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Paket: python3-pyfits (1:3.4-4)

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Python3 module for reading, writing, and manipulating FITS files

FITS (Flexible Image Transport System) is a data format most used in astronomy. PyFITS is a Python module for reading, writing, and manipulating FITS files. The module uses Python's object-oriented features to provide quick, easy, and efficient access to FITS files. The use of Python's array syntax enables immediate access to any FITS extension, header cards, or data items.

Note that the development of PyFITS has been stopped and will not see any new upstream version. It is superseded by the module `` which is almost a drop-in replacement. PyFITS should therefore only be used for compatibility reasons, astropy should be used instead for new developments.

This package provides PyFITS on the Python 3 module path. It is complemented by python-pyfits.

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