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Paket: python-htmlgen (2.2.2-12.3)

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Python library for the generation of HTML

HTMLgen is a class library for the generation of HTML documents with Python scripts. It's used when you want to create HTML pages containing information which changes from time to time. For example you might want to have a page which provides an overall system summary of data collected nightly. Or maybe you have a catalog of data and images that you would like formed into a spiffy set of web pages for the world to browse. Python is a great scripting language for these tasks and with HTMLgen it's very straightforward to construct objects which are rendered into consistently structured web pages. Of course, CGI scripts written in Python can take advantage of these classes as well.

Märken: Software Development: Python Development, Bibliotek, Implemented in: implemented-in::python, interface::commandline, Role: Development Library, Scope: scope::utility, works-with-format::html, Works with: Text

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