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Paket: python3-editor (0.4-3)

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programmatically open an editor, capture the result - Python 3.x

python-editor is a library that provides the editor module for programmatically interfacing with your system's $EDITOR. The user can then enter a commit message for example.

Editor first looks for the environment variable. If set, it uses the value as-is, without fallbacks. If no $EDITOR is set, editor will search through a list of known editors, and use the first one that exists on the system. For example, on Linux, editor will look for the following editors in order:

 * vim
 * emacs
 * nano

When calling the edit() function, editor will open the editor in a subprocess, inheriting the parent process's stdin, stdout

This package contains the Python 3.x module.

Märken: Implemented in: Python

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