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Paket: python3-slixmpp (1.7.0-2)

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Threadless, event-based XMPP Python 3 library

Slixmpp is a (friendly) fork of SleekXMPP, which goal is to “improve” the core of the library by entirely removing all threads from the library and using an event-based approach instead.

Features of this library:

 * No threads. See http://blog.louiz.org/slixmpp. All parts of the API relying
   on threads are removed.
 * No support for Python < 3.4. This allows one to remove a lot of workaround
   and other hacks.
 * No backward compatibility with old SleekXMPP version. For example things
   like “addHandler = add_handler” are removed.

You should use this library only if you would prefer not to use threads in your application. If threads don’t really bother you, or if you need Python 2 support, then you should use SleekXMPP instead.

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