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Modern, legacy free, simple yet efficient vim-like editor

Vis aims to be a modern, legacy free, simple yet efficient editor combining the strengths of both vi(m) and sam. It extends vi's modal editing with support for multiple cursors/selections and combines it with sam's structural regular expression based command language.

As an universal editor it has decent Unicode support and should cope with arbitrary files including: large, binary or single-line ones. Syntax highlighting is provided using Parsing Expression Grammars which can be conveniently expressed using Lua in the form of LPeg.

The editor core is written in a reasonable amount of clean (your mileage may vary), modern and legacy free C code, enabling it to run in resource constrained environments. The implementation should be easy to hack on and encourage experimentation. There also exists a Lua API for in-process extensions.

Vis strives to be simple and focuses on its core task: efficient text management. Clipboard and digraph handling as well as a fuzzy file open dialog are all provided by independent utilities.

The intention is not to be bug for bug compatible with vi(m), instead the aim is to provide powerful editing features based on an elegant design and clean implementation.

Etiketler: Geliştirildiği dil: C, Rol: Program, Arayüz Araç Takımı: Ncurses TUI

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