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small and fast Bayesian spam filter

Quick Spam Filter (QSF) is an Open Source email classification filter, designed to be small, fast, and accurate, which works to classify incoming email as either spam or non-spam.

QSF's targets are speed, accuracy and simplicity:

 * It is small and is written in C so it starts up quickly, unlike filters
 written in Perl.
 * It understands MIME and HTML, so it can intelligently deal with modern
 spam, unlike older Bayesian filters such as ifile.
 * It runs as an inline filter rather than as a daemon, so it is simple to
 * It is written to do only one job - decide whether an email is spam or not
 using the content of the message alone - so it is less complex than filters
 such as SpamAssassin. Less complexity means bugs and security problems are
 less likely.
 * As well as words and word pairs, QSF also spots special patterns in email
 such as runs of gibberish, HTML comments embedded in text, and other common
 spam giveaways, and its flexible tokeniser allows more patterns to be added
 as spammers change their tactics.

 Homepage: http://code.google.com/p/qsf/

Etiketler: Geliştirildiği dil: C, Kullanıcı Arayüzü: Komut Satırı, Elektronik Posta: Filtreler, Rol: role::plugin, role::program, Kapsam: Uygulama, Amaç: use::checking, works-with-format::plaintext, Şununla çalışır: Veritabanları, works-with::mail, works-with::text

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