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Paket: node-bignumber (9.0.0+ds-2)

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Arbitrary-precision decimal and non-decimal arithmetic for Node.js


   - Faster, smaller, and perhaps easier to use than Javascript versions of
     Java's BigDecimal
   - 5 KB minified and gzipped
   - Simple API but full-featured
   - Works with numbers with or without fraction digits in bases from 2 to 36
   - Replicates the toExponential, toFixed, toPrecision and toString methods of
     Javascript's Number type
   - Includes a toFraction and a squareRoot method
   - Stores values in an accessible decimal floating point format
   - No dependencies
   - Comprehensive documentation and test set

If an even smaller and simpler library is required see big.js. It's half the size but only works with decimal numbers and only has half the methods. It neither allows NaN or Infinity, or have the configuration options of this library.

This package provides bignumber support to Node.js.

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