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Paket: boinc-screensaver (7.10.2+dfsg-2~bpo9+1)

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screen saver auto-controlling volunteer computing

The Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing (BOINC) is a software platform for distributed computing: several initiatives of various scientific disciplines all compete for the idle time of desktop computers. The developers' web site at the University of Berkeley serves as a common portal to the otherwise independently run projects.

The BOINC client is configurable by the command line or the BOINC manager's GUI to compute with any range between 0% and 100% of available resources, and to change that ratio to a higher after some user determined duration of inactivity. There is now quite a number of individuals who prefer to have everything presented with their accustomed principle for setting and choosing a screen saver. Upon inactivity, the BOINC client is started, and stopped again when the user is back. To save the screen, it then shows the graphical progress indication as optionally shown also by the manager.

This package is excellent to further promote BOINC, recalling the effect SETI@Home once had in the Cambridge, UK, CB2 Cybercafe. Just, when using it together with the regular BOINC client setup, it is suggested not to have all CPUs used to avoid multiple processes running on the same core.

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