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Zugschlus' interface scripts for ifupdown's manual method

This package contains a set of scripts that are called by ifupdown. They use ifupdown's manual method. Compared to ifupdown's static method, the scripts contained in this package have the following advantages:

 - CIDR support
 - support for 802.1q VLAN tagging
 - built-in handling of static routes
Additionally, the code needed to bring down an interface is generated on the fly when the interface is brought up. That way, /etc/network/interfaces changes made while the interface is up don't prevent it from being taken down, allowing "ifdown foo; ifup foo" to activate the changes.

This package is work in progress. Although being in productive use, it is still missing some features, especially regarding source routing, metrics etc. Please feel free to provide patches.

Many of this package's features are implemented in other packages nowadays. However, some features (such as generation of shutdown code at interface init time) are still unique to this package.

This package has its upstream sources maintained in the Debian project, so there is no upstream URL.

Etiketler: Geliştirildiği dil: sh, bash, ksh, tcsh ve diğer kabuklar, Kullanıcı Arayüzü: Komut Satırı, Ağ: network::configuration, suite::debian, Amaç: Yapılandırma

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