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Paket: biomaj-watcher (1.2.1-1) [contrib]

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biological data-bank updater - web interface

BioMAJ downloads remote data banks, checks their status and applies transformation workflows, with consistent state, to provide ready-to-use data for biologists and bioinformaticians. For example, it can transform original FASTA files into BLAST indexes. It is very flexible and its post-processing facilities can be extended very easily.

BioMAJ watcher provides a management interface for the BioMAJ tool. It runs in a web container (Tomcat) and is accessible under the URL http://hostname:portnumber/BmajWatcher

The web interface can give anonymous users an overview of available data. Administrators can also use it to manage data-banks, schedule updates via cron, view error logs, or use the integrated data-bank properties editor.

Märken: Implemented in: Java, User Interface: World Wide Web, Role: Program, World Wide Web: Application

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