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Themes for the Gtk2 metacity window manager

This collection of themes for the metacity window manager has been carefully compiled from a number of sources. Each one is publically available under a license which complies with the Debian free software guidelines, most commonly the GPL license. The themes have been individually checked to ensure that they are all of high quality: they have a consistent design; include high quality graphics; handle all types of window.

Included Themes:

   * Urbicande
   * OutlineHot
   * OutlineAsh
   * OutlineBeach
   * OutlineCoal
   * OutlineCold
   * OutlineFruity
   * OutlineWinter
   * keramik-Gyellow
   * mcblue
   * quiet-purple
   * BrushedMetal
   * Alloy
   * HeliX-Sweetpill-Crowberry
   * Watercolor
   * Redmond
   * Nodoka

The themes have primarity been gathered from http://themes.freshmeat.net and http://sunshineinabag.co.uk. I would like to hear suggestion for other high quality themes to be included, however please be sure to read the /usr/share/doc/metacity-themes/README.Debian file first, as it documents reasons why a number of themes were not included.

Etiketler: Kullanıcı Arayüzü: X Pencere Sistemi, Arayüz Araç Takımı: GTK, X Pencere Sistemi: Tema, Pencere Yöneticisi

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