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Paket: libpion-common-4.0-dbg (4.0.7+dfsg-3.1)

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lightweight HTTP interface library - common debug files

pion-net is not intended to implement yet another web server, but to provide HTTP(S) functionality to new or existing C++ applications. If you're looking for a full-featured server application, check out Apache or lighttpd. If you're working on a Boost C++ application and would just like to use HTTP to provide a simple user interface or interact with run-time data, then pion-net is a clean and simple solution.

Pion Network Library uses the Boost and asio libraries for multi-threading and asynchronous I/O. This allows servers implemented using pion-net to handle many thousands of connections simultaneously with a single physical server.

pion-net also supports server-side SSL & TLS encryption when built with the OpenSSL library (which the Debian package is).

This package includes the pion-net common debug files.

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