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Paket: ngetty (1.0-1)

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getty replacement - one single daemon for all consoles

Ngetty is a daemon that starts login sessions on virtual console terminals, on demand. It is a good replacement for all those getty processes started from init that, most of the time, are only taking up memory. When compiled statically with dietlibc, the ngetty binary size is only about 2k and uses considerably less memory than a getty.

Märken: Implemented in: C, User Interface: Daemon, Role: Program

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Hämtningar för alla tillgängliga arkitekturer
Arkitektur Paketstorlek Installerad storlek Filer
amd64 22,5 kbyte76,0 kbyte [filförteckning]
i386 20,8 kbyte124,0 kbyte [filförteckning]
ia64 28,5 kbyte272,0 kbyte [filförteckning]
mips 23,9 kbyte140,0 kbyte [filförteckning]
mipsel 23,9 kbyte140,0 kbyte [filförteckning]
powerpc 22,5 kbyte128,0 kbyte [filförteckning]
s390 23,1 kbyte128,0 kbyte [filförteckning]
sparc 21,7 kbyte128,0 kbyte [filförteckning]