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Paket: libmaloc-dev (0.2-3.1)

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Object-oriented Abstraction Layer for C (development files)

MALOC is a small, portable, abstract C environment library for object- oriented C programming. MALOC is used as the foundation layer for a number of scientific applications, including MC, SG, and APBS. MALOC can be used as a small stand-alone abstraction environment for writing portable C programs which need access to resources which are typically architecture-dependent, such as INET sockets, timing routines, and so on. MALOC provides abstract datatypes, memory management routines, timing routines, machine epsilon, access to UNIX and INET sockets, MPI, etc. All things that can vary from one architecture to another are abstracted out of an application code and placed in MALOC.

This package contains the header files, static library and the programmer's guide in HTML format.

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