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cache frequently accessed Java objects

JBoss Cache is a product designed to cache frequently accessed Java objects in order to dramatically improve the performance of e-business applications. By eliminating unnecessary database access, JBoss Cache decreases network traffic and increases the scalability of applications.

But JBoss Cache is much more than a simple cache. JBoss Cache provides fully transactional features as well as a highly configurable set of options to deal with concurrent data access in the most efficient manner possible for your application. In addition, it is a clustered cache that replicates contents to other cache instances running on separate JVMs, servers or even entire networks, making JBoss Cache a highly efficient library used by application server developers to implement clustering features.

JBoss Cache provides two caching APIs to suit your needs. The JBoss Cache API offers a traditional, tree-structured, node-based cache and the Pojo Cache API, which builds on the JBoss Cache API, provides the ability to perform object-based, fine-grained replication of Java objects, resulting in maximum performance benefits.

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