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Paket: texlive-lang-japanese (2019.20190930-1)

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TeX Live: Japanese

Support for Japanese; additional packages in collection-langcjk.

This package includes the following CTAN packages:

ascmac -- Boxes and picture macros with Japanese vertical writing support

babel-japanese -- Babel support for Japanese

bxbase -- BX bundle base components

bxcjkjatype -- Typeset Japanese with pdfLaTeX and CJK

bxghost -- Ghost insertion for proper xkanjiskip

bxjaholiday -- Support for Japanese holidays

bxjalipsum -- Dummy text in Japanese

bxjaprnind -- Adjust the position of parentheses at paragraph head

bxjscls -- Japanese document class collection for all major engines

bxorigcapt -- To retain the original caption names when using Babel

bxwareki -- Convert dates from Gregorian to Japanese calender

convbkmk -- Correct platex/uplatex bookmarks in PDF created with hyperref

endnotesj -- Japanese-style endnotes

gentombow -- Generate Japanese-style crop marks

ifptex -- Check if the engine is pTeX or one of its derivatives

ifxptex -- Detect pTeX and its derivatives

ipaex -- IPA (Japanese) fonts

japanese-otf -- Advanced font selection for platex and its friends

japanese-otf-uptex -- Support for Japanese OTF files in upLaTeX

jlreq -- Japanese document class based on requirements for Japanese text layout

jsclasses -- Classes tailored for use with Japanese

lshort-japanese -- Japanese version of A Short Introduction to LaTeX2e

luatexja -- Typeset Japanese with Lua(La)TeX

mendex-doc -- Documentation for Mendex index processor

morisawa -- Enables selection of 5 standard Japanese fonts for pLaTeX + dvips

pbibtex-base -- Bibliography styles and miscellaneous files for pBibTeX

platex -- pLaTeX2e and miscellaneous macros for pTeX

platex-tools -- pLaTeX standard tools bundle

platexcheat -- A LaTeX cheat sheet, in Japanese

plautopatch -- Automated patches for pLaTeX/upLaTeX

ptex -- A TeX system for publishing in Japanese

ptex-base -- Plain TeX format for pTeX and e-pTeX

ptex-fontmaps -- Font maps and configuration tools for Japanese/Chinese/Korean fonts with (u)ptex

ptex-fonts -- Fonts for use with pTeX

ptex-manual -- Japanese pTeX manual

ptex2pdf -- Convert Japanese TeX documents to PDF

pxbase -- Tools for use with (u)pLaTeX

pxchfon -- Japanese font setup for pLaTeX and upLaTeX

pxcjkcat -- LaTeX interface for the CJK category codes of upTeX

pxjahyper -- Hyperref support for pLaTeX

pxjodel -- Help change metrics of fonts from japanese-otf

pxrubrica -- Ruby annotations according to JIS X 4051

pxufont -- Emulate non-Unicode Japanese fonts using Unicode fonts

texlive-ja -- TeX Live manual (Japanese)

uplatex -- pLaTeX2e and miscellaneous macros for upTeX

uptex -- Unicode version of pTeX

uptex-base -- Plain TeX formats and documents for upTeX

uptex-fonts -- Fonts for use with upTeX

zxjafbfont -- Fallback CJK font support for xeCJK

zxjatype -- Standard conforming typesetting of Japanese, for XeLaTeX

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