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Paket: foxeye (0.11.0-1)

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Universal modular network agent - binary package

FoxEye is a multipurpose generic modular base to create clients or servers for client-server type networks such as IRC, ICQ, etc. All what you need to make an IRC bot or ICQ client is few modules that implement functionality you require. The FoxEye written in pure C with small resource requirements in mind.

This package contains main daemon and few modules. Available modules are: autolog, irc, irc-channel, irc-ctcp, ircd, logs, lua, modes, tcl, ziplink. With this set of modules FoxEye can serve two purposes:

 - IRC bot (similar to Eggdrop);
 - IRC server (ircd, RFC2810...2813 compliant).
More purposes are under development now and third-party modules are available to create using foxeye-dev package.

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amd64 394,5 kbyte1.093,0 kbyte [filförteckning]
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