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Paket: libcyrus-imap-perl24 (2.4.16-4+deb7u2)

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Interface to Cyrus imap client imclient library

The Cyrus::IMAP module provides an interface to the Cyrus imclient library. These are primarily useful for implementing cyradm operations within a Perl script; there are easier ways to implement general client operations, although they may be more limited in terms of authentication options when talking to a Cyrus imapd.

The modules that compose Cyrus::SIEVE are also included, but they are undocumented upstream.

For more information, please see the cyrus-common-2.4 package.

Märken: Software Development: C Development, Perl Development, Bibliotek, Implemented in: implemented-in::perl, mail::imap, Network Protocol: IMAP, SSL/TLS, Role: role::devel-lib, role::shared-lib, Works with: Email

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