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Paket: elvis (2.2.0-11.1)

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powerful clone of the vi/ex text editor (with X11 support)

This package contains Elvis compiled with support for X11, Xft and background images. If you don't need the X11 interface, install elvis-console instead. See also: elvis-tools

Elvis is a clone of vi/ex, the standard UNIX editor. It supports nearly all of the vi/ex commands, in both visual mode and ex mode. Elvis adds support for multiple files, multiple windows, a variety of display modes (including syntax highlighting, man, tex, html and hex), an optional X11 user interface, on-line help, folding, spell checking, new options, auto commands, regions, enhanced tags, printing, aliases and an improved :map command.

Like vi/ex, Elvis stores most of the text in a temporary file, instead of RAM. This allows it to edit files that are too large to fit in a single process' data space. Also, the edit buffer can survive a power failure or crash.

Märken: Software Development: Source Editor, Implemented in: C, User Interface: interface::commandline, interface::text-mode, X Window System, Role: role::program, uitoolkit::ncurses, Purpose: Editing, Works with: Text, X Window System: Application

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