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clients scripts for CIA commit notification on IRC

CIA is a system for tracking open-source projects in real-time. People all over the world are constantly collaborating and creating software, creating a constant flow of new code and new ideas. CIA provides an easy way for people to observe this flow. Commit messages will be posted in #commits on, and CIA bots can be asked to join other IRC networks and channels for individual projects.

This collection include CIA client scripts for:

 * Arch (tla)
 * Bazaar (bzr)
 * BitKeeper (bk)
 * CVS
 * Darcs
 * Git
 * Subversion (svn)
   (the svnmailer package also includes CIA support)
 * Mercurial (Hg)

See for more information on the CIA system.

Märken: Software Development: Revision Control, Implemented in: Perl, implemented-in::python, implemented-in::shell, Role: Plugin, Program, Purpose: use::monitor, works-with::vcs

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