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Paket: libglobalarrays-dev (5.4~beta~r10636+dfsg-5)

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Distributed Shared-Memory Programming Environment (development)

Global Arrays is a portable Non-Uniform Memory Access (NUMA) shared-memory programming environment for distributed and shared memory computers. It augments the message-passing model by providing a shared-memory like access to distributed dense arrays.

ARMCI provides one-sided remote memory operations used by GA.

ComEx (Communication Runtime for Extreme Scale) provides vector and strided interfaces to optimize performance of remote memory copy operations for non-contiguous data.

DRA (Disk Resident Arrays) is a parallel I/O library that maintains dense 2-dim arrays on disk.

SF (Shared Files) is a parallel I/O library that allows noncollective I/O to a parallel file.

EAF (Exclusive Access Files) is parallel I/O library that supports I/O to private files.

TCGMSG is a simple, efficient, but becoming obsolete message-passing library.

TCGMSG-MPI is a TCGMSG interface implementation on top of MPI and ARMCI.

MA is a dynamic memory allocator/manager for Fortran and C programs.

GA++ is a C++ binding for global arrays.

This package contains the static libraries and header files.

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