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Paket: boxshade (3.3.1-4)

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Pretty-printing of multiple sequence alignments

Boxshade is a program for creating good looking printouts from multiple-aligned protein or DNA sequences. The program does not perform the alignment by itself and requires as input a file that was created by a multiple alignment program or manually edited with respective tools.

Boxshade reads multiple-aligned sequences from either PILEUP-MSF, CLUSTAL-ALN, MALIGNED-data and ESEE-save files (limited to a maximum of 150 sequences with up to 10000 elements each). Various kinds of shading can be applied to identical/similar residues. Output is written to screen or to a file in the following formats: ANSI/VT100, PS/EPS, RTF, HPGL, ReGIS, LJ250-printer, ASCII, xFIG, PICT, HTML

Märken: Biologi: Clustal/ALN, Nucleic Acids, Proteiner, Software Development: Prettyprint, Field: Biologi, Bioinformatics, Implemented in: C, User Interface: Command Line, Role: Program, Scope: Utility, Purpose: Typesetting, Supports Format: HTML, Hypertext Markup Language, Plain Text, PostScript, TeX and LaTeX

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