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Paket: psi-plus-skins (1.4.554-3)

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skins for Psi+

This package contains skins for Psi+.

Psi IM is a capable XMPP client aimed at experienced users. There are keybindings for just about everything, Unicode is supported throughout, contacts are cached offline. Security is also a major consideration, and Psi IM provides it for both client-to-server (TLS) and client-to-client (GnuPG, OTR, OMEMO).

Psi+ is a development branch of Psi IM. Project purposes are: implementation of new features, writing of patches and plugins for transferring them to Psi IM.

List of supported XEPs you may found at: https://github.com/psi-im/psi/wiki/Supported-XEPs

Full list of Psi+ features you may found at: https://psi-plus.com/wiki/en:features

Etiketler: Yapıldığı: Simgeler, XML, Rol: Uygulama Verisi

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