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Paket: libarchive-dev (3.2.2-2+deb9u1)

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Multi-format archive and compression library (development files)

The libarchive library provides a flexible interface for reading and writing archives in various formats such as tar and cpio. libarchive also supports reading and writing archives compressed using various compression filters such as gzip and bzip2. The library is inherently stream-oriented; readers serially iterate through the archive, writers serially add things to the archive.

Archive formats supported are:

   * tar (read and write, including GNU extensions)
   * pax (read and write, including GNU and star extensions)
   * cpio (read and write, including odc and newc variants)
   * iso9660 (read and write, including Joliet and Rockridge extensions, with
     some limitations)
   * zip (read only, with some limitations, uses zlib)
   * mtree (read and write)
   * shar (write only)
   * ar (read and write, including BSD and GNU/SysV variants)
   * empty (read only; in particular, note that no other format will accept an
     empty file)
   * raw (read only)
   * xar (read only)
   * rar (read only, with some limitations)
   * 7zip (read and write, with some limitations)

Filters supported are:

   * gzip (read and write, uses zlib)
   * bzip2 (read and write, uses bzlib)
   * compress (read and write, uses an internal implementation)
   * uudecode (read only)
   * separate command-line compressors with fixed-signature auto-detection
   * xz and lzma (read and write using liblzma)

This package provides the files necessary for development with libarchive.

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