppc64el, s390x])
Console tools for telneting and pinging via MAC addresses
mactelnet-server (0.4.4-4+b1 [amd64], 0.4.4-4 [arm64, armel, armhf, i386, mips64el, ppc64el, s390x])
Telnet daemon for accepting connections via MAC addresses
magnum-api (18.0.0-1)
OpenStack containers as a service
magnum-common (18.0.0-1)
OpenStack containers as a service - API server
magnum-conductor (18.0.0-1)
OpenStack containers as a service - conductor
magnum-tempest-plugin (2.3.0-2)
OpenStack Integration Test Suite - Magnum plugin
mailutils-comsatd (1:3.17-1)
GNU mailutils-based comsatd daemon
mailutils-imap4d (1:3.17-1)
GNU mailutils-based IMAP4 Daemon
mailutils-pop3d (1:3.17-1)
GNU mailutils-based POP3 Daemon
manderlbot (0.9.3-2)
IRC bot, written in Erlang
manila-api (1:18.0.1-1)
OpenStack shared file system as a service - API server
manila-common (1:18.0.1-1)
OpenStack shared file system as a service - common files
manila-data (1:18.0.1-1)
Manila storage service - Data service
manila-scheduler (1:18.0.1-1)
OpenStack shared file system as a service - Scheduler server
manila-share (1:18.0.1-1)
OpenStack shared file system as a service - Share server
manila-tempest-plugin (2.2.0-2)
OpenStack Integration Test Suite - Manila plugin
masakari-api (17.0.0-1)
OpenStack Virtual Machine High Availability (VMHA) - API Server
masakari-common (17.0.0-1)
OpenStack Virtual Machine High Availability (VMHA) - common files
masakari-engine (17.0.0-1)
OpenStack Virtual Machine High Availability (VMHA) - API Server
masakari-host-monitor (17.0.1-1)
OpenStack Virtual Machine High Availability (VMHA) - host monitor
masakari-instance-monitor (17.0.1-1)
OpenStack Virtual Machine High Availability (VMHA) - instance monitor
masakari-introspective-instance-monitor (17.0.1-1)
OpenStack VirtualMachine High Availability (VMHA) - introspective host monitor
masakari-monitors-common (17.0.1-1)
OpenStack Virtual Machine High Availability (VMHA) - monitors common files
masakari-process-monitor (17.0.1-1)
OpenStack VM High Availability (VMHA) - process monitor
masscan (2:1.3.2+ds1-1)
TCP port scanner
matrix-synapse (1.100.0-1)
Matrix reference homeserver
mcabber (1.1.2-2+b1)
Консольний Jabber-клієнт (XMPP)
mdns-reflector (0.0.1+git20230914.4b4cd3b-2)
lightweight and performant multicast DNS (mDNS) reflector
mdnsd (0.12-3)
embeddable Multicast DNS Daemon
media-types (10.1.0)
List of standard media types and their usual file extension
meshs3d (
OLSR/B.A.T.M.A.N. topology visualizer for s3d
mfcuk (0.3.8+git20180720-2)
MiFare Classic Universal toolKit
mgen (5.02.b+dfsg1-2.2)
packet generator for IP network performance tests
microdc2 (0.15.6-5)
command-line based Direct Connect client
migrationtools (48-1)
Migration scripts for LDAP
minidlna (1.3.3+dfsg-1)
lightweight DLNA/UPnP-AV server targeted at embedded systems
mininet (2.3.0-1.1)
process-based network emulator
minissdpd (1.6.0-2)
Збереження інформації про всі UPnP-пристрої, які заявили про себе
miniupnpc (2.2.6-1)
UPnP IGD client lightweight library client
miniupnpd (2.3.4-1)
UPnP and NAT-PMP daemon for gateway routers
miniupnpd-iptables (2.3.4-1)
UPnP and NAT-PMP daemon for gateway routers - legacy iptables backend
miniupnpd-nftables (2.3.4-1)
UPnP and NAT-PMP daemon for gateway routers - nftables backend
miredo (1.2.6-7.1+b2)
Teredo IPv6 tunneling through NATs
miredo-server (1.2.6-7.1+b2)
Teredo IPv6 tunneling server
mistral-api (18.0.1-1)
OpenStack Workflow service - API
mistral-common (18.0.1-1)
OpenStack Workflow service - common files
mistral-engine (18.0.1-1)
OpenStack Workflow service - Engine
mistral-event-engine (18.0.1-1)
OpenStack Workflow service - Event Engine
mistral-executor (18.0.1-1)
OpenStack Workflow service - Executor
mistral-tempest-plugin (1.3.0-4)
OpenStack Integration Test Suite - Mistral plugin
mitmproxy (8.1.1-2)
SSL-capable man-in-the-middle HTTP proxy
mktorrent (1.1-3)
simple command line utility to create BitTorrent metainfo files
mmdb-bin (1.9.1-1)
IP geolocation lookup command-line tool
modem-manager-gui (0.0.20-6)
GUI front-end for ModemManager / Wader / oFono
monitoring-plugins (2.3.5-1)
Plugins for nagios compatible monitoring systems (metapackage)
monitoring-plugins-basic (2.3.5-1)
Plugins for nagios compatible monitoring systems (basic)
monitoring-plugins-btrfs (13-1)
btrfs plugin for nagios compatible monitoring systems
monitoring-plugins-check-logfiles (4.1.1-3)
Nagios plugin check_logfiles
monitoring-plugins-common (2.3.5-1)
Common files for plugins for nagios compatible monitoring
monitoring-plugins-contrib (46.20240417)
Plugins for nagios compatible monitoring systems
monitoring-plugins-standard (2.3.5-1)
Plugins for nagios compatible monitoring systems (standard)
monitoring-plugins-systemd (2.3.1-4)
systemd plugin for nagios compatible monitoring systems
moonshot-gss-eap (1.0.1-6+b5 [amd64], 1.0.1-6+b4 [arm64, armel, armhf, i386, mips64el, ppc64el, s390x])
Moonshot Federated Authentication - authentication mechanism
moonshot-trust-router (3.5.4+2+b1)
Moonshot Trust Router server
moonshot-ui (1.1.0+libsecret~2+b2)
Moonshot Identity Selector
mosh (1.4.0-1+b1)
Mobile shell that supports roaming and intelligent local echo
mosquitto (2.0.18-1+b1)
MQTT version 5.0/3.1.1/3.1 compatible message broker
mosquitto-clients (2.0.18-1+b1)
Mosquitto command line MQTT clients
mpdas (0.4.5-1+b1 [amd64], 0.4.5-1 [arm64, armel, armhf, i386, mips64el, ppc64el, s390x])
AudioScrobbler client for MPD
mpop (1.4.18-1)
POP3 mail retriever
mptcpd (0.12-4)
Multipath TCP Daemon
mptcpd-plugins (0.12-4)
Multipath TCP Daemon Plug-ins
mptcpize (0.12-4)
Multipath TCP Converter
mrtg (2.17.10-12+b1)
Multi Router Traffic Grapher
mrtg-contrib (2.17.10-12)
Multi Router Traffic Grapher (contributed files)
mrtg-ping-probe (2.2.0-3)
Ping module for Multi Router Traffic Grapher
mrtgutils (0.8.4-1)
Utilities to generate statistics for mrtg
mrtgutils-sensors (0.8.4-1)
Utilities to generate statistics for mrtg (from lm-sensors)
msktutil (1.2.1-2+b1)
Utility for interoperability with Active Directory
mstflint (4.26.0+1-2)
Mellanox firmware burning application and diagnostics tools
msva-perl (0.9.2-1.1)
Cryptographic identity validation agent (Perl implementation)
mtail (3.0.0~rc54+git0ff5-1)
Extract monitoring data from logs for collection in a timeseries database
mtr (0.95-1.1)
Full screen ncurses and X11 traceroute tool
mtr-tiny (0.95-1.1)
Full screen ncurses traceroute tool
munin (2.0.75-2)
Інфраструктура для відображення графічної інформації в масштабі мережі (графікостворювач/збирач)
munin-async (2.0.75-2)
network-wide graphing framework (async master/client)
munin-common (2.0.75-2)
Інфраструктура для створення графіків мережі (загальні данні)
munin-libvirt-plugins (0.0.7-1)
Munin plugins using libvirt
munin-node (2.0.75-2)
network-wide graphing framework (node)
munin-node-c (0.0.13-1+b2)
C rewrite of Munin node
munin-plugins-btrfs (13-1)
munin plugin for monitoring btrfs filesystems
munin-plugins-c (0.0.13-1+b2)
C rewrite of some Munin plugins
munin-plugins-core (2.0.75-2)
network-wide graphing framework (plugins for node)
munin-plugins-extra (2.0.75-2)
network-wide graphing framework (user contributed plugins for node)
munin-plugins-java (2.0.75-2)
network-wide graphing framework (java plugins for node)
murano-cfapi (1:16.0.0-1)
cloud-ready application catalog - Cloud Foundry broker
murano-tempest-plugin (2.7.0-2)
OpenStack Integration Test Suite - Murano plugin
mysecureshell (2.0-2+b2)
SFTP Server with ACL
n2n (1.3.1~svn3789-7+b1 [i386], 1.3.1~svn3789-7 [amd64, arm64, armel, armhf, mips64el, ppc64el, s390x])
Служба децентралізованої (P2P) віртуальної приватної мережі (VPN)
nadoka (0.10.0-1)
IRC logger, monitor and proxy program ("bot") in Ruby
nagios-check-xmppng (0.3.3-1)
monitoring plugin to check XMPP servers
nagios-images (0.9.5)
Collection of images and icons for the nagios system
nagios-nrpe-plugin (4.1.0-1+b2)
Nagios Remote Plugin Executor Plugin
nagios-nrpe-server (4.1.0-1+b2)
Nagios Remote Plugin Executor Server
nagios-plugin-check-multi (0.26-5)
run nagios checks as a group
nagios-plugins-rabbitmq (1:1.2.0-2.5)
Set of Nagios checks useful for monitoring a RabbitMQ server
nagios-snmp-plugins (2.1.0-3)
SNMP Plugins for nagios
nagios4 (4.4.6-4)
host/service/network monitoring and management system
nagios4-cgi (4.4.6-4)
cgi files for nagios4
nagios4-common (4.4.6-4)
support files for nagios4
nagios4-core (4.4.6-4)
host/service/network monitoring and management system core files
nagvis (1:1.9.40-1)
visualization addon for Nagios or Icinga
nagvis-demos (1:1.9.40-1)
visualization addon for Nagios or Icinga - demo maps
nam (1.15-6)
Network Animator for network simulation
nam-examples (1.15-6)
examples of nam
nast (0.2.0-10)
packet sniffer and lan analyzer
nat-traverse (0.7-2)
NAT gateway traversal utility
natpmpc (20230423-1.1)
portable and fully compliant implementation of NAT-PMP (client)
nbtscan (1.7.2-2)
scan networks searching for NetBIOS information
ncat (7.94+git20230807.3be01efb1+dfsg-2)
NMAP netcat reimplementation
ncdc (1.23.1-1)
file sharing program using Direct Connect protocols
ncrack (0.7+debian-5)
High-speed network authentication cracking tool
nd (0.8.2-8.1)
small command line interface to WebDAV servers
ndiff (7.94+git20230807.3be01efb1+dfsg-2)
The Network Mapper - result compare utility
ndisc6 (1.0.7-1)
IPv6 diagnostic tools
ndppd (0.2.5-6)
daemon that proxies IPv6 NDP messages
nebula (1.6.1+dfsg-3+b8)
performant, scalable network overlay
nemo-owncloud (5.0.0-2)
ownCloud integration for Nemo
net-acct (0.71-9.1)
User-mode IP accounting daemon
net-tools (2.10-0.1)
Набір інструментів для роботи з мережею — NET-3
netatalk (3.1.18~ds-1+b1 [amd64], 3.1.18~ds-1 [arm64, armel, armhf, i386, mips64el, ppc64el, s390x])
Apple Filing Protocol service
netavark (1.4.0-4)
Rust based network stack for containers
netcat-openbsd (1.226-1)
TCP/IP swiss army knife
netcat-traditional (1.10-48)
Швейцарський армійський ніж для TCP/IP
netctl (1.28-1)
Profile based systemd network management
netdiag (1.2-1.2+b1)
Net-Diagnostics (trafshow,netwatch,statnet,tcpspray,tcpblast)
netdiscover (0.10-3)
active/passive network address scanner using ARP requests
nethogs (0.8.7-2)
Net top tool grouping bandwidth per process
netlabel-tools (0.30.0-1+b1 [amd64], 0.30.0-1 [arm64, armel, armhf, i386, mips64el, ppc64el, s390x])
management tool for the Linux NetLabel Subsystem
netmask (2.4.4-4)
helps determine network masks
netmate (0.2.0-12)
netdude clone that shows pcap dump lines in network header style
netperf (2.7.0-0.2) [non-free]
Network performance benchmark
netperfmeter (1.9.6-1)
Network Performance Meter (measurement program)
netperfmeter-plotting (1.9.6-1)
Network Performance Meter (plotting program)
netpipe-lam (3.7.2-8.1)
Network performance tool using LAM MPI
netpipe-mpich2 (3.7.2-8.1)
Network performance tool using MPICH2 MPI
netpipe-openmpi (3.7.2-8.1)
Network performance tool using OpenMPI
netpipe-tcp (3.7.2-8.1)
Network performance tool using the TCP protocol
netpipes (4.2-8+b1)
manipulate BSD TCP/IP stream sockets
netplan-generator (0.107.1-3)
YAML network configuration abstraction systemd-generator (0.107.1-3)
Абстракція YAML конфігурації мережі для різних служб
netplug (
network link monitor daemon
netproc (0.6.3-1)
tool to monitor network usage by processes
netr (0.1.6-1+b2)
network terminal graph
netscript-2.4 (5.5.5+nmu1)
Linux 2.4/2.6/3.x router/firewall/VM host network config system.
netscript-ipfilter (5.5.5+nmu1)
Linux 2.6/3.x iptables management system.
virtual package provided by netscript-ipfilter
netsed (1.2-3+b1)
network packet-altering stream editor
netselect (0.3.ds1-30.2)
speed tester for choosing a fast network server
netselect-apt (0.3.ds1-30.2)
speed tester for choosing a fast Debian mirror
netsend (0.0~svnr250-1.5)
a speedy filetransfer and network diagnostic program
netsniff-ng (0.6.8-3)
Linux network packet sniffer toolkit
netstress (1.2.0-11)
utility to stress and benchmark networks
netwag (5.39.0-1.5)
graphical frontend for netwox
network-manager (1.46.0-1)
network management framework (daemon and userspace tools)
network-manager-config-connectivity-debian (1.46.0-1)
NetworkManager configuration to enable connectivity checking
network-manager-fortisslvpn (1.4.0-1)
network management framework (Fortinet SSLVPN plugin core)
network-manager-fortisslvpn-gnome (1.4.0-1)
network management framework (Fortinet SSLVPN plugin GNOME GUI)
network-manager-iodine (1.2.0-3.3)
network management framework (iodine plugin core)
network-manager-iodine-gnome (1.2.0-3.3)
network management framework (iodine plugin GNOME GUI)
network-manager-l2tp (1.20.12-1)
network management framework (L2TP plugin core)
network-manager-l2tp-gnome (1.20.12-1)
network management framework (L2TP plugin GNOME GUI)
network-manager-openconnect (1.2.10-3)
network management framework (OpenConnect plugin core)
network-manager-openconnect-gnome (1.2.10-3)
network management framework (OpenConnect plugin GNOME GUI)
network-manager-openvpn (1.10.2-4)
network management framework (OpenVPN plugin core)
network-manager-openvpn-gnome (1.10.2-4)
network management framework (OpenVPN plugin GNOME GUI)
network-manager-pptp (1.2.12-3)
network management framework (PPTP plugin core)
network-manager-pptp-gnome (1.2.12-3)
network management framework (PPTP plugin GNOME GUI)
network-manager-ssh (1.2.11-1.1)
network management framework (SSH plugin core)
network-manager-ssh-gnome (1.2.11-1.1)
network management framework (SSH plugin GNOME GUI)
network-manager-sstp (1.3.2-1)
network management framework (SSTP plugin core)
network-manager-sstp-gnome (1.3.2-1)
network management framework (SSTP plugin GNOME GUI)
network-manager-strongswan (1.6.0-3)
network management framework (strongSwan plugin)
network-manager-vpnc (1.2.8-7)
network management framework (VPNC plugin core)
network-manager-vpnc-gnome (1.2.8-7)
network management framework (VPNC plugin GNOME GUI)
netwox (5.39.0-1.5)
networking utilities
neutron-api (2:24.0.0-2)
OpenStack virtual network service - API service
neutron-common (2:24.0.0-2)
OpenStack virtual network service - common files
neutron-dhcp-agent (2:24.0.0-2)
OpenStack virtual network service - DHCP agent
neutron-ha-tool (0.1.0-1)
additional command line utility for OpenStack Neutron HA operations
neutron-l3-agent (2:24.0.0-2)
OpenStack virtual network service - l3 agent
neutron-linuxbridge-agent (2:24.0.0-2)
OpenStack virtual network service - Linux bridge agent
neutron-macvtap-agent (2:24.0.0-2)
OpenStack virtual network service - MacVTap Agent
neutron-metadata-agent (2:24.0.0-2)
OpenStack virtual network service - metadata agent
neutron-metering-agent (2:24.0.0-2)
OpenStack virtual network service - metering agent
neutron-openvswitch-agent (2:24.0.0-2)
OpenStack virtual network service - Open vSwitch agent
neutron-ovn-agent (2:24.0.0-2)
OpenStack virtual network service - OVN agent
neutron-ovn-metadata-agent (2:24.0.0-2)
OpenStack virtual network service - OVN Metadata Agent
neutron-plugin-nec-agent (2:24.0.0-2)
OpenStack virtual network service - NEC agent
neutron-rpc-server (2:24.0.0-2)
OpenStack virtual network service - RPC service
neutron-server (2:24.0.0-2)
OpenStack virtual network service - metapackage for the server
neutron-sriov-agent (2:24.0.0-2)
OpenStack virtual network service - SR-IOV agent
neutron-taas-openvswitch-agent (12.0.0-1)
OpenStack virtual network service - Tap-as-a-Service agent
neutron-tempest-plugin (2.7.0-2)
OpenStack Integration Test Suite - Neutron plugin
neutron-vpnaas-common (2:23.0.0-2)
OpenStack virtual network service - VPNaaS common files
neutron-vpnaas-vyatta-agent (2:23.0.0-2)
OpenStack virtual network service - VPNaaS Vyatta Agent
nextepc (0.3.10+nods-4.2)
Evolved Packet Core implementation for LTE (metapackage)
nextepc-core (0.3.10+nods-4.2+b2)
Evolved Packet Core for LTE (Shared Files)
nextepc-hss (0.3.10+nods-4.2+b2)
Evolved Packet Core - Home Subscriber Server (HSS)
nextepc-mme (0.3.10+nods-4.2+b2)
Evolved Packet Core - Mobility Management Entity (MME)
nextepc-pcrf (0.3.10+nods-4.2+b2)
Evolved Packet Core - Policy and Charging Rules Function (PCRF)
nextepc-pgw (0.3.10+nods-4.2+b2)
Evolved Packet Core - Packet Data Network Gateway (PDN-GW)
nextepc-sgw (0.3.10+nods-4.2+b2)
Evolved Packet Core - Serving Gateway (SGW)
nfacct (1.0.2-4)
Інструмент для роботи з об’єктами облікових записів netfilter
nfct (1:1.4.8-2)
Tool to interact with the connection tracking system
nfdump (1.7.3-1)
netflow capture daemon
nfdump-sflow (1.7.3-1)
sflow collector daemon
nfs-common (1:2.6.4-3)
Допоміжні файли, спільні для клієнта й сервера NFS
nfs-ganesha (4.3-8)
NFS server in User Space
nfs-ganesha-rados-grace (4.3-8)
nfs-ganesha ganesha-rados-grace program
nfs-kernel-server (1:2.6.4-3)
Підтримка для сервера NFS на рівні ядра
nfstrace (
NFS tracing/monitoring/capturing/analyzing tool
nfstrace-doc (
NFS tracing/monitoring/capturing/analyzing tool (documentation)
nftables (1.0.9-1+b2)
Program to control packet filtering rules by Netfilter project
nftlb (1.0.7-1+b1)
nftables load balancer
ngrep (1.47+ds1-5+b1)
grep for network traffic
nheko (0.11.3-2.1)
стільничний IM-клієнт для протоколу Matrix
nicotine (3.3.2-1)
graphical client for the Soulseek peer-to-peer network
nicstat (1.95-1+b2)
print network traffic statistics
nikto (1:2.1.5-3.1) [non-free]
web server security scanner
nload (0.7.4-2+b1)
realtime console network usage monitor
nm-tray (0.5.0-2)
Simple Network Manager frontend written in Qt
nmap (7.94+git20230807.3be01efb1+dfsg-2)
Мережевий сканер
nmap-common (7.94+git20230807.3be01efb1+dfsg-2)
Architecture independent files for nmap
nmapsi4 (0.5~alpha2-4)
graphical interface to nmap, the network scanner
nordugrid-arc-arcctl (6.18.0-2)
ARC Control Tool
nordugrid-arc-arcctl-service (6.18.0-2)
ARC Control Tool - service control modules
nordugrid-arc-archery-manage (6.18.0-2)
ARCHERY administration tool
nordugrid-arc-arex (6.18.0-2)
ARC Resource-coupled EXecution service
nordugrid-arc-arex-python-lrms (6.18.0-2)
ARC Resource-coupled EXecution service - Python LRMS backends
nordugrid-arc-client (6.18.0-2)
ARC command line clients
nordugrid-arc-community-rtes (6.18.0-2)
ARC community defined RTEs support
nordugrid-arc-datadelivery-service (6.18.0-2)
ARC data delivery service
nordugrid-arc-dev (6.18.0-2)
ARC development files
nordugrid-arc-gridftpd (6.18.0-2)
ARC GridFTP server
nordugrid-arc-hed (6.18.0-2)
ARC Hosting Environment Daemon
nordugrid-arc-infosys-ldap (6.18.0-2)
ARC LDAP-based information services
nordugrid-arc-monitor (6.18.0-2)
ARC LDAP monitor web application
nordugrid-arc-nagios-plugins (2.0.1-1)
Nagios plugins for ARC
nordugrid-arc-nagios-plugins-egi (2.0.1-1)
EGI configuration and dependencies for the ARC Nagios plugins
nordugrid-arc-nordugridmap (6.18.0-2)
ARC's nordugridmap tool
nordugrid-arc-plugins-arcrest (6.18.0-2)
ARC REST plugin
nordugrid-arc-plugins-gfal (6.18.0-2)
ARC GFAL2 plugins
nordugrid-arc-plugins-gridftp (6.18.0-2)
ARC Globus dependent DMCs
nordugrid-arc-plugins-gridftpjob (6.18.0-2)
ARC GRIDFTPJOB client plugin
nordugrid-arc-plugins-internal (6.18.0-2)
ARC internal plugin
nordugrid-arc-plugins-lcas-lcmaps (6.18.0-2)
nordugrid-arc-plugins-needed (6.18.0-2)
ARC base plugins
nordugrid-arc-plugins-python (6.18.0-2)
ARC Python dependent plugin
nordugrid-arc-plugins-xrootd (6.18.0-2)
ARC xrootd plugins
nordugrid-arc-test-utils (6.18.0-2)
ARC test tools
nordugrid-arc-wn (6.18.0-2)
ARC optional worker nodes components
npd6 (1.1.0-5)
IPv6 neighbor proxy daemon
nrpe-ng (0.2.0-1.1)
Next-generation Nagios remote plugin agent
ns2 (2.35+dfsg-5+b1)
Discrete event simulator targeted at networking research
ns2-examples (2.35+dfsg-5)
examples of ns2
ns3 (3.40-2)
discrete-event network simulator for Internet systems
nsca (2.10.2-2+b1)
Nagios service monitor agent
nsca-client (2.10.2-2+b1)
Nagios service monitor agent - client package
nsca-ng-client (1.6-6+b1)
Send monitoring commands to NSCA-ng server
nsca-ng-server (1.6-6+b1)
Monitoring command acceptor
nsd (4.8.0-1)
authoritative domain name server
nslint (3.0a2-3)
Lint for DNS files, checks integrity
nss-tlsd (1.1-3+b1)
encrypted DNS name resolution daemon
nss-updatedb (10-6+b1)
Cache name service directories in DB format
nstreams (1.0.4-1+b1)
network streams - a tcpdump output analyzer
ntp (1:4.2.8p15+dfsg-2~1.2.2+dfsg1-4)
Network Time Protocol daemon/utilities (transitional package)
ntpdate (1:4.2.8p15+dfsg-2~1.2.2+dfsg1-4)
Network Time Protocol client (transitional package)
ntpsec (1.2.2+dfsg1-4)
Network Time Protocol daemon and utility programs
ntpsec-ntpdate (1.2.2+dfsg1-4)
client for setting system time from NTP servers
ntpsec-ntpdig (1.2.2+dfsg1-4)
ntpdig SNTP client
ntpsec-ntpviz (1.2.2+dfsg1-4)
NTP statistics graphing utility
nullidentd (1.0-5+b2)
small, fast identd daemon
nutcracker (0.5.0+dfsg-2+b1)
Fast, light-weight proxy for memcached and Redis
nuttcp (6.1.2-4+b1)
network performance measurement tool
nvme-stas (2.3.1-2)
NVMe Storage Appliance Services (STAS)
nzbget (21.0+dfsg-4)
command-line based binary newsgrabber for nzb files
oar-restful-api (2.5.10-2)
OAR web services
obfs4proxy (0.0.14-1+b7)
pluggable transport proxy for Tor, implementing obfs4
ocproxy (1.60-1+b3 [mips64el], 1.60-1+b2 [amd64, arm64, armel, armhf, i386, ppc64el, s390x])
SOCKS proxy for openconnect
ocserv (1.2.4-1)
OpenConnect VPN server compatible with Cisco AnyConnect VPN
ocsinventory-agent (2:2.10.0-4+b1)
Hardware and software inventory tool (client)
octavia-tempest-plugin (2.6.0-1)
OpenStack Integration Test Suite - Octavia plugin
oidentd (2.5.1-1+b1)
replacement ident daemon
onak (0.6.3-1+b1)
OpenPGP Key Server
onedrive (2.4.25-1+b3)
folder synchronization with OneDrive
onedriver (0.14.1-1+b1 [amd64], 0.14.1-1 [arm64, armel, armhf, i386, mips64el, ppc64el, s390x])
native Linux filesystem for Microsoft OneDrive
onesixtyone (0.3.4-1)
fast and simple SNMP scanner
onionbalance (0.2.2-1.2)
Tor hidden service load balancer
onionprobe (1.1.2+ds-1)
test/monitor tool for Tor Onion Services sites
open-iscsi (2.1.9-3)
iSCSI initiator tools
open-isns-discoveryd (0.101-0.2+b1)
Internet Storage Name Service - iSNS discovery daemon
open-isns-server (0.101-0.2+b1)
Internet Storage Name Service - iSNS server
open-isns-utils (0.101-0.2+b1)
Internet Storage Name Service - client utilities
openbgpd (8.3-1+b1)
OpenBSD BGP daemon
openbsd-inetd (0.20221205-3)
Метасервер OpenBSD, що керує вхідними з’єднаннями
openconnect (9.12-1+b1)
open client for various network vendors SSL VPNs
opendht-tools (3.0.1-1)
Collection of OpenDHT utility tools
openfortivpn (1.21.0-2)
Fortinet client for PPP+SSL VPN tunnel services
opengnb (1.4.5.b-2)
P2P de-centralized layer 3 VPN
openiked (7.3-1)
Internet Key Exchange (IKEv2) daemon
openmpi-bin (4.1.6-5)
high performance message passing library -- binaries
openmpi-common (4.1.6-5)
high performance message passing library -- common files
opennds (10.2.0+dfsg-1)
manage access to public internet access
opennds-daemon (10.2.0+dfsg-1)
manage access to public internet access (service daemon)
opennds-daemon-common (10.2.0+dfsg-1)
manage access to public internet access (service helper scripts)
openntpd (1:6.2p3-4.2+b2)
OpenBSD NTP daemon
openresolv (3.13.1-1)
management framework for resolv.conf
openssh-client (1:9.6p1-4)
Клієнт захищеної оболонки (ssh) для захищеного доступу до віддалених комп’ютерів
openssh-known-hosts (0.6.2-1.1)
download, filter and merge known_hosts for OpenSSH
openssh-server (1:9.6p1-4)
Сервер захищеної оболонки (ssh) для захищеного доступу до віддалених комп’ютерів
openssh-sftp-server (1:9.6p1-4)
Модуль „sftp“ до сервера захищеної оболонки (SSH) для доступу по SFTP з віддалених машин
openssh-tests (1:9.6p1-4)
OpenSSH regression tests
openswitcher (0.10.0-1)
Control application for Blackmagic Design ATEM video switchers
openswitcher-proxy (0.10.0-1)
Multi-protocol proxy for Blackmagic Design hardware
opentracker (0.0~git20210823.110868e-8)
Open and free bittorrent tracker (IPv4)
opentracker-common (0.0~git20210823.110868e-8)
Open and free bittorrent tracker (common files)
opentracker-ipv6 (0.0~git20210823.110868e-8)
Open and free bittorrent tracker (IPv6)
openvpn (2.6.7-1)
Фонова служба приватної віртуальної мережі
openvpn-auth-ldap (2.0.4-3)
OpenVPN LDAP authentication module
openvpn-auth-radius (2.1-8)
OpenVPN RADIUS authentication module
openvpn-dco-dkms (0.0+git20231103-1)
DCO (Data-Channel Offload) kernel module for OpenVPN)
openvswitch-common (3.3.0~git20240118.e802fe7-3)
Open vSwitch common components
openvswitch-ipsec (3.3.0~git20240118.e802fe7-3)
Open vSwitch IPsec tunneling support
openvswitch-pki (3.3.0~git20240118.e802fe7-3)
Open vSwitch public key infrastructure dependency package
openvswitch-source (3.3.0~git20240118.e802fe7-3)
Open vSwitch source code
openvswitch-switch (3.3.0~git20240118.e802fe7-3)
Open vSwitch switch implementations
openvswitch-switch-dpdk (3.3.0~git20240118.e802fe7-3)
DPDK enabled Open vSwitch switch implementation
openvswitch-test (3.3.0~git20240118.e802fe7-3)
Open vSwitch test package
openvswitch-testcontroller (3.3.0~git20240118.e802fe7-3)
Simple controller for testing OpenFlow setups
openvswitch-vtep (3.3.0~git20240118.e802fe7-3)
Open vSwitch VTEP utilities
oping (1.10.0-5+b2)
Надсилає запити ICMP_ECHO до мережевих інтерфейсів
osmo-bsc (1.9.0-3+b2)
GSM Base Station Controller
osmo-bsc-bs11-utils (1.9.0-3+b2)
Command line utilities for Siemens BS-11 BTS
osmo-bsc-ipaccess-utils (1.9.0-3+b2)
Command line utilities for ip.access nanoBTS
osmo-bsc-meas-utils (1.9.0-3+b2)
Command line utilities to manage measurement reports
osmo-bts (1.5.0+dfsg1-2+b2)
Base Transceiver Station for GSM
osmo-fl2k (0.1.1-2+b1)
use a VGA USB adapter as DAC and SDR transmitter
osmo-ggsn (1.9.0-3+b2)
Osmocom Gateway GPRS Support Node (GGSN)
osmo-gtphub (1.9.0+dfsg1-3+b1)
Proxy for GTP traffic between multiple SGSNs and GGSNs
osmo-hlr (1.5.0+dfsg1-3+b2)
Osmocom Home Location Register
osmo-mgw (1.10.0+dfsg1-3+b1)
Osmocom's Media Gateway for 2G and 3G circuit-switched mobile networks
osmo-msc (1.9.0+dfsg1-2+b1)
Osmocom's Mobile Switching Center for 2G and 3G mobile networks
osmo-pcu (1.1.0-3+b1)
Osmocom GPRS/EDGE Packet Control Unit (PCU)
osmo-sgsn (1.9.0+dfsg1-3+b1)
Serving GPRS Support Node for 2G and 3G networks
osmo-stp (1.6.0+dfsg1-3+b1)
Osmocom SIGTRAN STP (Signaling Transfer Point)
ostinato (1.3.0-1)
Packet/Traffic Generator and Analyzer
ovn-central (24.03.0~git20240205.ebb7076-1)
OVN central components
ovn-common (24.03.0~git20240205.ebb7076-1)
OVN common components
ovn-controller-vtep (24.03.0~git20240205.ebb7076-1)
OVN vtep controller
ovn-docker (24.03.0~git20240205.ebb7076-1)
OVN Docker drivers
ovn-host (24.03.0~git20240205.ebb7076-1)
OVN host components
ovn-ic (24.03.0~git20240205.ebb7076-1)
Open Virtual Network interconnection controller
ovn-ic-db (24.03.0~git20240205.ebb7076-1)
Open Virtual Network interconnection controller databases
owncloud-client (
folder synchronization with an ownCloud server - GUI
owncloud-client-cmd (
folder synchronization with an ownCloud server - cmd client
owncloud-client-data (
ownCloudSync folder synchronization - shared data
p910nd (0.97-1+b1)
small printer daemon intended for diskless workstations
packeth (2.1-0.2)
Ethernet packet generator
packetsender (8.5.2-1)
Utility for sending and receiving TCP, UDP, SSL, HTTP packets
packit (1.8.1-1)
network packet generator and capture tool
pagekite (
Make localhost servers publicly visible
parprouted (0.70-4)
transparent IP (Layer 3) proxy ARP bridging tool
parsero (0.0+git20140929.e5b585a-6)
Audit tool for robots.txt of a site
parsyncfp2 (2.59+git20240307.8bcd266-2)
Multihost parallel rsync wrapper
passt (0.0~git20240326.4988e2b-1)
user-mode networking daemons for virtual machines and namespaces
pathspider (2.0.1-3)
Internet path transparency measurement tool
pcapfix (1.1.7-2)
repairs broken pcap and pcapng files
pcaputils (0.8-1.1)
specialized libpcap utilities
pchar (1.5-6)
Characterize the bandwidth, latency and loss on network links
pd-mrpeach-net (0.1~svn17672-5)
Pd library for low-level networking
pdfproctools (1.9.6-1)
PDF Processing Tools
pdns-backend-bind (4.8.3-4)
BIND backend for PowerDNS
pdns-backend-geoip (4.8.3-4)
GeoIP backend for PowerDNS
pdns-backend-ldap (4.8.3-4)
LDAP backend for PowerDNS
pdns-backend-lmdb (4.8.3-4)
LMDB backend for PowerDNS
pdns-backend-lua2 (4.8.3-4)
Lua2 backend for PowerDNS
pdns-backend-mysql (4.8.3-4)
MySQL backend for PowerDNS
pdns-backend-odbc (4.8.3-4)
UnixODBC backend for PowerDNS
pdns-backend-pgsql (4.8.3-4)
PostgreSQL backend for PowerDNS
pdns-backend-pipe (4.8.3-4)
pipe/coprocess backend for PowerDNS
pdns-backend-remote (4.8.3-4)
remote backend for PowerDNS
pdns-backend-sqlite3 (4.8.3-4)
sqlite 3 backend for PowerDNS
pdns-backend-tinydns (4.8.3-4)
tinydns compatibility backend for PowerDNS
pdns-ixfrdist (4.8.3-4)
Redistribute DNS zones over AXFR/IXFR
pdns-recursor (4.9.3-1)
PowerDNS Recursor
pdns-server (4.8.3-4)
extremely powerful and versatile nameserver
pdns-tools (4.8.3-4)
Tools for DNS debugging by PowerDNS
pdsh (2.34-3)
Efficient rsh-like utility, for using hosts in parallel
pdudaemon (
daemon for controlling PDUs
pdudaemon-client (
client for pdudaemon
pen (0.34.1-2+b1)
Load balancer for "simple" tcp and udp based protocols
perftest (24.01.0+0.38-1)
Infiniband verbs performance tests
persepolis (4.0.1-1)
Graphical download manager based on Aria2
pidgin (2.14.12-1+b1)
graphical multi-protocol instant messaging client
pidgin-audacious (2.0.0-8)
pidgin integration with Audacious
pidgin-awayonlock (0.5.2-1.1)
pidgin plugin to set as away on screensaver activation
pidgin-blinklight (0.11.1-5)
Blinks your ThinkPad's ThinkLight upon new messages
pidgin-data (2.14.12-1)
Клієнт миттєвого спілкування з підтримкою багатьох протоколів — файли даних
pidgin-extprefs (0.7-3)
Втулок розширених налаштувань для програми обміну миттєвими повідомленнями Pidgin
pidgin-festival (2.4-3.1)
pidgin plugin to hear incoming messages using voice synthesis
pidgin-gnome-keyring (2.0-2)
integrates pidgin (and libpurple) with the system keyring
pidgin-guifications (2.16-2+b3)
toaster popups for pidgin
pidgin-lastfm (0.4a-2.1) plugin for Pidgin
pidgin-latex (1.5.0-1+b2)
Втулок Pidgin для показу формул LaTeX
pidgin-mra (20100304-1+b1) Agent protocol plugin for Pidgin IM
pidgin-nateon (0.0.0.svn147-2)
Pidgin plugin for NateOn instant messaging service
pidgin-otr (4.0.2-3)
Off-the-Record Messaging plugin for Pidgin
pidgin-plugin-pack (2.8.0-1+b1)
Collection of Pidgin plugins
pidgin-privacy-please (0.7.1-5)
plugin for enhanced privacy in pidgin
pidgin-sipe (1.25.0-2.1+b1)
Pidgin plugin for Skype for Business and Microsoft Lync
pidgin-skype (20240122+gitab786a3+dfsg-2)
Skype plugin for libpurple messengers (Pidgin-specific files)
pidgin-skype-common (20240122+gitab786a3+dfsg-2)
Skype plugin for libpurple messengers (common files)
pidgin-themes (0.2-3)
smiley themes collection for Pidgin
piespy (0.4.0-6)
IRC bot to visualize social networks
pimd (2.3.2-4+b2 [amd64, i386], 2.3.2-4+b1 [arm64, armel, armhf, mips64el, ppc64el, s390x])
multicast routing daemon (PIMv2)
pipewire (1.0.3-1)
audio and video processing engine multimedia server
pisg (0.80~preview2-1)
Perl IRC Statistics Generator
pixiewps (1.4.2-5)
Offline WPS bruteforce tool
pktanon (2~git20160407.0.2bde4f2+dfsg-12)
profile-based traffic anonymizer
pktstat (1.8.5-8)
top-like utility for network connections usage
placement-api (11.0.0-1)
OpenStack resource inventory Placement - API server
placement-common (11.0.0-1)
OpenStack resource inventory Placement - common files
plc-utils (0.0.6+git20230504.1ba7d5a0-1)
Toolkit for HomePlug Powerline network adapters with Atheros chipsets
plc-utils-extra (0.0.6+git20230504.1ba7d5a0-1)
Extended toolkit for HomePlug Powerline network adapters with Atheros chipsets
plotnetcfg (0.4.1-5)
local networking configuration diagram plotter
plum (1:2.33.1-13)
IRC proxy, stationing, logging, and bot program (pirc)
pmacct (1.7.8-2)
promiscuous mode traffic accountant
pnscan (1.14.1-2)
Багатопотоковий сканер портів
pocsuite3 (1.9.6-1)
Open-sourced remote vulnerability testing framework
poezio (0.14-3)
Console-based XMPP client
portsentry (1.2-14+b1)
Portscan detection daemon
ppp-gatekeeper (0.1.0-201406111015-1.1)
PPP manager for handling balanced, redundant and failover links
pppoe (3.15-2)
PPP over Ethernet driver
pppoeconf (1.21+nmu3)
configures PPPoE/ADSL connections
pptp-linux (1.10.0-1)
Клієнт тунельного протоколу типу точка-точка (PPTP)
pptpd (1.4.0-12+b3)
PoPToP Point to Point Tunneling Server
pr3287 (4.1ga10-1.1+b1)
IBM 3287 printer emulation for telnet sessions to IBM mainframes
prettyping (1.0.1-1.1)
better ping tool
prips (1.2.0-1)
tool that prints the IP addresses in a given range
profanity (0.14.0-1)
console based XMPP client
profanity-light (0.14.0-1)
console based XMPP client, light version
proftpd-core (1.3.8.b+dfsg-1+b1)
Універсальна служба віртуального хостингу FTP — двійкові файли
proftpd-dev (1.3.8.b+dfsg-1+b1)
Versatile, virtual-hosting FTP daemon - development files
proftpd-mod-autohost (0.6-2+b4)
ProFTPD module mod_autohost
proftpd-mod-case (0.9-1+b5)
ProFTPD module mod_case
proftpd-mod-clamav (0.14~rc2-4+b5)
ProFTPD module mod_clamav
proftpd-mod-counter (0.6.2-2+b5)
ProFTPD module mod_counter
proftpd-mod-crypto (1.3.8.b+dfsg-1+b1)
Versatile, virtual-hosting FTP daemon - TLS/SSL/SFTP modules
proftpd-mod-fsync (0.3-4+b2)
ProFTPD module mod_fsync
proftpd-mod-geoip (1.3.8.b+dfsg-1+b1)
Versatile, virtual-hosting FTP daemon - GeoIP module
proftpd-mod-geoip2 (0.1-1+b7 [amd64], 0.1-1+b6 [arm64, armel, armhf, i386, mips64el, ppc64el, s390x])
ProFTPD module mod_geoip2
proftpd-mod-kafka (0.1-1+b4 [amd64], 0.1-1+b3 [arm64, armel, armhf, i386, mips64el, ppc64el, s390x])
ProFTPD module mod_kafka
proftpd-mod-ldap (1.3.8.b+dfsg-1+b1)
Versatile, virtual-hosting FTP daemon - LDAP module
proftpd-mod-msg (0.5-3+b5)
ProFTPD module mod_msg
proftpd-mod-mysql (1.3.8.b+dfsg-1+b1)
Versatile, virtual-hosting FTP daemon - MySQL module
proftpd-mod-odbc (1.3.8.b+dfsg-1+b1)
Versatile, virtual-hosting FTP daemon - ODBC module
proftpd-mod-pgsql (1.3.8.b+dfsg-1+b1)
Versatile, virtual-hosting FTP daemon - PostgreSQL module
proftpd-mod-proxy (0.9.3-1+b1)
ProFTPD module mod_proxy
proftpd-mod-sftp-ldap (0.2-1+b3 [amd64], 0.2-1+b2 [arm64, armel, armhf, i386, mips64el, ppc64el, s390x])
ProFTPD module mod_sftp-ldap
proftpd-mod-snmp (1.3.8.b+dfsg-1+b1)
Versatile, virtual-hosting FTP daemon - SNMP module
proftpd-mod-sqlite (1.3.8.b+dfsg-1+b1)
Versatile, virtual-hosting FTP daemon - SQLite3 module
proftpd-mod-statsd (0.1-1+b7 [amd64], 0.1-1+b6 [arm64, armel, armhf, i386, mips64el, ppc64el, s390x])
ProFTPD module mod_statsd
proftpd-mod-tar (0.4-2+b5)
ProFTPD module mod_tar
proftpd-mod-vroot (0.9.11-1+b3)
ProFTPD module mod_vroot
proftpd-mod-wrap (1.3.8.b+dfsg-1+b1)
Versatile, virtual-hosting FTP daemon - tcpwrapper module
prometheus (2.45.4+ds-2)
monitoring system and time series database
prometheus-alertmanager (0.27.0+ds-2)
handle and deliver alerts created by Prometheus
prometheus-apache-exporter (1.0.7-1)
Prometheus exporter for Apache server metrics
prometheus-bind-exporter (0.7.0-3)
Prometheus exporter for BIND server metrics
prometheus-bird-exporter (1.4.2+ds-1+b4)
Prometheus exporter for the BIRD routing daemon
prometheus-elasticsearch-exporter (1.7.0-2)
Prometheus exporter for various metrics about Elasticsearch
prometheus-exporter-exporter (0.4.0-1+b18)
simple reverse proxy to other Prometheus exporters
prometheus-hacluster-exporter (1.3.1-1+b6)
Prometheus exporter for HA cluster services
prometheus-homeplug-exporter (0.4.0-1)
Prometheus exporter for HomePlug/Power Line Communication
prometheus-ipmi-exporter (1.8.0-1)
Prometheus exporter for IPMI devices
prometheus-mongodb-exporter (1.0.0+git20180522.e755a44-3+b16)
Prometheus exporter for MongoDB
prometheus-mysqld-exporter (0.15.1-1)
Prometheus exporter for MySQL server
prometheus-nginx-exporter (1.1.0-2)
Prometheus exporter for NGINX webservers
prometheus-node-exporter (1.7.0-2)
Prometheus exporter for machine metrics
prometheus-node-exporter-collectors (0.0~git20231018.f5c56e7-2)
Supplemental textfile collector scripts for Prometheus node_exporter
prometheus-openstack-exporter (0.1.4-2.2)
Prometheus exporter for Openstack
prometheus-postfix-exporter (0.3.0-4+b6)
Prometheus exporter for Postfix mail servers
prometheus-postgres-exporter (0.15.0-2)
Prometheus exporter for PostgreSQL server metrics
prometheus-process-exporter (0.7.10-4)
Prometheus exporter that exposes process metrics from procfs
prometheus-pushgateway (1.7.0-2)
Prometheus exporter for ephemereal jobs
prometheus-redis-exporter (1.54.0-1+b2)
Prometheus exporter for Redis metrics
prometheus-smokeping-prober (0.8.1-1)
Prometheus style "smokeping" prober
prometheus-snmp-exporter (0.25.0-1)
Prometheus exporter for SNMP-enabled devices
prometheus-squid-exporter (1.11.0+ds-2)
Prometheus exporter for Squid proxy servers
prometheus-tplink-plug-exporter (0.5.0-1+b8)
Prometheus exporter for TP-Link Smart plug metrics
prometheus-trafficserver-exporter (0.3.2-2)
Prometheus exporter for Apache Traffic Server
prometheus-xmpp-alerts (0.5.3-1.1)
web hook that forwards prometheus alerts over XMPP
prosody (0.12.4-1+b1)
Lightweight Jabber/XMPP server
prosody-modules (0.0~hg20240330.70fa3f8de249+dfsg-1)
Selection of community modules for Prosody
protection-domain-mapper (1.0-5)
Qualcomm Protection Domain mapper service
proxychains (3.1-9)
proxy chains - redirect connections through proxy servers
virtual package provided by proxychains4
proxychains4 (4.17-1)
redirect connections through socks/http proxies (proxychains-ng)
proxycheck (0.49a-8)
checks existence of open proxy
proxytunnel (1.12.1-1)
Help SSH and other protocols through HTTP(S) proxies
psi (1.5+dfsg1-1.1)
Qt-based XMPP client
psi-plugins (1.5-2)
official plugins for Psi
psi-plus (1.4.554-5+b2)
Qt-based XMPP client (basic version)
psi-plus-common (1.4.554-5)
common files for Psi+
psi-plus-plugins (1.4.554-5+b2)
plugins for Psi+
psi-plus-skins (1.4.554-5)
skins for Psi+
psi-plus-sounds (1.4.554-5)
sound files for Psi+
psi-plus-webkit (1.4.554-5+b2)
Qt-based XMPP client (WebKit version)
psl (0.21.2-1+b1)
Explore the Public Suffix List
psl-make-dafsa (0.21.2-1)
Create a binary DAFSA from a Public Suffix List
pssh (2.3.5-2)
Parallel versions of SSH-based tools
ptpd (2.3.1-debian1-4+b1 [amd64], 2.3.1-debian1-4 [arm64, armel, armhf, i386, mips64el, ppc64el, s390x])
Precision Time Protocol daemon
ptunnel (0.72-3+b1 [amd64], 0.72-3 [arm64, armel, armhf, i386, mips64el, ppc64el, s390x])
Tunnel TCP connections over ICMP packets
ptunnel-ng (1.42-1)
Tunnel TCP connections over ICMP packets
publicfile-installer (0.15) [contrib]
installer package for the publicfile HTTP and FTP server
publicsuffix (20231001.0357-0.1)
accurate, machine-readable list of domain name suffixes
pumpa (0.9.3-1+b3 [amd64, arm64, i386, mips64el, ppc64el, s390x], 0.9.3-1+b2 [armel, armhf])
simple desktop client for, the distributed social network
pure-ftpd (1.0.50-2.2)
Secure and efficient FTP server
virtual package provided by pure-ftpd-ldap, pure-ftpd-postgresql, pure-ftpd-mysql
pure-ftpd-common (1.0.50-2.2)
Pure-FTPd FTP server (Common Files)
pure-ftpd-ldap (1.0.50-2.2)
Secure and efficient FTP server with LDAP user authentication
pure-ftpd-mysql (1.0.50-2.2)
Secure and efficient FTP server with MySQL user authentication
pure-ftpd-postgresql (1.0.50-2.2)
Secure and efficient FTP server with PostgreSQL user authentication
purple-discord (0.9.2023.10.23.git.f8b0c59-1+b1)
Discord messaging service plugin for libpurple
purple-mm-sms (0.1.7-1)
libpurple plugin for SMS
purple-rocketchat (0.1~hg20200403.800ef89-1)
Rocket.Chat protocol plugin for libpurple
purple-xmpp-carbons (0.2.3-1)
XMPP XEP-0280: Message Carbons plugin for libpurple
purple-xmpp-http-upload (0.2.4-2)
HTTP File Upload plugin for libpurple
pushpin (1.38.0-4)
HTTP reverse proxy server for streaming and long-polling services
putty (0.80-1)
Telnet/SSH client for X
putty-tools (0.80-1)
command-line tools for SSH, SCP, and SFTP
pygopherd (3.0.0~git20221126.02c65d60-5)
Modular Multiprotocol Gopher/HTTP/WAP Server
python3-ansible-runner (2.3.6-1)
library that interfaces with Ansible (Python 3.x)
python3-fabric (2.6.0-1)
Simple Pythonic remote deployment tool - standalone module
python3-fpyutils (2.2.1-1)
collection of useful non-standard Python functions (Python 3)
python3-gfal2 (1.12.2-1+b1)
Python bindings for gfal2
python3-gfal2-util (1.8.1-1)
GFAL2 clients for Python 3
python3-ipahealthcheck-core (0.16-2)
Health check tool for FreeIPA -- core files
python3-lib389 (2.4.4+dfsg1-3)
Python3 module for accessing and configuring the 389 Directory Server
python3-md-toc (8.2.0-1)
automatical generation of table of contents for markdown files (Python 3.x)
python3-network-runner (0.3.6-2)
abstraction of Ansible for interaction with networking devices (Python 3.x)
python3-pmix (5.0.1-4+b1)
Process Management Interface (Exascale) library - Python wrapper
python3-poezio-poopt (0.14-3+b2)
Console-based XMPP client (binary module)
python3-tempestconf (2.5.0-6)
automatic tempest configuration
qbittorrent (4.6.3-1)
bittorrent client based on libtorrent-rasterbar with a Qt5 GUI
qbittorrent-nox (4.6.3-1)
bittorrent client based on libtorrent-rasterbar (without X support)
qml-module-lomiri-downloadmanager (0.1.3-2)
Lomiri Download Manager QML Plugin
qnapi (0.2.3-2+b1 [amd64], 0.2.3-2 [arm64, armel, armhf, i386, mips64el, ppc64el, s390x])
application that downloads Polish subtitles from
qnetload (1.3.6-1+b1 [amd64], 1.3.6-1 [arm64, armel, armhf, i386, mips64el, ppc64el, s390x])
Graphically display network speed and usage
qrtr-tools (1.0-3)
Userspace reference for QRTR -- tools and services
quassel (1:0.14.0-2+b1)
distributed IRC client - monolithic core+client
quassel-client (1:0.14.0-2+b1)
розподілений клієнт IRC - клієнтська частина
quassel-core (1:0.14.0-2+b1)
distributed IRC client - core component
quassel-data (1:0.14.0-2)
distributed IRC client - shared data
quaternion (
стільничний клієнт для протоколу Matrix
quicktun (2.2.6-2+b1)
very simple, yet secure VPN software
r4d (1.7-4) [contrib]
Remote For Device-under-test (R4D) Daemon
rabbiter (2.0.4-6)
Twitter client for Rabbit
rabbitmq-server (3.10.8-3)
AMQP server written in Erlang
radioclk (1.0.pristine-3+b2)
simple ntp refclock daemon for MSF/WWVB/DCF77 time signals
radsecproxy (1.10.0-2)
RADIUS protocol proxy supporting RadSec
radvd (1:2.19-1+b1 [amd64], 1:2.19-1 [arm64, armel, armhf, i386, mips64el, ppc64el, s390x])
Router Advertisement Daemon
radvdump (1:2.19-1+b1 [amd64], 1:2.19-1 [arm64, armel, armhf, i386, mips64el, ppc64el, s390x])
dumps Router Advertisements
rally (3.3.0-4)
benchmark System for OpenStack - command line and configuration
rancid (3.13-3+b1)
Really Awesome New Cisco confIg Differ
rancid-cgi (3.13-3)
looking glass CGI based on rancid tools
rarpd (0.981107-9+b1)
Reverse Address Resolution Protocol daemon
rasterview (1.8-1)
CUPS/PWG/Apple raster file viewer
rawdns (1.6~ds1-1+b31)
raw DNS interface to the Docker API
rblcheck (20231210-1)
Tool to query DNSBL servers
rbldnsd (1.0~20210120-3)
small nameserver daemon designed for DNSBLs
rbootd (3.2)
Remote Boot Daemon
rclone (1.60.1+dfsg-3)
rsync for commercial cloud storage
rclone-browser (1.8.0-4)
Simple cross platform GUI for rclone
rcon (2.4.4-1)
client for RCON protocol
rdate (1:1.11-3)
sets the system's date from a remote host with network time protocol
rdma-core (48.0-1.1)
RDMA core userspace infrastructure and documentation
rdmacm-utils (48.0-1.1)
Examples for the librdmacm library
rdnssd (1.0.7-1)
IPv6 recursive DNS server discovery daemon
reaver (1.6.6-2)
brute force attack tool against Wi-Fi Protected Setup PIN number
redir (3.3-1)
Redirect TCP connections
redsocks (0.5-2+b4 [amd64], 0.5-2+b3 [arm64, armel, armhf, i386, mips64el, ppc64el, s390x])
arbitrary TCP connection redirector to a SOCKS or HTTPS proxy server
registry-tools (2:4.19.5+dfsg-1)
tools for viewing and manipulating the Windows registry
remctl-client (3.18-1+b9)
Client for Kerberos-authenticated command execution
remctl-server (3.18-1+b9)
Server for Kerberos-authenticated command execution
resolvconf (1.92)
Опрацьовувач інформації щодо DNS-серверів
virtual package provided by systemd-resolved, openresolv
resolvconf-admin (0.3-1)
setuid helper program for setting up the local DNS
resource-proof (1.0.39-7+b1)
resource proof for decentralised network nodes - CLI tool
restricted-ssh-commands (0.4-1)
Restrict SSH users to a predefined set of commands
revolt (0.0+git20211216.7f6f762-2)
better desktop integration for Element
riece (9.0.0-11)
IRC client for Emacs
riemann-c-client (1.10.4-3+b1)
Client utility for the Riemann event stream processor
rinetd (0.73-1+b1)
Internet TCP/UDP redirection server
rlpr (2.06-2)
utility for lpd printing without using /etc/printcap
rmtfs (1.0-3)
Qualcomm Remote Filesystem Service implementation
rnetclient (2017.1-2)
Send the Brazilian Income Tax Report to the Brazilian Tax Authority
robustirc-bridge (1.8-1+b24)
bridge between IRC and RobustIRC
rpcbind (1.2.6-7)
Перетворення програмних номерів RPC в універсальні адреси
rpki-client (8.9-2)
OpenBSD RPKI validator
rpki-trust-anchors (20210817-2)
RPKI Trust Anchor Locators
rsh-redone-client (85-4)
Reimplementation of rsh and rlogin
rsh-redone-server (85-4)
Reimplementation of rshd and rlogind
rstat-client (4.0.1-11+b1)
client for rstatd
rstatd (4.0.1-11+b1)
displays uptime information for remote machines
rsync (3.2.7-1+b1)
Інструмент для швидкого, універсального і віддаленого (чи локального) копіювання файлів
rtorrent (0.9.8-1)
Клієнт (ncurses) для мереж BitTorrent на основі бібліотеки LibTorrent
rtpengine (
NGCP RTP/media proxy - metapackage
rtpengine-daemon (
proxy for RTP and media streams used in NGCP, userspace part
rtpengine-iptables (
IPtables extension module for the kernel-space NGCP media proxy
rtpengine-perftest (
helper tool to test rtpengine transcoding performance
rtpengine-perftest-data (
helper tool to test rtpengine transcoding performance - data files
rtpengine-recording-daemon (
recording daemon for RTP and media streams
rtpengine-utils (
scripts and Perl modules for NGCP rtpengine
rusers (0.17-12)
Displays who is logged in to machines on local network
rusersd (0.17-12)
Logged in users server
rwall (0.17-10)
Send a message to users logged on a host
rwalld (0.17-10)
Write messages to users currently logged in server
rwho (0.17-15)
Clients to query the rwho server
rwhod (0.17-15)
System status server
rygel (0.42.5-1)
GNOME UPnP/DLNA services
rygel-gst-launch (0.42.5-1)
GNOME UPnP/DLNA services - gst-launch plugin
rygel-playbin (0.42.5-1)
GNOME UPnP/DLNA services - GStreamer Media Renderer plugin
rygel-preferences (0.42.5-1)
GNOME UPnP/DLNA services - preferences tool
rygel-ruih (0.42.5-1)
GNOME UPnP/DLNA services - Ruih plugin
rygel-tracker (0.42.5-1)
GNOME UPnP/DLNA services - Tracker plugin
s3270 (4.1ga10-1.1+b1)
Program for scripted telnet sessions to IBM mainframes
s3curl (20191224-2)
Easily interact with AWS S3 HTTP services
s3d (
3d network display server
s3d-data (
3d network display server data files
sabnzbdplus (4.2.3+dfsg-1) [contrib]
web-based binary newsreader with nzb support
sacc (1.07-1)
simple terminal gopher client
safe-vdash (0.16.4-1)
node dashboard for the Safe Network
samba (2:4.19.5+dfsg-1)
SMB/CIFS file, print, and login server for Unix
samba-ad-dc (2:4.19.5+dfsg-1)
Samba control files to run AD Domain Controller
samba-ad-provision (2:4.19.5+dfsg-1)
Samba files needed for AD domain provision
samba-common (2:4.19.5+dfsg-1)
Загальні файли, які використовуються клієнтом та сервером Samba
samba-common-bin (2:4.19.5+dfsg-1)
Samba common files used by both the server and the client
samba-testsuite (2:4.19.5+dfsg-1)
test suite from Samba
samba-vfs-modules (2:4.19.5+dfsg-1)
Samba Virtual FileSystem plugins
sat-templates (0.9.0~hg394+dfsg-1)
Перехідний пакунок
sbws (1.9.0-1)
Simple Bandwidth Scanner for the Tor network
scanlogd (2.2.8-0.1)
Portscan Detecting Tool
scanssh (2.0-4.3)
Отримує версії серверів SSH у всій мережі
scitokens-cpp (1.1.0-1+b1)
Binaries for scitokens-cpp
seafile-daemon (9.0.4-1)
Client daemon for the Seafile Client
seafile-gui (9.0.4+ds1-1)
Seafile Desktop Client
secnet (0.6.7)
VPN software for distributed networks
secpanel (1:0.6.1-3)
graphical user interface for SSH and SCP
sendfile (2.1b.20080616-10)
Simple Asynchronous File Transfer
sendip (2.6-1)
Commandline tool to allow sending arbitrary IP packets
sendxmpp (1.24-4)
command line XMPP (jabber) utility
senlin-tempest-plugin (1.8.0-1)
OpenStack Integration Test Suite - Senlin plugin
servefile (0.5.4-3)
serve or receive files from shell via a small HTTP server
sfeed (2.0-1)
RSS and Atom parser
shisa (1.0.3-2)
Administration utility for the Shishi Kerberos v5 KDC database
shishi (1.0.3-2)
Command line client for the Shishi Kerberos v5 implementation
shishi-kdc (1.0.3-2)
Kerberos v5 Key Distribution Center (KDC) Shishi server daemon
shorewall (5.2.8-5)
Shoreline Firewall, інструмент для налаштування мережевого екрану
shorewall-core (5.2.8-5)
Shorewall core components
shorewall-init (5.2.8-5)
Shorewall initialization
shorewall-lite (5.2.8-5)
Shorewall (lite version), a high-level tool for configuring Netfilter
shorewall6 (5.2.8-5)
Shoreline Firewall (IPv6 version), netfilter configurator
shorewall6-lite (5.2.8-5)
Shorewall (lite version with IPv6 support)
sic (1.1-5+b1)
simple irc client (sic)
sidedoor (0.2.1-1.2)
SSH connection daemon
sidedoor-sudo (0.2.1-1.2)
SSH connection daemon - sudoers entry
sieve-connect (0.90-1.1)
MANAGESIEVE protocol client
simple-tpm-pk11 (0.06-5)
simple library for using the TPM chip to secure SSH keys
simpleproxy (3.5-1+b2)
Simple TCP proxy
sinfo (0.0.48-2.1+b2)
tool for monitoring computer clusters using broadcasts
sipcalc (1.1.6-3)
Advanced console-based ip subnet calculator
sipcrack (0.2-4+b1)
SIP login dumper/cracker
sipsak ( [armhf], [amd64, arm64, armel, i386, mips64el, ppc64el, s390x])
SIP Swiss army knife
sks (1.1.6+git20210302.c3ba6d5a-4+b3 [amd64, armel, armhf, i386, mips64el, ppc64el, s390x], 1.1.6+git20210302.c3ba6d5a-4+b2 [arm64])
Synchronizing OpenPGP Key Server
slapd (2.5.13+dfsg-5+b3)
Служба OpenLDAP (slapd)
slapd-contrib (2.5.13+dfsg-5+b3)
contributed plugins for OpenLDAP slapd
slapd-smbk5pwd (2.5.13+dfsg-5)
transitional package for slapd-contrib
virtual package provided by slapd-contrib
slinkwatch (1.1-6)
automatic maintenance of Suricata monitoring interfaces
slirp (1:1.0.17-11)
SLIP/PPP emulator using a dial up shell account
slowhttptest (1.9.0-1)
application layer Denial of Service attacks simulation tool
slurm (0.4.4-1)
Realtime network interface monitor
smartdns (45+dfsg-1)
local DNS server to obtain the fastest IP for the best experience
smb2www (980804-45)
SMB/CIFS network client with a web interface
smbclient (2:4.19.5+dfsg-1)
Клієнти SMB/CIFS з інтефйсом командного рядка для Unix
smbnetfs (0.6.3-1)
User-space filesystem for SMB/NMB (Windows) network servers and shares
smcroute (2.5.6-3)
static multicast router daemon
smistrip (0.4.8+dfsg2-16)
extract MIB from text files like RFC
smitools (0.4.8+dfsg2-16)
various tools operating on MIB module files
smokeping (2.8.2+ds-1)
latency logging and graphing system
smtpping (1.1.4-1)
SMTP benchmarking and measurement tool
sniffglue (0.16.0-2)
Secure multithreaded packet sniffer
snmp (5.9.4+dfsg-1+b2)
SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) applications
snmp-mibs-downloader (1.6) [non-free]
install and manage Management Information Base (MIB) files
snmpd (5.9.4+dfsg-1+b2)
SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) agents
snmpsim (0.4.5-1)
SNMP agent simulator
snmptrapd (5.9.4+dfsg-1+b2)
Net-SNMP notification receiver
snmptrapfmt (1.18)
configurable snmp trap handler daemon for snmpd
snmptt (1.5-1)
SNMP trap handler for use with snmptrapd
sntop (1.4.3-7)
curses-based utility that polls hosts to determine connectivity
sntp (1:4.2.8p15+dfsg-2~1.2.2+dfsg1-4)
Network Time Protocol client (transitional package)
socat (
multipurpose relay for bidirectional data transfer
socket (1.1-10.1)
Multi purpose socket tool
sockperf (3.7-1)
Network benchmarking utility for testing latency and throughput
sofia-sip-bin (1.12.11+20110422.1+1e14eea~dfsg-6)
Sofia-SIP library utilities
softether-common (5.01.9674+git20200806+8181039+dfsg2-2+b2)
multiprotocol VPN program (common files)
softether-vpnbridge (5.01.9674+git20200806+8181039+dfsg2-2+b2)
multiprotocol VPN program (bridge daemon)
softether-vpnclient (5.01.9674+git20200806+8181039+dfsg2-2+b2)
multiprotocol VPN program (client)
softether-vpncmd (5.01.9674+git20200806+8181039+dfsg2-2+b2)
multiprotocol VPN program (command-line tools)
softether-vpnserver (5.01.9674+git20200806+8181039+dfsg2-2+b2)
multiprotocol VPN program (server daemon)
softflowd (1.1.0-1+b1)
Flow-based network traffic analyser
soju (0.7.0-1)
user-friendly IRC bouncer
soju-utils (0.7.0-1)
user-friendly IRC bouncer (utilities)
spamoracle (1.6-2+b1)
statistical analysis spam filter based on Bayes' formula
sqlmap (1.8.4-1)
automatic SQL injection tool
srain (1.5.1-1)
graphical IRC client based on GTK+
srptools (48.0-1.1)
Tools for Infiniband attached storage (SRP)
ssh (1:9.6p1-4)
Оболонка та сервер SSH (метапакунок)
ssh-agent-filter (0.5.2-1+b5)
filtering proxy for ssh-agent
ssh-askpass (1:
under X, asks user for a passphrase for ssh-add
virtual package provided by kwalletcli, ssh-askpass-gnome, ssh-askpass-fullscreen, ksshaskpass, lxqt-openssh-askpass
ssh-contact (0.7-1.1)
Встановлює SSH-з’єднання до Ваших контактів месенджера, використовуючи Telepathy (збірний апакунок)
ssh-contact-client (0.7-1.1)
establish SSH connections to your IM contacts using Telepathy (client)
ssh-contact-service (0.7-1.1)
Встановлює SSH-з’єднання до Ваших контактів месенджера, використовуючи Telepathy (сервер)
sshguard (2.4.2-1+b3)
Protects from brute force attacks against ssh
sshuttle (1.1.2-2)
Transparent proxy server for VPN over SSH
ssl-cert-check (4.14-1)
proactively handling X.509 certificate expiration
ssldump (1.8-1)
SSLv3/TLS network protocol analyzer
sslh (1.22c-1+b2 [amd64], 1.22c-1+b1 [arm64, armel, armhf, i386, mips64el, ppc64el, s390x])
Applicative protocol multiplexer
sslsplit (0.5.5-2.1)
transparent and scalable SSL/TLS interception
ssmping (0.9.1-4)
check your multicast connectivity
sstp-client (1.0.19-1)
Connect to a Microsoft Windows 2008 server using SSTP VPN
ssvnc (1.0.29-6+b1)
Розширений переглядач TightVNC з підтримкою SSL/SSH тунелювання
stayrtr (0.5.1+20240301-1)
RPKI to Router server
stenographer (1.0.1-3+b1)
full-packet-capture utility -- server
stenographer-client (1.0.1-3)
full-packet-capture utility -- clients
stenographer-common (1.0.1-3)
full-packet-capture utility -- common files
stompserver (0.9.9gem-5)
stomp messaging server implemented in Ruby
stone (2.4-1+b2 [amd64], 2.4-1+b1 [arm64, armel, armhf, i386, mips64el, ppc64el, s390x])
TCP/IP packet repeater in the application layer
storj (1.0.3-1.2+b1)
Command Line Tool for encrypted file transfer on the Storj network
strongswan (5.9.13-2)
IPsec VPN solution metapackage
strongswan-charon (5.9.13-2)
strongSwan Internet Key Exchange daemon
strongswan-libcharon (5.9.13-2)
strongSwan charon library
strongswan-nm (5.9.13-2)
strongSwan plugin to interact with NetworkManager
strongswan-pki (5.9.13-2)
strongSwan IPsec client, pki command
strongswan-starter (5.9.13-2)
strongSwan daemon starter and configuration file parser
strongswan-swanctl (5.9.13-2)
strongSwan IPsec client, swanctl command
stubby (1.6.0-3+b2)
modern asynchronous DNS API (stub resolver)
stun-client (0.97~dfsg-3)
Test client for STUN
stun-server (0.97~dfsg-3)
Server daemon for STUN
virtual package provided by coturn
stunnel4 (3:5.72-1)
Universal SSL tunnel for network daemons
sublist3r (1.1-4)
Fast subdomains enumeration tool for penetration testers
subnetcalc (2.4.23-1)
Калькулятор мережевих адрес IPv4/IPv6
suricata (1:7.0.3-1)
Next Generation Intrusion Detection and Prevention Tool
suricata-update (1.3.2-1)
tool for updating Suricata rules
swift (2.33.0-3)
distributed virtual object store - common files
swift-account (2.33.0-3)
distributed virtual object store - account server
swift-bench (1.2.0+git.2023.11.08.e8eb9511d2-1)
benchmarking tool for Swift
swift-container (2.33.0-3)
distributed virtual object store - container server
swift-drive-audit (2.33.0-3)
distributed virtual object store - drive audit
swift-object (2.33.0-3)
distributed virtual object store - object server
swift-object-expirer (2.33.0-3)
distributed virtual object store - object-expirer
swift-proxy (2.33.0-3)
distributed virtual object store - proxy server
swift-tools (0.0.8)
Swift cluster cli helpers utilities
swirc (3.4.6-2)
Curses ICB and IRC client
syncplay (1.7.2+repack1-1)
Synchronize playback of various video players via internet (Client)
syncplay-common (1.7.2+repack1-1)
Common files for Syncplay client and server packages
syncplay-server (1.7.2+repack1-1)
Synchronize playback of various video players via internet (Server)
syncthing-gtk (
GTK3-based GUI and notification area icon for syncthing
syncthingtray (1.4.12-1)
desktop integration for Syncthing
syncthingtray-kde-plasma (1.4.12-1)
KDE Plasma Desktop and Dolphin integration for Syncthing
taktuk (3.7.7-3)
efficient, large scale, parallel remote execution of commands
talk (0.17-18)
Спілкуйтеся з іншими користувачами
virtual package provided by inetutils-talk
talkd (0.17-18)
Remote user communication server
virtual package provided by inetutils-talkd
tang (14-2)
network-based cryptographic binding server
tang-common (14-2)
network-based cryptographic binding server - common files
tang-nagios (7-3)
monitoring plugin to check the tang server
tang-xinetd (14-2)
network-based cryptographic binding server - xinet version
tayga (0.9.2-8)
userspace stateless NAT64
tcl3270 (4.1ga10-1.1+b1)
Program for Tcl-scripted telnet sessions to IBM mainframes
tclws (3.4.0-2)
Tcl Web Services
tcpd (7.6.q-33)
Оболонка утиліт TCP Wietse Venem'и,
tcpdump (4.99.4-3)
command-line network traffic analyzer
tcpflow (1.6.1-3)
TCP flow recorder
virtual package provided by tcpflow-nox
tcpflow-nox (1.6.1-3)
TCP flow recorder - version without X11 dependencies
tcpick (0.2.1-11)
TCP stream sniffer and connection tracker
tcpreen (1.4.4-2.1)
Simple TCP re-engineering tool
tcpreplay (4.4.4-1)
Tool to replay saved tcpdump files at arbitrary speeds
tcpslice (1.5-1)
extract pieces of and/or glue together tcpdump files
tcpspy (1.7d-15)
Incoming and Outgoing TCP/IP connections logger
tcpstat (1.5-8.1)
network interface statistics reporting tool
tcptrace (6.6.7-6+b1 [amd64], 6.6.7-6 [arm64, armel, armhf, i386, mips64el, ppc64el, s390x])
Tool for analyzing tcpdump output
tcptraceroute (1.5beta7+debian-4.1+b1)
traceroute implementation using TCP packets
tcptrack (1.4.3-1+b1)
TCP connection tracker, with states and speeds
tcputils (0.6.2-10+b1)
Utilities for TCP programming in shell-scripts
tcpxtract (1.0.1-17)
extract files from network traffic based on file signatures
telemetry-tempest-plugin (2.0.0-2)
OpenStack Integration Test Suite - Telemetry plugin
telepathy-accounts-signon (2.1-1)
Mission control integration with libaccounts and libsignon
telepathy-haze (0.8.1-0.1)
Telepathy connection manager that uses libpurple
telepathy-idle (0.2.2-1)
IRC connection manager for Telepathy
telepathy-mission-control-5 (1:5.16.5-2+b1)
Фонова служба керування інфраструктурою спілкування в реальному часі Telepathy
telepathy-rakia (0.8.0-4.1)
SIP connection manager for the Telepathy framework
telnet-ssl (0.17.41+really0.17-4)
telnet client with SSL encryption support
telnetd-ssl (0.17.41+really0.17-4)
telnet server with SSL encryption support
tf5 (5.0beta8-12)
text-based MU* and chatserver client
tftp-hpa (5.2+20150808-1.4)
HPA's tftp client
tftpd-hpa (5.2+20150808-1.4)
HPA's tftp server
tgt (1:1.0.85-1.1)
Linux SCSI target user-space daemon and tools
tgt-glusterfs (1:1.0.85-1.1)
Linux SCSI target user-space daemon and tools - GlusterFS support
tgt-rbd (1:1.0.85-1.1)
Linux SCSI target user-space daemon and tools - RBD support
thc-ipv6 (3.8-1+b1)
The Hacker Choice's IPv6 Attack Toolkit
tiarra (20100212+r39209-9)
IRC proxy, stationing, logger and bot program (pirc)
tickr (0.7.1-1)
GTK-based highly graphically-customizable Feed Ticker
tinc (1.0.36-2+b2)
Virtual Private Network daemon
tinydyndns (0.4.2.debian1-3)
pop-before-dyndns service using djbdns
tinyirc (1:1.1.dfsg.1-5)
tiny IRC client
tinysshd (20240101-3)
Tiny SSH server - daemon
tircd (0.30-4.1)
ircd proxy to the twitter API
tkabber (1.1.2+20191012-1)
GUI client for XMPP (Jabber) instant messaging protocol
tkabber-plugins (1.1.2+20170328-2)
standard plugins for Tkabber, an XMPP (Jabber) client
tkmib (5.9.4+dfsg-1)
SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) MIB browser
tlswrapper (0~20230101-2)
TLS encryption wrapper
tnat64 (0.06-1+b1)
IPv4 to NAT64 redirector
tnftp (20230507-2)
enhanced ftp client
toil (6.1.0-3)
cross-platform workflow engine
tokodon (23.04.2-1)
modern Mastodon client
tor (
Організація анонімізуючої мережі для TCP
tor-geoipdb (
База даних GeoIP для Tor
torrus-common (3.00-2)
Universal front-end for Round-Robin Databases (common files)
torsocks (2.4.0-1)
use SOCKS-friendly applications with Tor
tpm2-abrmd (3.0.0-1+b2)
TPM2 Access Broker & Resource Management Daemon
tqftpserv (1.0-5)
TFTP server implementation for the QRTR protocol
trace-summary (0.93-1)
tool for generating break-downs of network traffic
traceroute (1:2.1.5-1)
Відстежує маршрут, який проходять пакети по мережі IPv4/IPv6
virtual package provided by inetutils-traceroute
tractor (4.5.1-1)
Setup an onion routing proxy
transgui (5.18.0+dfsg-3.1)
Front-end to remotely control Transmission
transip (2.0.0-3)
CLI tool for DNS provider TransIP
transmission-remote-gtk (1.5.1-1)
GTK+ interface for the Transmission BitTorrent daemon
tremotesf (2.6.0-1)
Remote GUI for transmission-daemon
trove-api (1:21.0.1-2)
Database as a Service for OpenStack - API server
trove-common (1:21.0.1-2)
Database as a Service for OpenStack - common files
trove-conductor (1:21.0.1-2)
Database as a Service for OpenStack - conductor
trove-doc (1:21.0.1-2)
Database as a Service for OpenStack - doc
trove-guestagent (1:21.0.1-2)
Database as a Service for OpenStack - guest agent
trove-taskmanager (1:21.0.1-2)
Database as a Service for OpenStack - taskmanager
trove-tempest-plugin (2.3.1-1)
OpenStack Integration Test Suite - Trove plugin
tshark (4.2.2-1)
network traffic analyzer - console version
tsocks (1.8beta5+ds1-2)
transparent network access through a SOCKS 4 or 5 proxy
tsung (1.7.0-3.1)
distributed multi-protocol load testing tool
turbosearch (0.1.31-2)
wordlist url search tool
twatch (0.0.7-1.1)
Спостереження за торрент-трекерами та автоматичне звантаження нових торрент-файлів
tzc (2.6.15-5.4+b1)
Trivial Zephyr Client
uacme (1.7.4-2)
Lightweight client for the RFC8555 ACMEv2 protocol
uanytun (0.3.7-2)
tiny implementation of the secure anycast tunneling protocol
uapevent (1.4-2+b2)
event monitoring tool for Marvell uAP wireless driver
uaputl (1.12-2.1+b1)
admin utility for Marvell uAP wireless driver
ucarp (1.5.2+git20192404.1a9aaf7-1)
user-space replacement to VRRP automatic IP fail-over
ucspi-proxy (0.99-4)
Connection proxy for UCSPI tools
ucspi-tcp (1:0.88-8)
command-line tools for building TCP client-server applications
virtual package provided by ucspi-tcp-ipv6
ucspi-tcp-ipv6 (1:0.88-8)
command-line tools for building TCP client-server applications (IPv6)
ucspi-unix (1.0-3)
UNIX-domain socket client-server command-line tools
udhcpc (1:1.36.1-6)
Provides the busybox DHCP client implementation
udhcpd (1:1.36.1-6)
Provides the busybox DHCP server implementation
udns-utils (0.5-1)
Several DNS-related utilities built on top of udns library
udptunnel (1.1-11)
tunnel UDP packets over a TCP connection
uftp (4.10.2-1.1+b3)
Encrypted multicast file transfer program
uget (2.2.3-2+b2)
Простий у користуванні менеджер завантажень, написаний на GTK+
uif (1.99.0-5)
Advanced iptables-firewall script
ulogd2 (2.0.8-1+b1)
Netfilter Userspace Logging Daemon
ulogd2-dbi (2.0.8-1+b1)
DBI extension to ulogd
ulogd2-json (2.0.8-1+b1)
JSON extension to ulogd
ulogd2-mysql (2.0.8-1+b1)
MySQL extension to ulogd
ulogd2-pcap (2.0.8-1+b1)
pcap extension to ulogd
ulogd2-pgsql (2.0.8-1+b1)
PostgreSQL extension to ulogd
ulogd2-sqlite3 (2.0.8-1+b1)
SQLite 3 extension to ulogd
unbound (1.19.1-1)
validating, recursive, caching DNS resolver
unbound-anchor (1.19.1-1)
utility to securely fetch the root DNS trust anchor
unbound-host (1.19.1-1)
reimplementation of the 'host' command
unworkable (0.53-5+b2)
efficient, simple and secure bittorrent client
urfkill (0.5.0-7.1+b1)
wireless killswitch management daemon for laptops
urlextractor (0.2.0-2)
Information gathering and website reconnaissance
uruk (20231009-1)
Very small firewall script, for configuring iptables
usbrelayd (1.0-2.1)
MQTT client for USB HID relay driver
utalk (1.0.2-2+b1)
talk-like program with additional features
uwsgi-plugin-apparmor (0.0.0+git.2014.09.15.7d6d7bd7eb-5)
apparmor plugin for uwsgi
uxplay (1.68.2-1)
open-source AirPlay mirroring server
validns (0.8+git20160720-3.2)
high performance DNS/DNSSEC zone validator
vanguards (0.3.1-2.3)
Additional protections for Tor Onion Services
vde-switch (2.3.2+r586-9)
Virtual Distributed Ethernet. Virtual Switch command.
vde-wirefilter (2.3.2+r586-9)
Virtual Distributed Ethernet. wirefilter command.
vde2 (2.3.2+r586-9)
Virtual Distributed Ethernet
vde2-cryptcab (2.3.2+r586-9)
Virtual Distributed Ethernet - CryptCab
vdens (0.2-2+b1)
Create VDE user network namespaces
vdeplug (4.0.1-5+b1)
Virtual Distributed Ethernet: A modular virtual plug to the VDE
vdetelweb (1.2.3-1)
Telnet and Web interface for VDE 2.x
vf1 (0.0.11-3)
command-line gopher client
victoria-metrics (1.79.14+ds1-2)
fast, cost-effective and scalable time series database
vim-haproxy (2.9.5-1)
syntax highlighting for HAProxy configuration files
vip-manager (1.0.2-8+b1)
Patroni virtual IP manager
vip-manager2 (2.3.0-1)
Patroni virtual IP manager
vitrage-tempest-plugin (6.3.0-2)
OpenStack Integration Test Suite - Vitrage plugin
vnstat (2.12-1)
Консольна утиліта обліку мережевого трафіку
vnstati (2.12-1)
Збереження звітів vnStat у графічному вигляді
voms-clients (2.1.0~rc3-5+b2)
Virtual Organization Membership Service Clients
voms-server (2.1.0~rc3-5+b2)
Virtual Organization Membership Service Server
vpcs (0.5b2-2.2)
virtual PC simulator for Dynamips
vpnc (0.5.3+git20220927-1)
Cisco-compatible VPN client
vpnc-scripts (0.1~git20220510-1)
Network configuration scripts for VPNC and OpenConnect
vsftpd (3.0.3-13+b3)
Захищений FTP-сервер
wakeonlan (0.41-12.1)
Посилає „магічні пакети“ для включення хостів через Wake-on-Lan
watcher-api (12.0.0-1)
OpenStack Cloud Optimization as a Service - API server
watcher-applier (12.0.0-1)
OpenStack Cloud Optimization as a Service - Applier
watcher-common (12.0.0-1)
OpenStack Cloud Optimization as a Service - common files
watcher-decision-engine (12.0.0-1)
OpenStack Cloud Optimization as a Service - Decision Engine
watcher-tempest-plugin (3.1.0-1)
OpenStack Integration Test Suite - Watcher plugin
wavemon (0.9.1-1+b1 [amd64], 0.9.1-1 [arm64, armel, armhf, i386, mips64el, ppc64el, s390x])
Wireless Device Monitoring Application
webcam (3.107-2)
image grabber and uploader
webcamd (0.7.6+repack0-2)
Capture images from video devices
websploit (4.0.4-3)
Web exploitation framework
weechat (4.1.1-1)
Fast, light and extensible chat client (metapackage)
weechat-core (4.1.1-1+b1)
Fast, light and extensible chat client - core files
weechat-curses (4.1.1-1+b1)
Fast, light and extensible chat client - console client
weechat-guile (4.1.1-1+b1)
Fast, light and extensible chat client - Guile plugin
weechat-headless (4.1.1-1+b1)
Fast, light and extensible chat client - headless client
weechat-lua (4.1.1-1+b1)
Fast, light and extensible chat client - Lua plugin
weechat-perl (4.1.1-1+b1)
Fast, light and extensible chat client - Perl plugin
weechat-php (4.1.1-1+b1)
Fast, light and extensible chat client - PHP plugin
weechat-plugins (4.1.1-1+b1)
Fast, light and extensible chat client - plugins
weechat-python (4.1.1-1+b1)
Fast, light and extensible chat client - Python 3 plugin
weechat-ruby (4.1.1-1+b1)
Fast, light and extensible chat client - Ruby plugin
weechat-scripts (20231103-1)
script collection for the WeeChat IRC client
weechat-tcl (4.1.1-1+b1)
Fast, light and extensible chat client - Tcl plugin
weex (
Non-interactive FTP and FTPS client for updating web pages
weplab (0.1.5-6)
tool designed to break WEP keys
whereami (0.3.34-0.5)
Автоматичне переналаштування вашої системи (лептопу) під нове місце розташування
whois (5.5.22)
Інтелектуальний клієнт WHOIS
wide-dhcpv6-client (20080615-23)
DHCPv6 client for automatic IPv6 hosts configuration
wide-dhcpv6-relay (20080615-23)
DHCPv6 relay for automatic IPv6 hosts configuration
wide-dhcpv6-server (20080615-23)
DHCPv6 server for automatic IPv6 hosts configuration
winbind (2:4.19.5+dfsg-1)
service to resolve user and group information from Windows NT servers
wireguard (1.0.20210914-1)
fast, modern, secure kernel VPN tunnel (metapackage)
wireguard-tools (1.0.20210914-1+b2)
fast, modern, secure kernel VPN tunnel (userland utilities)
wireless-regdb (2022.06.06-1)
wireless regulatory database for Linux
wireless-tools (30~pre9-16+b1)
Інструмент керування Linux Wireless Extensions
wireshark (4.2.2-1)
network traffic analyzer - graphical interface
wireshark-common (4.2.2-1)
network traffic analyzer - common files
wmnd (0.4.18-2)
Dockapp monitoring network interfaces
wmnd-snmp (0.4.18-2)
Dockapp monitoring network interfaces with SNMP support (1.3.2-2)
PPP dial control and network load monitor w/ NeXTStep look
wondershaper (1.1a-11)
Easy to use traffic shaping script
wpagui (2:2.10-21)
graphical user interface for wpa_supplicant
wpasupplicant (2:2.10-21)
client support for WPA and WPA2 (IEEE 802.11i)
wrapsrv (1.0.0-1.1)
DNS SRV record command line wrapper
wsdd (2:0.7.0-2.1)
Python Web Services Discovery Daemon, Windows Net Browsing
wsdd2 (1.8.7+dfsg-1.1)
Web Services on Devices (WSD) daemon
x3270 (4.1ga10-1.1+b1)
X11 program for telnet sessions to IBM mainframes
xinetd (1:
replacement for inetd with many enhancements
xl2tpd (1.3.18-1)
layer 2 tunneling protocol implementation
xmpp-dns (0.3.11-1)
CLI tool to check XMPP SRV records.
xmppc (0.1.0-2)
XMPP Command Line Client
xorgxrdp (1:0.9.19-1)
Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) modules for
xrdp (0.9.24-3)
Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) server
xrootd-client (5.6.7-1)
Xrootd command line client tools
xrootd-fuse (5.6.7-1)
Xrootd FUSE tool
xrootd-server (5.6.7-1)
Extended ROOT file server
xymon (4.3.30-2)
monitoring system for systems, networks and applications
xymon-client (4.3.30-2)
client for the Xymon network monitor
xymonq (0.8-1)
query cli for Xymon
yadifa (2.6.5-1)
Internet Domain Name Server
yafc (1.3.7-5)
ще один FTP-клієнт
yaku-ns (0.2-3)
small footprint, trivial to configure, DNS server
yapra (0.1.2-7.3)
Yet Another Pragger implementation
yp-tools (4.2.3-4+b1 [amd64], 4.2.3-4 [arm64, armel, armhf, i386, mips64el, ppc64el, s390x])
Tools for working with Network Information System (NIS)
ypbind-mt (2.7.2-3+b1 [amd64], 2.7.2-3 [arm64, armel, armhf, i386, mips64el, ppc64el, s390x])
Client daemon for working with Network Information System (NIS)
zaqar-common (18.0.0-1)
OpenStack Queueing as a Service - common files
zaqar-server (18.0.0-1)
OpenStack Queueing as a Service - API server
zaqar-tempest-plugin (1.7.0-2)
OpenStack Integration Test Suite - Zaqar plugin
zephyr-clients (3.1.2-1.1+b1)
Project Athena's notification service - client programs
zephyr-server (3.1.2-1.1+b1)
Project Athena's notification service - non-Kerberos server
virtual package provided by zephyr-server-krb5
zephyr-server-krb5 (3.1.2-1.1+b1)
The original "Instant Message" system-server with Kerberos 5
zeroc-glacier2 (3.7.10-1+b1)
Glacier2 router
zeroc-ice-all-runtime (3.7.10-1)
Ice run-time packages (metapackage)
zeroc-icebox (3.7.10-1+b1)
IceBox server, a framework for Ice application services
zeroc-icebridge (3.7.10-1+b1)
Bridge service
zeroc-icegrid (3.7.10-1+b1)
Locate, deploy, and manage Ice servers
zeroc-icepatch2 (3.7.10-1+b1)
File distribution and patching
ziproxy (3.3.2-7+b1)
compressing HTTP proxy server
zkg (3.0.1-1)
Zeek Package Manager
zmap (2.1.1-2.1)
network scanner for researchers
znc (1.8.2-4+b2)
advanced modular IRC bouncer
znc-backlog (0.20180824+1.8.2-4+b2)
module for requesting backlog from znc bouncer
znc-dev (1.8.2-4+b2)
advanced modular IRC bouncer (development headers)
znc-perl (1.8.2-4+b2)
advanced modular IRC bouncer (Perl extension)
znc-push (1.0.0+git20190521.78d0385+1.8.2-4+b2)
znc plugin to send push notification to various services
znc-python (1.8.2-4+b2)
advanced modular IRC bouncer (Python extension)
zookeeper (3.9.2-1)
High-performance coordination service for distributed applications
zookeeperd (3.9.2-1)
Init control scripts for zookeeper
zssh (1.5c.debian.1-10)
interactive file transfers over ssh
zsync (0.6.2-5)
client-side implementation of the rsync algorithm
zurl (1.12.0-1)
HTTP client worker with ZeroMQ interface