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Paket: libguichan-0.8.1-1-dbg (0.8.2-1)

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small, efficient C++ GUI library (debugging symbols)

Guichan is a small and efficient C++ GUI library designed for games. It comes with a standard set of widgets and can use several different objects for displaying graphics and grabbing user input.

Guichan has a very abstract design which allows users of Guichan to use different objects for displaying of graphics and grabbing of user input. Guichan comes with (for now) 3 implemented graphics objects (SDLGraphics, OpenGLGraphics and AllegroGraphics) and 2 implemented input objects (SDLInput and AllegroInput),

Guichan is designed in a very abstract way making it very easy to extend Guichan for your own needs. It is even very easy to implement new graphics objects making Guichan as portable as ansi C++ is.

This package contains the debugging symbols for guichan.

Märken: : qa::low-popcon, Role: Debugging symbols

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