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Paket: trafficserver (8.0.3+ds-2)

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fast, scalable and extensible HTTP/1.1 and HTTP/2.0 caching proxy server

This package provides the Apache Traffic Server, a fast, scalable reverse proxy server which may operate as forward proxy as well. Apache Traffic Server supports:

  * Caching: improve response time while reducing server load and bandwidth
    needs by caching and reusing frequently-requested web pages, images, and
    web service calls.
  * Proxying: add keep-alive, filter or anonymize content requests, or add
    load balancing by adding a proxy layer.
  * Scaling: handle 10s of thousands of requests per second on modern SMP
  * Extensions: use the API to do anything from modifying HTTP headers to
    handling ESI requests to writing your own cache algorithm.

Etiketler: Arayüz Araç Takımı: Ncurses TUI

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amd64 3.054,8 kB12.521,0 kB [dosya listesi]
arm64 2.732,7 kB12.211,0 kB [dosya listesi]
armhf 2.679,1 kB8.705,0 kB [dosya listesi]
i386 3.215,5 kB13.018,0 kB [dosya listesi]
mips 2.569,9 kB13.537,0 kB [dosya listesi]
mips64el 2.587,6 kB14.711,0 kB [dosya listesi]
mipsel 2.636,3 kB13.537,0 kB [dosya listesi]
ppc64 (resmi olmayan port) 2.892,5 kB17.127,0 kB [dosya listesi]
ppc64el 2.978,8 kB16.220,0 kB [dosya listesi]