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Paket: gnome-applets (2.30.0-3)

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Various applets for the GNOME panel - binary files

accessx-status: indicates keyboard accessibility settings, including the current state of the keyboard, if those features are in use.

Character palette: provides a convenient way to access non-standard characters, such as accented characters, mathematical symbols, special symbols, and punctuation marks.

GNOME CPUFreq Applet: CPU frequency scaling monitor

Drivemount: lets you mount and unmount drives and file systems.

Geyes: pair of eyes which follow the mouse pointer around the screen.

Keyboard layout switcher: lets you assign different keyboard layouts for different locales.

Mixer: volume control.

Modem Monitor: monitors the modem.

Invest: downloads current stock quotes from the Internet and displays the quotes in a scrolling display in the applet. The applet downloads the stock information from Yahoo! Finance.

System monitor: CPU, memory, network, swap file and resource.

Trash: lets you drag items to the trash folder.

Weather report: downloads weather information from the U.S National Weather Service (NWS) servers, including the Interactive Weather Information Network (IWIN).

Märken: Systemadministration: Strömhantering, Games and Amusement: Toy or Gimmick, Hardware Enablement: Modem, Storage, CD, Implemented in: C, User Interface: X Window System, Electronic Mail: Notification, Role: Plugin, Application Suite: GNOME, Interface Toolkit: GTK, Purpose: Downloading, Övervakning, Playing Media, Works with: Filer, Email, Personal Information, X Window System: Applet

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amd64 315,6 kbyte793,0 kbyte [filförteckning]
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