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Paket: python3-pyopencl-dbg (2016.1+git20161130-1)

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Python 3 module to access OpenCL API (debug extensions)

PyOpenCL lets you access the OpenCL parallel computation API from Python. Here's what sets PyOpenCL apart:

 * Object cleanup tied to lifetime of objects. This idiom, often called
   RAII in C++, makes it much easier to write correct, leak- and
   crash-free code.
 * Completeness. PyOpenCL puts the full power of OpenCL’s API at your
   disposal, if you wish.
 * Convenience. While PyOpenCL's primary focus is to make all of OpenCL
   accessible, it tries hard to make your life less complicated as it
   does so--without taking any shortcuts.
 * Automatic Error Checking. All OpenCL errors are automatically
   translated into Python exceptions.
 * Speed. PyOpenCL’s base layer is written in C++, so all the niceties
   above are virtually free.
 * Helpful, complete documentation and a wiki.
 * Liberal licensing (MIT).

This package contains extensions build for the Python 3 debug interpreter.

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