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Paket: libuim6-dbg (1:1.5.7-9.1)

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uim libraries and debugging symbols

uim is a input method module library supporting various languages, which become a frontend for Anthy, SKK, Canna, T-Code, TUT-Code, Pinyin(Chinese input method), Hangul(Korean input method), IPA(International Phonetic Alphabet) and etc.... Most of the functions are implemented with Scheme, so it's very simple and flexible.

This package contains unstripped shared libraries. it is provided primarily to provide a backtrace with names in a debugger, this makes it somewhat easier to interpret core dumps. The libraries are installed in /usr/lib/debug and can be used by placing that directory in LD_LIBRARY_PATH. Most people will not need this package.

Märken: : qa::low-popcon, Role: Debugging symbols

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