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Paket: libmeep-mpich2-dev (1.1.1-10~deb7u1)

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development library for using parallel (OpenMPI) version of meep

Meep (or MEEP) is a free finite-difference time-domain (FDTD) simulation software package developed at MIT to model electromagnetic systems.

Its features include:

  * Simulation in 1d, 2d, 3d, and cylindrical coordinates.
  * Distributed memory parallelism on any system supporting the MPI standard.
  * Dispersive (including loss/gain) and nonlinear (Kerr & Pockels) materials.
    Magnetic permeability and electric/magnetic conductivities.
  * PML absorbing boundaries and/or perfect conductor and/or Bloch-periodic
    boundary conditions.
  * Exploitation of symmetries to reduce the computation size .
    even/odd mirror symmetries and 90/180 degree rotations.
  * Complete scriptability - either via a Scheme scripting front-end
    (as in libctl and MPB), or callable as a C++ library.
  * Field output in the HDF5 standard scientific data format, supported by
    many visualization tools.
  * Arbitrary material and source distributions.
  * Field analyses including flux spectra, frequency extraction, and energy
    integrals; completely programmable.
  * Multi-parameter optimization, root-finding, integration, etcetera
    (via libctl).

This package contains some files for developing software linked to MPICH2.

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