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Paket: grcompiler (4.2-1)

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Compiler of smart (graphite) fonts

SILGraphite is a system that can be used to create and use "smart fonts" capable of displaying writing systems with various complex behaviors, such as: contextual shaping, ligatures, reordering, split glyphs, bidirectionality, stacking diacritics and complex positioning.

This library was designed and developed by the NRSI (Non-Roman Script Initiative) within SIL International ( to act as a complement to other smart font rendering technologies with limited practical local extensability. Its purpose is to help meet the needs of a very large number of "minority language" communities for local extensibility of complex script behaviors.

The behavior of the SILGraphite rendering engine for a given writing system is specified through extra tables added to a TrueType font. These tables are generated by compiling a GDL (Graphite Description Language) source file into a font using grcompiler.

This package contains the graphite compiler.

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