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Paket: latex-cjk-common (4.8.2+git20090105-5)

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LaTeX macro package for CJK (Chinese/Japanese/Korean)

CJK is a macro package for LaTeX to enable typesetting in Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Thai, and it supports Vietnamese through the "vntex" macro. And you can still use Russian, Greek and other languages in the same document. It supports various CJK encodings, like UTF-8, Big5, GB, JIS, KS, CNS (through CEF) and Emacs MULE.

This package will install the common files, as well as a few GNU/Emacs Lisp files, and it provides support for furigana ("ruby text") and PinYin, either with or without tone marks.

Märken: Kultur: Kinesiska, Japanska, Made Of: TeX, LaTeX and DVI, Role: Application Data, Purpose: Typesetting, Works with: Fonts, Supports Format: TeX and LaTeX

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