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Paket: (1.3.0-8)

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PPP dial control and network load monitor with NeXTStep look provides a PPP activator and network load monitor on a 64x64 mini window. With wmppp you can monitor the total traffic as well as the outbound and inbound traffic. It is designed to work with the WindowMaker dock, but will work great with other window managers as well.

Now with experimental ippp device support.

Märken: Hardware Enablement: Modem, User Interface: X Window System, Role: Program, Scope: scope::utility, suite::gnustep, Interface Toolkit: X library, Purpose: Dialup Access, X Window System: Applet

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Arkitektur Paketstorlek Installerad storlek Filer
amd64 25,6 kbyte168,0 kbyte [filförteckning]
armel 24,5 kbyte156,0 kbyte [filförteckning]
armhf 24,0 kbyte98,0 kbyte [filförteckning]
i386 23,5 kbyte156,0 kbyte [filförteckning]
ia64 30,3 kbyte180,0 kbyte [filförteckning]
mips 26,5 kbyte168,0 kbyte [filförteckning]
mipsel 26,5 kbyte168,0 kbyte [filförteckning]
powerpc 26,1 kbyte164,0 kbyte [filförteckning]
s390 25,0 kbyte160,0 kbyte [filförteckning]
s390x 26,0 kbyte108,0 kbyte [filförteckning]
sparc 23,7 kbyte160,0 kbyte [filförteckning]