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Android SDK Documentation from Google

This package will download the Android SDK Documentation from Google and create a Debian package. This package also aims to strip out all calls to the networking, including tracking services like Google Analytics and Doubleclick. These documentation files still require the Google "jsapi", which is only available by fetching it each time from http://www.google.com/jsapi. This package forces it to use https://, but otherwise, these docs have to phone home in order for any of the javascript to work.

WARNING: Installing this Debian package causes docs-L_r01.zip to be downloaded from dl-ssl.google.com. The End User License Agreement of this binary package is available at developer.android.com. The code in the documentation is licensed under the Apache 2.0, and the content is licensed under Creative Commons CC-BY 2.5. The CC-BY 2.5 license is non-free but can be legally distributed by Debian. This package avoids the issue all together since each user directly downloads the files from Google, and must agree to Google's license.

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