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Paket: python-pyme (1:0.8.1-2)

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Python interface to the GPGME GnuPG encryption library

Pyme is, for the most part, a direct interface to the C GPGME library. However, it is re-packaged in a more Pythonic way -- object-oriented with classes and modules. Take a look at the classes defined here -- they correspond directly to certain object types in GPGME for C.


 * Feature-rich, full implementation of the GPGME library. Supports
   all GPGME features except interactive editing (coming soon).
   Callback functions may be written in pure Python.
 * Ability to sign, encrypt, decrypt, and verify data.
 * Ability to list keys, export and import keys, and manage the keyring.
 * Fully object-oriented with convenient classes and modules.

Märken: Security: Cryptography

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