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Paket: texlive-extra-utils (2012.20120611-2)

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TeX Live: TeX auxiliary programs

Various useful, but non-essential, support programs. Includes programs and

  macros for DVI file manipulation, literate programming, patgen, and the
  TeX Works Editor.

This package includes the following CTAN packages:

 a2ping -- Advanced PS, PDF, EPS converter.
 bibtex8 -- A fully 8-bit adaptation of BibTeX 0.99.
 bibtexu --
 bundledoc -- Bundle together all the files needed to build a LaTeX
 ctanify -- Prepare a package for upload to CTAN.
 ctanupload -- Support for users uploading to CTAN.
 ctie -- C version of tie (merging Web change files).
 cweb -- A Web system in C.
 de-macro -- Expand private macros in a document.
 detex -- Strip TeX from a source file.
 dtl -- Tools to dis-assemble and re-assemble DVI files.
 dvi2tty -- Produce ASCII from DVI.
 dviasm -- A utility for editing DVI files.
 dvicopy -- Copy DVI files, flattening VFs.
 dviljk -- DVI to Laserjet output.
 dvipos --
 dvisvgm -- Converts DVI files to Scalable Vector Graphics format (SVG).
 findhyph -- Find hyphenated words in a document.
 hyphenex -- Generate a hyphenation exceptions file.
 installfont -- A bash script for installing a LaTeX font family.
 latex2man -- Translate LaTeX-based manual pages into Unix man format.
 latexfileversion -- Prints the version and date of a LaTeX class or style
 listings-ext -- Automated input of source.
 match_parens -- Easily detect mismatched parens.
 mkjobtexmf -- Generate a texmf tree for a particular job.
 patgen -- Generate hyphenation patterns.
 pdfcrop -- Crop PDF graphics.
 pdfjam -- Shell scripts interfacing to pdfpages.
 pdftools -- PDF-related utilities, including PostScript-to-PDF conversion
 pkfix -- Replace pk fonts in PostScript with Type 1 fonts.
 pkfix-helper -- Make PostScript files accessible to pkfix.
 seetexk -- Utilities for manipulating DVI files.
 sty2dtx -- Create a .dtx file from a .sty file.
 synctex --
 texcount -- Count words in a LaTeX document.
 texdef -- Display the definitions of TeX commands.
 texdiff -- Compare documents and produce tagged merge.
 texdirflatten -- Collect files related to a LaTeX job in a single
 texliveonfly -- On-the-fly download of missing TeX live packages.
 texloganalyser -- Analyse TeX logs.
 texware -- Utility programs for use with TeX.
 tie -- Allow multiple web change files.
 tpic2pdftex -- Use tpic commands in PDFTeX.
 typeoutfileinfo -- Display class/package/file information.
 web -- original web programs tangle and weave

Etiketler: Yazılım Geliştirme: Okur Programlama, Kullanıcı Arayüzü: Komut Satırı, Rol: Program, Kapsam: scope::utility, use::typesetting, Desteklenen Biçimler: TeX DVI, works-with-format::tex, works-with::font, Şununla çalışır: Metin

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