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Paket: libclass-dbi-plugin-retrieveall-perl (1.04-4)

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Class::DBI plugin providing a more complex retrieve_all() method

Class::DBI::Plugin::RetrieveAll is a simple plugin to a Class::DBI subclass which provides a 'retrieve_all_sorted_by' method.

This method will be exported into the calling class, and allows for retrieving all the objects of the class, sorted by the given column.

The argument given will be passed straight through to the database 'as is', and is not checked in any way, so an error here will probably result in an error from the database, rather than Class::DBI itself. However, because of this it is possible to pass more complex ORDER BY clauses through:

Etiketler: Yazılım Geliştirme: Perl Geliştirme, SQL, Kitaplıklar, Geliştirildiği dil: implemented-in::perl, works-with::db

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