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Paket: libindirect-perl (0.38-1 ve diğerleri)

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module warning about using the indirect object syntax

When enabled (or disabled as some may prefer to say, since you actually turn it on by calling no indirect), the indirect pragma lexically warns about indirect object syntax constructs that may have slipped into your code. This syntax is now considered harmful, since its parsing has many quirks and its use is error prone (when swoosh isn't defined, swoosh $x actually compiles to $x->swoosh).

It currently does not warn for core functions (print, say, exec or system). This may change in the future, or may be added as optional features that would be enabled by passing options to unimport.

indirect is not a source filter.

Etiketler: Yazılım Geliştirme: Perl Geliştirme, Kitaplıklar, Geliştirildiği dil: implemented-in::c, implemented-in::perl, Rol: Geliştirme Kitaplığı, Paylaşılan Kitaplık

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amd64 0.38-1+b1 27,9 kB69,0 kB [dosya listesi]
arm64 0.38-1+b1 27,5 kB69,0 kB [dosya listesi]
armel 0.38-1+b1 26,7 kB65,0 kB [dosya listesi]
armhf 0.38-1+b1 26,5 kB61,0 kB [dosya listesi]
i386 0.38-1+b1 28,9 kB73,0 kB [dosya listesi]
mips 0.38-1+b1 27,3 kB66,0 kB [dosya listesi]
mips64el 0.38-1+b1 27,6 kB71,0 kB [dosya listesi]
mipsel 0.38-1+b1 27,5 kB66,0 kB [dosya listesi]
ppc64el 0.38-1+b1 28,8 kB109,0 kB [dosya listesi]
s390x 0.38-1+b1 27,3 kB69,0 kB [dosya listesi]