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Paket: spl-core (1.0~pre6-2)

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SPL Programming Language

SPL is an embeddable programming language with a wide range of features. This package contains the core functionality for spl. If you need the adapters for a database consider installing one of spl-postgres, spl-mysql or spl-sqlite.

Features include but are not limited to:

 * Completely stateful.  It is at any point possible to interrupt a running
   SPL script, dump its entire state to disk and resume later on.
 * Feature-Rich.  SPL has native support for hashes and arrays, regular
   expressions, object oriented programming, etc.
 * Dynamic.  SPL is a full dynamic language - with all the advantages and
 * C-Style Syntax.  SPL has a c-style syntax (as well as many other languages
   such as Java, JavaScript, PHP, S-Lang, etc). So it is easier to get
 * Advanced String Lexing.  SPL allows the programmer to simply embed
   variables and complex expressions in string and template files.  E.g.
   this is very important for rapid development of web applications.
 * Well-Structured Backend.  The SPL runtime is not just one big blackbox.
   Instead there is a clear and visible seperation of compiler, assembler,
   optimizer, virtual machine, etc.  This makes it possible to easily adapt
   the library for your special needs when embedding it in your applications.

Märken: Interface Toolkit: Ncurses TUI

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