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Paket: python-rcssmin (1.0.6-1 och andra)

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CSS Minifier - Python 2.7

The minifier is based on the semantics of the YUI compressor, which itself is based on the rule list by Isaac Schlueter.

This module is a re-implementation aiming for speed instead of maximum compression, so it can be used at runtime (rather than during a preprocessing step). RCSSmin does syntactical compression only (removing spaces, comments and possibly semicolons). It does not provide semantic compression (like removing empty blocks, collapsing redundant properties etc). It does, however, support various CSS hacks (by keeping them working as intended).

rcssmin.c is a reimplementation of in C and improves runtime up to factor 100 or so (depending on the input). docs/BENCHMARKS in the source distribution contains the details.

This package contains the Python 2.7 module.

Märken: Implemented in: Python

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