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Paket: gmt-coast-low (1:2.1.1-1)

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Low resolution coastlines for the Generic Mapping Tools

This package contains the crude, low and intermediate resolution coastlines contained in the GMT distribution which will be enough to get you started. Originally there were two more coastline packages (gmt-coast-high and -full) but they were to big for our servers and pulled from the distribution.

Read /usr/share/doc/gmt-coast-low/README.Debian to learn how to get coastline data on the net. Otherwise you will not be able to create high quality maps with gmt.

Märken: Field: Geography, Role: Application Data, Purpose: use::editing, works-with-format::postscript, Works with: works-with::image:vector, works-with::text

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Low resolution coastlines for the Generic Mapping Tools

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