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SSH-based gatekeeper for git repositories

Gitolite is an SSH-based gatekeeper providing access control for a server that hosts many git repositories. Without gitolite, each developer needing to push to one of the repositories hosted would need a user account on that server; gitolite lets you do that just using SSH public keys tied to a single, common, user that hosts all the repositories.

Gitolite can restrict who can read (clone/fetch) from or write (push) to a repository, and who can push to what branch or tag - an important issue in corporate environments. Other features include:

  * access control by branch-name or by modified file/directory;
  * per-developer "personal namespace" prefixes;
  * simple but powerful configuration file syntax (with validation);
  * config files (and authority for maintaining them) can be split;
  * easy integration with gitweb;
  * comprehensive logging;
  * easy migration from gitosis.

Märken: Software Development: Revision Control, Network Protocol: SSH, Works with: Version control system

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