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Paket: libotr2 (3.2.1-1+deb7u2)

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Off-the-Record Messaging library

Off-the-Record (OTR) Messaging Library and Toolkit

OTR allows you to have private conversations over IM by providing:

 - Encryption
   - No one else can read your instant messages.
 - Authentication
   - You are assured the correspondent is who you think it is.
 - Deniability
   - The messages you send do _not_ have digital signatures that are
     checkable by a third party.  Anyone can forge messages after a
     conversation to make them look like they came from you.  However,
     _during_ a conversation, your correspondent is assured the messages
     he sees are authentic and unmodified.
 - Perfect forward secrecy
   - If you lose control of your private keys, no previous conversation
     is compromised.

Märken: Implemented in: C, Role: Shared Library

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