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Paket: sloccount (2.26-5.1 och andra)

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programs for counting physical source lines of code (SLOC)

SLOCCount (pronounced "sloc-count") is a suite of programs for counting physical source lines of code (SLOC) in potentially large software systems (thus, SLOCCount is a "software metrics tool" or "software measurement tool"). SLOCCount can count physical SLOC for a wide number of languages; listed alphabetically, they are: Ada, Assembly, awk, Bourne shell, C, C++, C shell, COBOL, C#, Erlang, Expect, Fortran, Java, lex/flex, LISP (including Scheme), Makefile, Modula3, Objective-C, Pascal, Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby, sed, SQL, Tcl, VHDL, XML, Yacc/Bison.

SLOCCount can automatically determine if a file is a source code file or not, and if so, which language it's written in. As a result, you can analyze large systems completely automatically. SLOCCount also includes some report-generating tools to collect the data generated and present it in several different formats.

Märken: User Interface: Command Line, Role: Program, Scope: scope::utility, works-with::software:source

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Hämtningar för alla tillgängliga arkitekturer
Arkitektur Version Paketstorlek Installerad storlek Filer
amd64 2.26-5.1+b1 102,1 kbyte440,0 kbyte [filförteckning]
arm64 2.26-5.1+b1 98,7 kbyte448,0 kbyte [filförteckning]
armel 2.26-5.1+b1 100,4 kbyte444,0 kbyte [filförteckning]
armhf 2.26-5.1+b1 100,6 kbyte424,0 kbyte [filförteckning]
i386 2.26-5.1+b1 101,0 kbyte432,0 kbyte [filförteckning]
mips 2.26-5.1+b1 100,7 kbyte443,0 kbyte [filförteckning]
mips64el 2.26-5.1+b1 101,8 kbyte458,0 kbyte [filförteckning]
mipsel 2.26-5.1+b1 101,2 kbyte443,0 kbyte [filförteckning]
ppc64el 2.26-5.1+b1 99,2 kbyte867,0 kbyte [filförteckning]
s390x 2.26-5.1+b1 102,5 kbyte468,0 kbyte [filförteckning]